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OCR01570 - Shadowgate "Crypt Rock"


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Not bad. Fun, dirty, raw, nice to turn up loud and chair-mosh to. :D It does feel like there's a certain energy missing though. Seems like the guitar work is more technical than impassioned, and maybe the volume dynamics, transitions etc. aren't as dramatic as they could be. Still a very solid, enjoyable mix. Hope to hear more from this remixer.

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The Shadowgate originals feel kinda strange for me, namely due to the time signature adaptation if anything.

But to hear it taken in a more interpretive 4/4 form complete with aggressive rhythm backing remeniscent of Stemage's work shows that there's some dedication in really focusing on the integrity of the melodies in this kind of structure. The guitars and bass are all very well recorded, the drums feel generally punchy (though if anything I felt the kick needed more power and more equalised separation from the bass itself), and even the solo at 2:30, while a little moist, manages to show some very strong soloing skills for the track.

It's a shame it ends ridiculously quickly too; would've hoped for one last head-banging section going into the end right after the solo, but that might just be my only qualm with what to me feels like a very well done rock-driven arrangement. I dig this a lot :)

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