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Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand (Piano Trio)

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A still very much work a progress arrangement for piano trio, in this case piano, violin and cello. It's a lot of fun to bounce the melody between the different instruments to give them all their spotlights. Spinning counterpoints from previous melody snippets is such a great cheat (the cello line at 1:30 is the best example).

List of to-dos:

  • Vibrato automations need more work to sound more convincing in a lot of places.
  • Bow changes and slurs are super halfbaked.
  • Bow pressure and bow positions need to be automated for more realism.

All instruments are modeled and don't use samples. It's amazing not having to fight them to get them to do what I want or wrestle with sampling limitations and inconsistencies. The downside is that you have to explicitely tell them what to do in excruciating detail.

Update (16.09.22):

Changed the attachment to the current WIP. The second part is done, so at least all notes are put down. Now to the ardous task of humanization...


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I thought this was going to be for three pianos hahaha. A bit disappointed but then pleasantly surprised. It's a decent start. I think even if the automations and such get much better, unless the mix is unbelievably exquisite and emotional, I'd want more originality. Maybe in a B section?


What do you mean by modeled by the way?

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Updated the first post with a somewhat current WIP. I've added the second part, so at least the arrangement is done. Now follows all the detail work like humanization and whatnot. Hours and hours of CC curve editing...

I've taken care that everything should still be humanly playable. All of the violin's double stops work out fine. Starting at 2:51 the piano will have to do some far jumps in the left hand, but there should be enough time...I guess?

@HarlemHeat360 The instruments are not sampled. The sound is created on the fly, so they are actually closer to a synthesizer.

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