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OC ReMix Logo?


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We could figure out a way to include a file called AlbumArt.jpg into the folder. It's pretty easy to add album art to things in WMP and iTunes that way (copy->paste as album art). iTunes actually stores it in some other location, and WMP is schizophrenic about what it does.

iTunes sadly does both, at least it does alter the mp3 and it keeps your torrent client from seeding it. But hey, we want the songs to be pretty too right? :D

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Not sure if this is in the right section.

After seeing the album art on some of the remixes that ive download'd recently i decided to make a new one with better quality. I wasn't to hard, all i did was take the design of i think it was the tshirt and modified it to make it look like the other one.

Heres the lnks to it on my DA. 500x500, two diff versions, one blue with white background and one orange with black.

follow the links to get the larger versions if you want






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You'd think that with all the people requesting, making and discussing OCR album art, that there'd be some sort of "official" effort in that direction. Hell, if you look through all the album art for the albums that OCR releases (like VotL), as well as some of the artwork that previous attempts have yielded (like that in this very thread), its obvious that this community has more than enough talent to get something more than respectable as a "default" album art for OCR songs. It doesn't have to be any flash, but I think OCR should bring out some designs, or maybe just hold (another) compo to get some designs.

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i agree with that

although with some of the more recent remixes there has been covers already attached i noticed

EXACTLY what I did on my Zune for anything that's not on an album.

That's righy folks. My ZUNE. Cuz I don't want an iPod. Hardy har har.

yay some1 else who uses a zune

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It seems like there are several different things that people are asking for in here, so I figured I'd throw this out there in case anyone would use it. I lifted Xac's earphone/controller combination and vectorized it with a bunch of controllers. There aren't words because photoshop decided to die on me, and words in Paint Shop just aren't the same. So yesss, if someone wants to use it I could link to the original 5100 x 4000 version.ocr.jpg

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here are some old iterations for a VGDJ logo I made way back in the day. Feel free to use some of these

yay those are quite nice

i was hanging around, then listened, then tought it would be nice to give the tracks a cover

i guess it kinda fits in this thread, i don't really know where to post it...

hope someone likes it


clik here for 948x948 jpg

first post, btw

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major, MAJOR necroposting for the win! :nicework:

I was rummaging through all the old threads to find myself a suitable OCR logo but alas, I couldn't find one. In my opinion, it would help OCR enormously if there would be a house style throughout all released albums. I was able to find a PSD for the logo, but it's not really vectored and, thus, a bit unworkable. Does anyone know where to find these files (if they exist)? I think it'd also help to have a dedicated section on the website for this kind of stuff. OCR is, after all, a non-profit company, and I think having a style guide would benefit the community greatly, as well as communicating a professional tone to the outside world.

I'm not too opposed on making one myself, but I'm rather safe than sorry so I thought I'd ask first ;) And ofcourse, necro-ing a thread for that only makes it better :twisted:

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One of the nice things about moving to Invision is that we'll be using the Downloads module for stuff like this, although I suppose even now we COULD be putting it on the Wiki...

At any rate, there's been a slightly different style for a lot of album art, although all OCRI-line releases will have a similar layout in terms of the OCR logo & catalog number at the bottom left & right, respectively.


There's a vector logo, though, for now!

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