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Ok so in the past few days I have come to terms with the fact that I am a complete chiptune whore. The only thing is I am fairly new to this stuff and I really don't know where to look to find more. I've just been fishing around on 8bitpeoples so far, but its hard to weed through to find the best stuff.

That's where I need YOUR HELP!

Basically I am requesting that people post anywhere and everywhere that I can find some good chiptunes (free or pay, I don't care). It can be any kind of chiptune also (NES, Gameboy, Genesis, etc.) I've also really been into stuff like Anamanaguchi and trash80, so I also like stuff with chiptunes integrated with more stuff together (if there is ANYTHING like trash80 I WANT IT).

Also I know lots of you people have done chiptunes so post it I WANT IT ALL.

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I'm assuming you've already looked through all of the emulated audio places? Like, GBS, GSF, NSF, PSF, USF, VGM, GYM, etc? For GBS files, check out http://snesmusic.org/hoot/gbs/ . At the bottom, there's a link to an archive that contains, pretty much, any Gameboy music you can find.

I agree though, trash80 and goto80 are some of my favorites. I'd like more links as well. Mouser X out.

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Hi there this is my kind of thread.

From 8bp you definitely ought to check out x|k, lo-bat, goto80, and psilodump (my favorite artist, period, btw)

Also if you hadn't noticed, virt has an album up on there now too. Get that one plus his first two on archive.org

I also suggest herbert weixelbaum, and for those of you who don't know, shnabubula also made some chiptunes, which are quite good. I'll upload those somewhere and get back to you, considering his site is unavailable at the moment.

Be sure to buy a copy of 8bp's 50th release too, because barring two tracks that I dont particularly care for, it's full of fantastic music.

EDIT: Here's them Shnabubula tracks

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http://sidchip.ath.cx/~maktone/ - maktone, maker of many cracktro songs and cute chips [sid files too!]

http://www.fairlight.fi/tempest/ - Tempest's site. You know, the guy Timbaland ripped off :P. He has more than one good song, I wish he'd upload zen-bowling to his site.

http://plopbox.net/ - a sort of online chiptune listening site. Not really a radio, it plays the song of your choosing in a java player. Very cool and a good selection of songs.

I'm having trouble finding a good archive of music by Radix, which you need. I can email you most of his songs :) I just need your email address [don't worry it's only about 40 MB]

Here's one


but downloading is kind of a pain, and I think the filenames are all amiga-style [file extension as a prefix, not a suffix]

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First off awesome stuff. Keep it coming.

soc I got the email you sent but it was only like 300k (I want my 40mb!). Also I went to that site you suggested for Radix and got one of his songs, but I was wondering if there was a way to making the file extension normal without manually changing it.

Edit: silly me you werent done :D and I also see what you mean when you said I need it :D

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[01:37] <F4T4L> http://www.2a03.org/2A03/2A03_v3_0.zip <-- nsf gallore. remixes and originals.

[01:37] [Atmuh] ok so do you know where i can get some origianl tg16 style stuff?

[01:38] [Atmuh] oh man this seems hardcore

[01:38] <F4T4L> not offhand

[01:40] <F4T4L> http://chiptunes.back2roots.org/complete/cta-modules.zip

[01:40] <F4T4L> 75 megs of mods

[01:41] [Atmuh] hosnap

[01:41] [Atmuh] well

[01:41] [Atmuh] i'll be for a while

[01:41] [Atmuh] thank you very much

[01:41] <F4T4L> np

[01:41] <F4T4L> I know there's one of .sid's somewhere too, but you already have that I'm sure. lol

[01:42] [Atmuh] i have a lot of .sids

[01:42] [Atmuh] oh god

[01:42] [Atmuh] i LOVE you

[01:43] <F4T4L> http://gallium.prg.dtu.dk/HVSC/random/HVSC_46-all-of-them.rar <-- 45 megs of sids

rock on

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Oldie but a goodie, in my opinion. Co-piece between me and Rushjet1.


rockin man rockin

hey is there anywhere i can get a full archive of all all nes osts?

i know i could download them all from zophar 1 by 1 but thats no fun i like to only press 1 button

same with sega cd/32x

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