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Bizzaro World: PS3 Controller Wins Emmy

Ab56 v2 aka Ash

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Nintendo hasn't made an appearance at the CES for quite some time now, so they don't win prizes there.

You can win awards just for showing up at CES.

Payola. I can smell it all the way over here.

Sony? Involved in payola? I just can't believe it. I mean, it's not like they paid all those movie critics to give good reviews for Sony films... or even just made some critics up.

Or paid radio stations to play more Sony owned music on the air.

Or game sites to give better reviews.

I just can't believe that Sony would do that.

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Emmys? They still do those? And they give 'em out for new tech now? What did I miss?

... of course, I spend most of my time on the Internet listening to "Weird Al", I barely watch TV, and when that happens, it's usually Billy and Mandy, Mythbusters, or something else on the Discovery Channel.

If this is payola, it just topped "All I Want For Christmas Is A PSP" in nondiscreteness and strangeness. But that fake site still maintains it's hilariously stupid obvious marketing style that just makes you wanna chuckle it's so bad.

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one word: Classy.

Now that UnMod's gone, classy is the name of the game around here. Just ask blad. :P

But anyway, Sony has not been doing very good in the PR department lately. Dumb quotations, physical injuries caused by the PS3 launch, and now a mistaken Emmy celebration. If this keeps up, Sony's game department will become the laughingstock of the gaming industry.

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