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ThaSauce/R:TS Temporarily out of Commission


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For those of you wondering what happened, we exceeded our bandwidth limit for the month (250gb) in a number of hours following the release of the FF7 project. We tried to get some redirects up, but they were too little, too late. 262gb of transfer total. Some rabid fanboys even began crawling all the subdomains, grabbing anything of interest (my personal hosting folder alone got thousands upon thousands of transfers). RoFL even pulled in a few gigs somehow.

For the time being, we have ThaSauce: Poverty Edition up on Fusion's webspace. Unfortunately, only the news section of the site is mirrored, so none of the subdomains including the forums, hosting, and R:TS are available. We are currently unable to even add new news stories due to MySQL incompatability with the temporary server.

But hold tight, we'll be back better than ever next month! :)

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how much bandwidth do you have, douli? most of our trouble came from the way our hosting subdomain works. all the directories are directly accessible by anyone unless someone specifically puts in a new index. some people browsed the subdomain and found a number of files they found interesting, and so several japanese websites began to direct link to the not only the root hosting directories of the FF7 project, but a significant number of various other files-- mostly WIPs in various people's hosting directories as well as the entire RoFL project-- as well.

also singingfish.com was our #2 referrer and direct linked to the entire album. but... singingfish was bought out by AOL in 2003 and has been defunct since february. don't ask how the hell that works.

it's a conspiracy man!

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What, the Japanese are ravenous Final Fantasy 7 fanboys? Unheard of, I say! Unheard of!

What did you expect? It's a popular game, and the project was well-done. Hell, it could have been utter crap and it still would have brought you down. The initial wave alone would have been enough.


lol, Canada with only 1%

That would be me, I think. I'm one of the few Canadians with a computer, seeing how I'm far south enough to avoid the constant glaciers.

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