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VOCR Starting back up!


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Yes folks, after a very long wait, a couple of long conversations, and some copypasta back and forth, VOCR has been revived. Pixietricks and Malcos have both recognized that they are becoming increasingly busy and won't have time to host any rounds for a while, but they'd like DjSammyG and myself to keep things going. We're going to do our best to bring VOCR back to the community.

At the moment, we're looking at the next VOCR coming around Early/Mid October. This will give people time to settle into their new schedules. There is a possibility of a September compo, but that's up to SammyG and whether or not we have a backing track.

Because we are bringing the compo back, and don't have any backing tracks to use, we are currently seeking community involvement as we search for backing tracks. Anybody that wants to submit a backing track for use in a future VOCR may email the song to us at vocrcompo@gmail.com. The rules/guidelines for submitting your own tracks are as follows:

a) The song must be previously unreleased

B) Because of the length of time given to entrants (one month), those who create the backing track WILL BE ALLOWED to submit entries for that compo. This will be changed if problems should occur regarding this.

Other than that, let it be known that we are currently looking to horde up a lot of songs to use for future VOCRs. This is a great competition, and we really want to keep it going.

Post thoughts/questions here.


What is VOCR, you might ask?

(VOCR is not an acronym, don't try to make it into one)

VOCR is a vocal "remixing" competition where contestants (either on their own, or collaborating) record and submit some sort of vocal performance over the provided backing track.

Vocal Performance is either


- Singing

- Rapping


- Humming

- Do-Do-Do'ing

- Beatboxing? (Not sure on this one)

You may apply any effects to the vocals before submitting. Everything else will be explained when the next round is started, or when someone asks a question here. Mainly because... I'm lazy, and don't really want to type anymore... And I'm tired...

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Hell yeah!

Even though I'm somewhat "widely panned by critics" at the moment, you know that I'm down with entering yet another VOCR! I really don't give a damn if I suck since I really enjoyed working on my last one, and believe it or not I still listen to the entries from the first and second compos. There's some pretty cool unreleased material in both...

Nice job in perusing this, man. Now, to get those backing tracks...

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What up, guys. I'd be cool with a September compo, but it'd have to be a later one- I'm moving into my dorm like on the 18th so from the 15th to the 18th I'll probably have limited internet access. Also I submit my previously released cult hit "Hadoken Mix" for the vocal competition.


We'll keep you posted when new things happen. If you have any questions (although we prolly can't answer them yet), feel free to PM either myself or Escariot. At this point, however, you all probably know about as much as we do concerning the backing track, judging, rewards(?) for the winrar, and all that.

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I'm kind of new to OCR, I'm guessing V stands for Vocal? Is this a song comp?

Because there is definitely a vocal remix I've been wanting to have an excuse to work on.

Does the source material have to have vocals? Should I just wait until the compo thread is started up before I ask all these questions?


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so no, you won't be singing over a remix

VOCR roughly stands for OCRemix Vocal Competition. The backing tracks from previous rounds were most definitely remixed tracks of their respective vgmusic counterparts, so the next round should be no different.

Escariot, it looks like you'll have to edit your first post explaining what VOCR is to those unfamiliar. :P

If I ever come up with an idea for a backing track, I will most definitely submit one. Malcos asked me about this some time ago, actually but I didn't have anything in mind at the time.. In any case, I look forward to the next round!

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VOCR roughly stands for OCRemix Vocal Competition. The backing tracks from previous rounds were most definitely remixed tracks of their respective vgmusic counterparts, so the next round should be no different.

I thought they were original tracks. My bad. To clarify:

- Remixer dude arranges original track

- All contestants sing (or rap) over said song with original lyrics

- Peoples vote and winnar is you. Gold star etc

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As some of the OCR community know, I'm in the army here in Israel; so I'm not particularly available for this sort of thing, but I come home about every Thursday afternoon and return to base 0dark:30 on Sunday morning, which gives me a little time to put towards this. Please keep me informed if anything comes of this; I missed out on the first round, and I'd still like to take a stab at this (I'm the one that suggested the idea in the first place, after all.)

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