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Goodbye, Darkesword


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: (

We have had our differences on a lot of things, but we had many a memory.

I was afraid of this actually, ever since Gray left. I was worried it was either going to be you or Larry who would leave next, both which would be unfortunate, and is since you are one of the two I was thinking about.

You shall be missed, Sir Darkesworde. Good luck on your future endevours. Don't ever forget us "little" people when you hit it big, mister.

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But now he actually has to go through the judging process like the rest of us. ;)

I've always gone through the normal judging process, except for one mix I submitted to djp over IRC (he needed something to post and it ended up being DP-worthy anyway).

When you're a judge, the only real privilege as far as circumventing the process you get is that you're allowed to post a song directly to the panel without emailing your submission to djp's inbox.

The downside is that it's not eligible for DP that way; you go straight to getting your mixes judged by your peers.

I always just submitted my mixes normally, via email.

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