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a sonic 2 mix (master system)

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This is dope, really groovy.  There's a lot going on there, and I really like all the different layers.  I agree that modulation effect is really cool.  And it has kind of a unique 80/90s vibe throughout, and for some reason gives me some unique vibes that remind me of chilling, but also being hyped for saturday morning cartoons as kid, lol.  Listened to it a few times, and I think from 2 minutes onward may actually be my favorite part, though the whole thing is really nice.  Definitely impressive imo.

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it's very cheezy tho innit? i reckon it could be very nice cheeze once the arrangement is fiddled out. but the melody (the very sugary one) sounds very different at this bpm and groove.

i tried to make it gain bpm for a while, so it goes back to the energy of the original the more the song goes on, but couldn't get it to work.

so, gotta optimize on the "good cheeze" part. 


that's why i have this nagging feeling that i'd rather start a different mix, for now :S

but maybe i'll come back to this one. with a fresher mind. heh :)

this one needs a lot of cool soloing and stuff if it's gotta pass the "really good cheeze" marks, ......and stuff. i kinda still lack agility for that.

or you make it really minimal and full pop, or....whatever.

idk what to do with this right nao! haha. it's ok i guess.

ty for comments!

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Oh hell yessssss

I'm super digging the 70s vibe of this. I audibly said "heyyyyy" at 1:30 when the major key part of the source dropped in and you pulled back the energy. Really nice use of dynamics.

There's a sort of spacey feel to this at certain points with some of the synths you use; I think you could lean into that sound a little more.

Looking forward to where you take this one.

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This is fun, the groove is nice.

My main gripe is the brass sforzandos being very continuous and connected to each other when you have multiple next to each other.  I think it might be helpful to give a little breath for the "players" every so often on those.

After the 3 minute mark an electric piano or clavinet solo might be cool.   Also brass stabs might be the "big thing" you're building up to.  Just a couple suggestions to maybe inspire an idea.

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Good stuff so far, Nase! WIP-y though the track may be after the 2:00 mark, there are some very interesting elements added. I agree with DS, pixelseph, and Hemo. Based on the overall style and vibe you've established, the biggest arrangement improvement would be an ending -- I think building to a head-out would be just about perfect. Hit'm one more time with that brass lick and spike one final note. You might have a different idea about how to go about it.

P.S. I loved the organ coming in at 3:16. It just kinda snuck in there and I could have sworn it was there the whole time, the way it just fit right in.

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I'm loving it so far, but that last 45 seconds or so kinda stretches a bit long. I think that for a good ending, you could give the brass one more riff/cadence with the bass doing the same, considering its melodic nature throughout.

Very good stuff overall, I hope to see you finish and submit this.

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the highs/mid highs are just too much. hihats etc. this sonic mix works better though than the other more metal one. less compressed etc.

yeah, my $100 backup speakers just aren't as good as i previously thought. 



thanks for the encouraging comments though!!

and thanks hemo for the headsup regarding brass and breath; i think about that stuff too little. not that it HAS to be realistic that way necessarily, but it's a good thing to consider.


now i only gotta make this project file work over here....because while my speakers are much better now, the PC i got here is a netbook with 4 GB RAM.

i might be able to barely make this work. 

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