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Pixietricks' Solo Album, Origins - New Song 12/23!

Jillian Aversa

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For anyone that isn't receiving their confirmation emails:

1. Check your spam filter! The message subject has a bunch of letters and numbers in it, which make it look kind of like junk. It's ugly, but I can't change it unfortunately.

2. If you still don't have it, I will go back and manually add you in. I've been saving the contact emails. Just let me know if you think you've slipped through; I'll post when I actually use the list for the first time. It'll probably be at least a few more days.

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This is amazing... As usual with your music, I can't stop listening. I might end up just having these play on repeat for half the day...

... ... ...er... except 'Oops'. Playlist just got up to that one.

Anyway, first thing I thought when I read the descriptions was "Great! I'm not the only one who liked Voyager!" Red July is incredible, especially the bit from 0:22~0:44 (that I'm guessing will be the chorus?). I also really like the theme you're going with in "Hajime", not to mention the percussion. Though, regarding the third sample, I'm not sure; I think I'd have to hear more of it.

Can't wait 'til the next time you want to send out some samples. I'm really looking forward to this. KF

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