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  1. I am sure that all of the posters in this thread have a different bar for what good emulation is. My current desktop rig, which plays Overwatch on medium settings at 1920x1080, will only run Higan to play SNES games at about 40 FPS -- which is unplayable. It obviously runs Snes9x and ZSNES fine though, good enough to stream to Twitch and record to my desktop simultaneously while playing at full frames. So it depends on what resources you have, and what performance you are willing to accept. Meteo: Did you ever get GBA emulation working well on the Wii? Whenever I try it starts to frameskip like mad after a very short while, and I just assumed that the processor simply wasn't fast enough to keep up.
  2. For what it's worth, it is strongly hinted that Richter's demonic possession by Shaft is what motivates him to give up the Vampire Killer. He doesn't need it anymore after Alucard has done the job for him, and is ashamed ingame that they came to blows. I would be interested to hear how Julius Belmont reclaims the whip from Jonathan Morris, though that's likely part of a 1999 story (Morris would be 73 years old then).
  3. This absolutely. If their team has too many tanks, running Zenyatta+Ana as your support duo absolutely melts them. Worth a mention: If Zenyatta is using his ult to allow his allies to push they payload or storm a point, Ana's grenade will make all of them vulnerable again. Got a very nice PotG recently by using Ana's blast to allow our Roadhog to clean up with an empowered ult during Zenyatta's ult. Edit: Since no one has mentioned this yet, IMO these are the two best uses for the sleep dart. 1) Shutting down Pharah, Reaper, Roadhog, or Soldier ults right as they begin. McCree is also possible but you likely go down in the process. 2) When someone comes to flank you, dart them -- and then have your whole team charge the point. It's a 5v6 at that point, and without their Tracer/Reaper they are very likely to lack the damage they need to kill you.
  4. I agree -- the only reason he was playable at all was because his arrows had a cheating hitbox. Is it his arrows or the player shoulders that got fixed, incidentally? Either fix would screw him. His ult is solid, but he is simply not reliable for anything else compared to the others.
  5. I haven't played MZM in a while, but this sounds like a pretty good reason to revisit it. I'll let you know what I think later this week
  6. I don't think Widow is OP honestly. Any sniper that can't kill in a single headshot is a sniper that isn't powerful. It's especially bad that she can't one-shot Bastion from the front when he's in turret mode (note: this isn't me asking for a change to the character). Lately I find myself playing a lot more McCree at range and saving Widow as a counter character to punish 2x support (especially Zenyatta), Pharah, or the rare turret placement where Widow can hit it without triggering the turret's response. Also, I think that McCree and Soldier 76 both do a better job of replacing her on a team than Hanzo does, but that could be because I am inconsistent with the bow and arrow. One exception: I really like Widow on a couple of the Ilios stages where she has amazing perches.
  7. I'm curious to know how many people played through the Plague Knight campaign. I personally thought it was absolutely fantastic -- far better than any other similar effort in say, the Castlevania titles -- and now I can't wait for the rest of the expansions. Triple jumping is the best, by the way. I need to track down the new speedruns and see just how much the times improve.
  8. Fun interview! I'd never thought about labelling a keyboard with hex notation, but that's a really smart decision to help ease the conversion from musical understanding to code.
  9. I am not actually the right person to do this -- at least not without informing the people who own I know them well though and will reach out today -- that's a good idea. Edit: This is now in process over at the Ludomusicology Facebook group. Everyone thinks it's a good idea, but I'm not sure any of us has experience as a Wikipedia editor...
  10. The academic community would love official sheet music scores for more games. It's a very tiny market though, haha. As others have pointed out, however, without the scores coming directly from the official data, a transcription is ultimately going to be subjective -- and therefore, not really desirable. As someone who just finished doing a bunch of transcriptions for his dissertation, let me caution that many fan MIDIs are awful, and will actually hinder rather than help if you use them as a starting point. Not saying they're all bad, but there is value in having a good enough ear to tell the difference, or to straight up do your own transcription work.
  11. Edit 6/10 I can officially announce the presenters and their paper subjects, so here they are! Tekla Babyak (Cornell University) -- Music, Card Games, and the Play of Sensation: Kant’s Ludomusical Aesthetics Karen Cook (University of Hartford): Video Games and Chant (specific title TBD) Steve Reale (Youngstown State University): Glass Beads and Graphic Analysis: A Ludist Account of Contemporary Music Theory Carmel Raz (Columbia University): Anne Young’s “Musical Games” (1801): Music Theory, Gender, and Game Design Kirsten Carithers (Northwestern University): Not Just Fun and Games: Musical Indeterminacy as User-Generated Content I am especially excited for Karen Cook's chant paper -- I love liturgy, and I love when chant is utilized in games, the most popular example being the Kyrie in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood's (and SOTN, and others) menu screen that casts Dracula as the Antichrist. All of them should be great though! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've looked through all of the abstracts now, and we are going to have an awesome event in Vancouver. I'll share more once the other committee members have voted and we have official results...
  12. Note: I post these here largely for people's information, so that folks can see how the academy does business. That being said, if you have a submission, we'd love to hear from you! I am on the program committee for this, so this isn't just me passing along other people's stuff -- this is what I do, alongside my own research and (hopefully soon) teaching. ----------- Call for PapersLudomusicology Study Group of the American Musicological SocietyAMS Vancouver, 3-6 November 2016 Submission Deadline: April 25, 2016.The new AMS Ludomusicology Study Group will host a session at AMS/SMT Vancouver 2016. This year, we welcome abstracts (250 words max) for 20-minute presentations on any aspect of ludomusicology within or beyond digital games. All AMS members, regardless of familiarity with (or previous research of) video games, are welcome to submit and assist us in broadening the scope of ludomusicology. Critical inquiries might include:- What makes play musical, and music playful?- How do the meanings and stakes of performances, choreographies, bodies, and screens play out via sounds and other sensations?- What is ludomusicology anyway, and how can it interface with current ideas in music theory, ethnomusicology, music education, and music therapy?Please send submissions (as Word docs) to gamemusicstudies -at- by April 25, 2016. Do not include your name/identifying information in the submission itself. The program committee will send out decisions by May 10, 2016.
  13. ^Ono is the world's absolute best Internet troll. The dude could give lessons, haha. On the video: quit complaining -- Bison didn't have the psycho crusher throughout most of Alpha, for instance. That dude is salty af -- he could power ScrubQuotes for a year alone.
  14. I need to edit my own highlight reel now, haha. Good stuff!
  15. Hit me up on either Skype (bardic_knowledge) or Steam (bardicknowledge) chat to make sure I'm online -- the SFV online status is a joke.