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  1. The Ultima series would be worth taking a look at. The Wizardry series as well. Both take a LONG time to finish though... Also, the Dragon Quest Monsters series is worth taking a look at, though it's for the GBC/A/DS.
  2. I've had the same problem, but adding in a few wooden links seems to fix this a bit. Edit:Apparently, having too many parts creates a black hole (was kinda curious after Abadoss 'broke' it). http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=925212
  3. My personal favorite solution to Awash... http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=865049 Edit: A walker design for Up the Stairs... http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=865620
  4. Finally got Tube down... http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=723418
  5. I'll be sure to pass this along to those I know... ...I pray things turn out well...
  6. This is a very grand take on the cemetery theme -- excellent work! The orchestral take on this is quite well done, and it stays just close enough to the source to be recognizable while taking enough liberties to imbue this track with a feel of something you may hear in an orchestra hall.
  7. A very nice orchestral piece! You get a feeling of grandeur from the first half, and the second half is very light and quite, almost like it's waiting for something, or perhaps like something waking up. I quite like it.
  8. Another good mix from djp! This one is a bit goofy, yet in a very good way. Been a while since I played ActRaiser though, so I can't say how close to the source it is, but quite enjoyable!
  9. This one contrasts quite nicely with djp's take on the same track. While the former's vision of this was more chill in nature, this one is something that is much closer to dance music. Also, close enough to the source to be recognizable, but with enough liberty taken to claim it as one's own. Good job McVaffe!
  10. I rather like this for the "chill" feeling if nothing else. I can definitely identify the source material, but there's just enough variation to keep the listener on their toes (or the ear equivalent -- earlobes perhaps?).
  11. Even when one doesn't know this one was created (at least partially) using .exe and .txt files it still sounds pretty good while still staying pretty close to the original source material (yes, I was one of those who owned the game) which was really not too bad (if absurdly repetitive). The static and other random noises really seem to fit well. Overall, nice one Mazedude!
  12. Concerning this latest guy, the remixes, and the corresponding remixers are... housethegrate - Light in the Fortress Chikusho Sound Team - Airbased Vurez - Fortress of the Knight Game Over - Cataclysmic Clash (as mentioned before) I'm not sure about the other remixes -- they don't sound familiar (I've never heard them before) so they may be either off another site or possibly even his own work.
  13. Alright, after listening to every remix, and lurking for almost five years, I might as well start writing some reviews. Well, I must say I rather like this one. The lyrics are absolutely revolting, and yet and can't help but sing along! Very catchy, very light, and yet, when one thinks about the words, absolutely disgusting...and hilarious. The only problem I could see in this mix is that there are a few parts where I couldn't quite understand the lyrics, but overall quite enjoyable.
  14. Not entirely sure why I chose a slime, other than generally liking the Dragon Warrior/Quest series. Before that, I had Dr. Light since I probly looked similar to him, except my hair/beard was brown/red instead of white. Also, I do like the Megaman series, and have an interest in robotics (engineering major!). Without the beard, it doesn't seem appropriate (Dr. Cain would be a better fit now).
  15. The Crow: City of Angels -- My sister bought that one. Clocktower 2 -- I'd heard a lotta good things about the first. Needless to say, this was not the first...
  16. My first handle used to be Bladepoet...just cause I write poems every now and then and like swords. Still use it on occasion. I switched to Zephrus for a while, based off the Zephyr Cloak MtG card (I think). The fluidity and fleetingness it suggested appealed to me I guess. Now I use either Uthlu or Calathus. Sometimes Argorak. Didn't get them from anywhere in particular, just made them up.
  17. Beat this after an hour or so...only had to look up the melon cause I didn't know if the chicken part was the end or not...wouldn't have put it past these guys if it was...
  18. This seems almost like asking "is xbox or Gamecube better?" Both consoles and PCs have their own ups and downs -- and their own set of exclusive games. I've yet to see a Mario game on the PC, but it would also be hard to include a good RTS game on a console. Likewise, having more options CAN be a good thing (being able to select any type of unit in Rise of Nations with a single key), but simplicity also has it's advantages (Devil May Cry 3 has an awesome battle system -- with only a few buttons used). While you don't have to upgrade a console, and are guaranteed that games for it WILL work, you do have to buy a completely new system when the next gen comes out. Depending on what you plan on getting, it can be pricey if you get it immediately. However, PCs don't have that clearcut next-gen line, and you can usually keep the bulk of your hardware when upgrading, even though this means you aren't always guaranteed a game for PC will work on your PC (my onboard graphics card was powerful enough to run Doom 3 stat-wise, but proved incompatible). The same goes for the bulk of PC games as well -- moddability and patchability. If you buy a console game with a terminal glitch, you're generally stuck. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it all comes down to what you prefer. And I'm a bit more of a console fan, though I also have my fair share of good PC games too.
  19. I can't believe I didn't see this earlier! I like everything I hear so far -- look forward to buying the finished product.
  20. 1.) What is your favorite game series? Metroid, Megaman, Castlevania 2.) What is the game series you are best at? Final Fantasy 3.) What game from your favorite game series is your favorite? Castlevania: Curse of Darkness 4.) What games in your favorite series do you OWN (Rentals and Past Ownership don't count, though you can include Past Ownership if you note those). Megaman 1-6 (NES carts) Megaman Anniversary Collection Megaman X2 and X4 (SNES cart and PS1 disc respectively) Megaman X Collection Megaman X Command Mission Metroid Super Metroid Metroid Prime 1 and 2 Castlevania 1-4 Castlevania Symphony of the Night Castlevania Curse of Darkness Castlevania Lament of Innocence Castlevania 64 Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance Castlevania Circle of the Moon 5.) WHY is your favorite game series your favorite, and why would you suggest others to look into it? Metroid is a fairly solid series, with a very good mix of flexibility (ie, good controls) and well paced action. There's really nothing like doing wall jumps to reach places you aren't supposed, and the search for items is very entertaining, with them being hidden in so many different spots. The Prime series is also good in the item hunt category, and the ability to switch between visors and beams so quickly is a real plus. Megaman has been a favorite series for a long time. It's nice to see what sort of weapons the Blue Bomber gets from each foe, and eventually (in both the X and late original series) armor and powerups. Zero is absolutely cool too. Nothing beats that sabre... And the story over the entire X series is very interesting. Castlevania...one of those series I just keep coming back to, and one that always tries to improve itself. It always delivers solid action, and has been trying to include interesting ways of doing things of late, from the ID system in CoD, to the DSS in CotM, and Soma's abilities as well. It's also cool how some games have included a beastiary. Always nice to see descriptions and a little bit of background on foes, no matter how brief.
  21. I think the purple ones are in the tropical fruit lineup.
  22. *The most remixed composer is Nobuo Uematsu, with 267 remixes. *The most remixed game is Chrono Trigger at 75 remixes.
  23. This thread is becoming my bane. Both Nanaca Crash and Desktop Tower Defense are far too incredibly addictive...
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