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  1. Great mix! I haven't downloaded a song in quite some time and it's great that this particular mix made me save this to my computer. I love the music in PW and this mix reminded of how awesome the game and the music is.
  2. Man, it's already a year since Reuben's untimely death. Even though he is not here living among us, his music and works will still live on. Rest in peace, Reuben.
  3. A person at that site emailed me. I just needed to send some info about myself, my shipping address and my preferred version of SCIV.
  4. Oh my, I rarely win any kind of contests. I'd like to thank the OC ReMix community. Without putting the contest on the front page, I'd never have myself enter.
  5. Glad nothing is wrong with OCR Russell Cox.
  6. It's always sad to hear about a person so young to have their life being taken away so quick. Rest in peace Reuben.
  7. Jeebus Christ, they weren't wearing any life jackets? That's like the first rule of dragon boat. Hope the guy is okay though.
  8. Just get the 60 gig, since Sony is half-assing their other SKUs.
  9. I was just about to say Bananaphone too. What an awesome song.
  10. Haha, whoops. I just Googled and grabbed a random Mario cake that looked decent.
  11. Seeing how this game is still in the alpha stage, Blizzard has plenty of time to change the looks of the game.
  12. The PSP commercials are probably the worst I've seen in recent years. It's like Sony hired high school dropouts to think of advertisements.
  13. I like the whole season changing thing. It's so awesome.
  14. For me, it's Ocarina of Time. I have the N64 version and the GameCube version with Master Quest in it. I have a feeling I'll be buying RE4 for the Wii, despite having the GameCube version already.
  15. I'll have to agree with on that. I don't want to see the old Pokémon do the same crap as before.
  16. Ever tried using the program called Orbit? It can stream MP3s and videos from your computer to the Wii.
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