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Dance Dance Revolution


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Sakura should be a 9

Drop Out should be a 9

bag is just fun

do it on flat sudden it makes you look better! (even though it makes no difference really)

man I should have taken a picture when I stealthed higher and got more greats than perfects HA!

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Finals suck. I really want to go to Lowe's to get more materials to build a second pad, not to mention fix my first one, but I just don't have the time. :/

Anyway, has anyone tried any of the StepMix songs from the StepMania website? MaxX AttaxX and neoMAX are both awesome. Also, I noticed that bLiNd's Snowbound remix is one of the winners of the first StepMix contest.

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This is my Bemani experience, for whatever it's worth.

I have played DDR on and off since August of 2001. I got back into it pretty hardcore in the past few months and have gotten a significant amount of AAA's (somewhere around 70) on the extreme set list. I never pick my songs, I let Random pick them for me. The reason I don't like picking my songs is because I would probably whore out certain songs and I would lose my ability at playing the game. It then becomes a complete game of memorization (even though the game eventually becomes a balance of memory and reflexes in the long run).

I was at the top of my game when ITG came out. I was on a DDR team that went around California and attended tournaments and, often, won them. It was a good time and I met a lot of cool people. Unfortunately, ITG ruined the DDR scene completely. When ITG came out, there was a split in the population. Some people wanted to play DDR, others thought ITG was the new shit. I, personally, hate ITG and would play DDR over ITG anyday. Once ITG 2 came out, I just got irritated with the scene and quit for about a year. Now I am back, of course, and enjoying myself, but I am not nearly as up to date with the scene anymore nor do I play as much as I used to.

These days, a tournament can't even be held if ITG is not involved. People will not come to a DDR tournament if there is not an ITG tournament along with it. I think it is really sad that people have gained this very sinister view of DDR since ITG came out. All I hear is "DDR is too easy", "ITG has tighter songs", "ITG's songs are longer", etc. I would go into why I hate ITG, but I will spare the readers the time, seeing as I have already taken far too much of it =P.

I hope that SuperNOVA 2 will bring back DDR. I am really tired of people thinking they are better than everybody just because they can beat a 12 step song. I feel that DDR is more about being precise rather then using your stamina to pass an insanely difficult song.

One thing that ITG and DDR both have in common: they are a great workout =P. I didn't gain a pound for 2 years when I was huge into DDR and I ate at least 2 meals a day and snacks. Of course, when I quit for a year, I gained, like 20 pounds, but I am working it off now with DDR and drumming (drum mania and actual drums =P).

Dance simulators are good, I encourage everybody to play them. Bring back the dance scene!

If anybody is interested in seeing my scores, then check out this site.


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I, personally, hate ITG and would play DDR over ITG anyday.

Hey, this is a noob question, but I've never seen an ITG machine in my city and haven't got a clue how it differes from DDR. (except it seems as though - from what you've said - that songs exceed flashing 10 footers) I was wondering if you could clear up what makes it different for me. And as far as more feet go... isn't that completely relative to the game and it's difficulty? It could be like saying 30cm is way longer than 12 inches, because there are more. unless they're VERY precise in measuring how difficult something is. :???:

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I had always loved the DDR songs that were, for lack of a better word, quirky. Songs like Bag, Petit Love, Twist(Double Pump Mix), and Swing It.

Oh.. my God. I can't even LOOK at bag on heavy. It hurts my head. There are like.. 4 arrows overlapping at all times. Although.. I don't own that version and have only played it twice. lol

The song that gave me the most fun the first couple times I played it was Tsugaru.

Twilight Zone was cool too... For some reason I find those kind of step pattern REALLY fun. Not the most challenging... but overwhelmingly fun. lol

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Tsugaru is always good. There's a really sweet remix called apple something or other. It appeared on Beatmania IIDX version... 10? I don't remember the details but the remix was awesome.

Bag! That's one of those songs where you hvae to use speed mods. I have to play it on 3x for it to be readable. I thought I could do 2x, but it's a bit of a strain.

I think I mentioned how ITG is before. Anyway, if you have played a good amount of DDR, you kind of can gauge the difficulty of a song. There are some songs even on DDR where it doesn't seem consistent, like Sync on standard being 7 feet when it really is just a 5 or 6 foot song but at a higher BPM. Really though, the number of feet have a correlation to the type of steps you can expect, simple beats, triplets, gallop steps, off beat steps. Along with the song profile, (stream, chaos, air, etc), it's a very good way to determine how hard the song is.

When you move from one game to another and say, "I could do so-and-so footer on DDR" and select the same number of bars of difficulty in ITG, you'd find it more difficult to pass those songs. So it's important to know how the difficulty translates to one game to the other or else you're just wasting money. As for the set up, it's the same, except for the fact that ITG has a slightly larger screen. The arrows point in the same direction, the bars attached to the pads... The songs are a bit longer when compared to the standard 1.5 minute songs on DDR.

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To you guys who don't like ITG you don't really have to worry because there wont be an ITG anymore. Konami sued them and they now own the rights to ITG. I guess Roxor is now working on a pump it up style game instead.

But here's why I like ITG more then DDR. They have what's called the r21 patch which basically lets you load stepfiles from SM into the arcade machine and play what ever you like. I was just deciding whether or not I was going to to make some doubles steps for my AE's Windshear remix stepfile when I saw this topic. The only downside is that you have to get your local arcade operator to preform this update. While you're at it ask them to turn the option to play doubles for 75 cents on. Which is a default setting by the way. You do this by telling them people would be spending a lot more money there, and would actually travel to use these options.


To the guy who was wondering the difference between ITG and DDR. There is none except for a few tweaks. In ITG the songs are a bit longer, there's far more options, and a handful of the songs take a step up on difficulty. There's also some crazy marathon modes where they mix mods and throw them at you. The syncing is tightened up too. Some guys got together and said hey, what can we do to make DDR even better. And they did, and now they're gone. Sucks cause I was looking forward to there being heavy competition between ITG and DDR. We could have gotten some great games. Now all we'll ever get is whatever new off sync song list bemani decides to throw our way.

But anyways... Any of you play doubles?

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I tried Max 300 in doubles once, and it wasn't pretty. It's a little disorienting, but I may have to get into it because I kind of like the idea of more directions to step in but not at angles that are akward (to me), like in Pump.

A cool edit of Tsugaru called Tsugaru 180 can be found.... somehwere. I don't remember exactly where I got it, but it's a fun and relatively challenging stepfile.

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I made another video today, just for this thread. :P


Butterfly Oni.

I'm sporting my jank OCR shirt in this, not that you can even tell. If you look at the reflection of the screen you can sort of make out the headphones in the logo.

Weird, I thought you'd have a lot of misses because it looked like the down arrow was sticking. I guess the light was staying on? I've never seen that before unless the arrow stuck too.

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hi everyone,

Im bmhedgehog and new here. Ive been a fan of DDR for the last couple of yrs, just recently i got DDR Ultramix 4 (xbox) and DDR Universe (360). I have all of the DDR home games evermade.



DDR Disney Mix (yes i do have Disney Mix)

DDR Konamix (or 4th mix if you perfer)



DDR Max 2

DDR Extreme

DDR Extreme 2

DDR Supernova


DDR Ultramix 1-4

Game Cube:

DDR Mario Mix

I do have SM on my laptop and i try to put in songs from the DDR games, also i have one sim file ive done for it http://www.bemanistyle.com/sims/simfile.php?id=6983 the song is called Tube Panic (Knuckles Chaotix Special Stage) its a 1 footer 71bpm (you might need to adjust speed to 1.5 in order for the song to sync (still trying to figure that out)

Ive had ITG, but im sorry to say that it was total crap was glad to get rid of it, has anyone have Dance Factory for ps2? its a bit of a change in pace from tradtional DDR though the up and down step zones have been switched L,U,D,R as opposed to L,D,U,R.

The only bad thing i can say about the home versions of DDR is that the most recent ones on ps2 and xbox/360 is the crappy dance master/quest mode in order to unlock new songs, heck Mario Mix had a better setup, rather than the old get new song after every 5th song you play. I just hope that when Supernova 2 comes out they have better put in a better dance master mode (ala mario mix) or go back to the new song after every 5th song.

Sorry for the long post gang had to get alot off my mind, ill post my fave songs another time.

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Try checking out Kick Your A by our very own SuperGreenX. That has same freakin crazy steps.(Not to mention the giant amount of awesomeness emanating from it.)

You really, really ought to link which stepfile you're talking about, 'cause there could be a dozen shitty ones for every good one.

Also, Atma is speedmod-elitist ITT?

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You really, really ought to link which stepfile you're talking about, 'cause there could be a dozen shitty ones for every good one.

Also, Atma is speedmod-elitist ITT?

While I don't care how someone chooses to play the game (using the bar/mods), you can't deny that the challenge of bag comes from the inability to effectively read the arrows due to its freakish BPM.

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