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OCR00109 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Gerudo Peeples"


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Ok, I know this has been commented on a lot, but it that bass needs addressing. I mean, the bass isn't even out of tune, it plays clashing notes that are in tune, and they clash horribly! 8-O

Ok, so the 1st chord of the sequence is a F sharp minor. The bass plays a G over that which clashes.

The second chord is fine, in key perfectly.

The third chord is E major. The bass plays a C sharp over that. :?

The forth chord of the sequence is C sharp major and the bass plays the root note C sharp, which makes the third chord sound even weirder as the bass note of the third and forth chords are the same :?

This repeats over the melody and ruins the mix for me.

Sorry, but do not like this remix currently, however, if peeples resubs with bass fixes the mix would be awesome.

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For me, this is like the first time I baked cookies.

I followed the recipe very closely, being sure to include all the necessary ingredients. The only problem was when it came to adding the baking powder, which was required at a quantity of 2 teaspoons. Misreading the recipe, I added 2 CUPS. The ensuing cookies were entirely inedible.

There are a lot of good things going on here in this mix to which I enjoyed listening. However, a simple error of a half-step in the bass line has caused this track to be "unlistenable" in another post-ers words.

Sorry Scott!

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Honestly I don't know why people are getting down on this song... it's over NINE YEARS OLD.

Look at the UPLOAD DATE.

Hell Scott was what... 14 when he made this song? Freshman in High School?

Appreciate this song for the era in which it was made and by the hands that made it during the time.

Forget about appreciating it for its time and maker, its just plain GOOD. Honestly, Scott Peeples is a good ReMixer, and he ReMixes a good piece of VGM to come out with this. You know what? It's GOOD. Big surprise.:sleepzzz: Don't look for flaws, just listen to it, and you'll be okay with, trust me. It's called "enjoying a ReMix." :roll:

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Enjoyable mix. :) Favourite part is the flute at 1:30.

I'm not aware of the off bass note, but I imagine it's irritating -- like off kerning in a word. Ignorance is nice sometimes. ;) But at least it sounds like an easily fixable thing... if Scott were around... and if he still had his music files from the year 2000. :]

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I can hear what everyone is saying about the bass note, and it does get on my nerves as well. But compared to the rest of the ReMix, this seems to be one of the better older mixes in the earliest 100's, so I have to give it and it's creator some credit. Not a horrible mix at all, but there are some things that I would love to see taken out or changed and updated to make it really stand out.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00109 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Gerudo Peeples"

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