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Corneria Spaceport (Hypothetical Starfox cutscene)


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Ok, so I've been up a lot of hours the past few nights, trying to get the baby to go to sleep. This is the result :):


It's basically an attempt at creating an audio cutscene that takes place before the first mission of the original Star Fox (or Star Fox 64, either works). This took quite some time to finish and has a huge amount of sound effects. Not meant to be taken too seriously, it's just for fun. Enjoy.

Edit: Either headphones or a setup where you can hear panning is recommended.

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Just a few things I forgot to mention about this track:

-Most of the sound effects were free from www.soundsnap.com - very cool site.

-Voices obviously are from the n64 version of Star Fox.

-If you want, try and pick out what's being said for the announcement at :49.

-Elevator music is a song I did for the PRC 95 competition titled, well, Elevator.

-Music at 2:28 is from the original Star Fox Corneria track with an extended intro

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