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OCR04276 - Donkey Kong Country 2 "Coming Home"


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I originally heard this remix over the summer on McVaff's YouTube channel (and its video includes a very touching personal message, by the way).

This remix is now a permanent part of my summertime playlists (along with a few other MkVaff classics) and I'm happy to see it featured on OCR.

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Nice. Times change, listener standards change. I can understand how the track would feel simple... after a decade or two of amazing EDM tracks getting normalized in mainstream music, that is. But if this was posted 18 years ago on OCR it would be considered a face melter.

I have reflected on the uniqueness of the source tune many times. I can't come up with something poetic to say about it right now. But 'coming home' works for me. The source does have a strange weave of rising hopefulness that keeps... rising, then weaving back through minor tonality, then rising again. It keeps revolving seemlessly, and you forget where it starts and end, because it always feels like it's moving forward. Never quite gets home, but seems to be telling you that home exists nonetheless, and we'll all get there eventually.

Thanks for sharing.

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