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Dance Dance Revolution


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I got em, two mixes of each....here ya go:

Let the Beat Hit Em:http://lightningrt.googlepages.com/Letthebeathitem.zip

Let the Beat Hit Em (Classic RandB Style):http://lightningrt.googlepages.com/LetthebeathitemCLASSICRBSTYLE.zip

Put your Faith in Me:http://lightningrt.googlepages.com/PUTYOURFAITHINME.zip

Put your faith in me (Jazzy Groove):http://lightningrt.googlepages.com/PUTYOURFAITHINMEJazzyGroove.zip

Thanks for the help Doc.

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My school used to have a PIU Exceed machine. Nobody played it but me(very rarely), so they got rid of it. If they got a DDR Machine I'm sure that machine would get a work out.

What!!?? NOOO!!! I would've loved it if my school had one o' dems. My school only had like a vending machine.

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Ok, heres the song: http://www.bemanistyle.com/sims/simfile.php?id=15110

This was a really laid back, yet funky piece, so the levels peak at 10, nothing too difficult. it was definitely a fun song to work on.


Oh, I got another one.

By the way, that was fun. Good job.

Anyway, uh, try this. Link to Download Page, Guaranteed Thanks if ya do, thanks if ya don't.

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I'd like to see zircon's Throwdown stepped, if you're taking requests.

Finished it: http://www.bemanistyle.com/sims/simfile.php?id=15156

That was a nice song....real funky. The steps peak at a borderline 9 (almost a 10). You guys give some good requests for stepfiles.

And DarkAura, I'll finish up Knuckleduster tommorrow. I usually limit myself to 1 stepfile a day (due to school and work).

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So, any suggestions on hooking up a pad to SM?

reccomend me:

1. pad type

2. brand

3. converters (if neccessary)

I am currently trying to get a 3rd party ps2 pad (Reactor) to work with my ps2->usb adapror. I was very dissapointed with the performance (not to mention I ran into the joy-axis problem that aparently is frequent with this kind of interface. I guess I should've done a little more research.) Response is slugish at best. I had to change my game's judgement window to it's most lenient in order not to fail most things. Despite this, I still can't beat even moderately difficult songs.

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Just downloaded Stepmania to try out Sakura no Kenshi. Pretty nice.

If you guys ever want to do more stepfiles for my songs and want some renders of the songs with specific lengths (I know DDR usually does them 1:30), then lemme know and I can hook you up with that, along with info about tempos in case you don't want to figure it out by ear.

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