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Australia's 3D World Interviews djpretzel re: OCR


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Darryn King, Online Editor for 3D World, Australia's largest electronic music publication, recently conducted an interview with me regarding OverClocked ReMix and the game music scene.

You can read it at: http://www.threedworld.com.au/content/view/4937/69/

It's not too long, but he asked some good, unique questions, so it's not a duplicate of similar pieces. It's great to be getting more coverage from music-oriented publications, in addition to the great coverage we get from the gaming press. I'd like to thank Darryn for the opportunity; hope everyone enjoys reading.

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heh I actually like that image of breakdancing Mario from the DDR Mario Mix.

It's quite fitting for an image for the subject matter.

haha wow I had a tape recorder also and recorded video game music from the TV speaker... i thought I was brilliant when I was starting to do that XD

I do agree about the "bad" VGM. Very true.

It was a very good read, I did enjoy it a bit.

And ya, the questions were not your average run-of-the-mill stuff.

Honestly... the very reason this site was made.... Its been something I been looking for for years.

There has always been gaming remixes (maybe random DJs for clubs or something) and covers from bands (Tetris and ska bands seem popular)... and once I stumbled on to Mega Man, Zelda and Mario remixes... I wanted to find more! And I would remember searching the internet, which I was still new at at that time, for such music (I remember having classes in grade school on how to use the internet since it was new to the school and no one was really to good at it).

I have always loved the Corneria theme from the SNES Star Fox and have always been looking for a remix... instead I found an arranged version which I was satisfied with too :)

And since I have found OCR... I have safely quenched my thirst for now... but I can tell I'm still thirsty for more!

Anyways, the very existence of this site and its purpose is comprised of everything I been searching for since I was much younger.

There are still a ton of games I hope to see mixes for.

And a ton more that have spots but no music anymore (Earthworm Jim, Mortal Kombat and so on)

I'd love to help out but I don't have the resources (thoguht I'm tempted to read through the tutorials) and I dont know jack shit about composing music anyways X_X

I liked it. This might be what I can finally use to convince my mother that I'm not crazy, there are other people like me out there...

Bonus points to you for being a fan of Luigi and the sweet signature :)

However your mom is the crazy one... since obviously others are into it... its the reason there is a site with music on it :P

If you were the only one, I'd suspect we wouldn't be here hah

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