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  1. No, it only has a basic synth and it's crappy.
  2. cool, looks awesome and fun, maybe this'll help get me back into music.
  3. Wow, yeah, that sounds incredibly similar.
  4. I did a DK Isle remix for the DK64 project years ago. Since I doubt it'll be resurrected you might as well have it!
  5. I just noticed all the links in my old Reaper tips thread are broken.... they got cut off after the word Reaper in the url, making them all worthless.
  6. My goals have completely changed given that I always seem to injure some joint or another, so I'm following a bodyweight strength training protocol that does lots of joint prehab and mobility stuff, as well as supplementing it with weekly hard stretching sessions cuz my mobility is beyond dismal. So my goals of freestanding handstand and muscle-up didn't get much traction, but I feel during this year I will make much better foundational progress and address my deficits.
  7. I was surprised to find that John Williams did the score. The non-classic themes didn't sound like him. Kind of disappointing. Other than that I liked the movie, even the blatant fan service parts.
  8. Replaced making music with stuff like home improvement. uh... yay?
  9. I want to like Dark Souls, I really tried. Made a good, honest attempt. but after getting stuck at the Capra Demon I don't have the will to continue anymore. The challenge to fun ratio sucks. it's just too tedious spending 10 minutes getting to the thing over and over and over, only to be killed in 15 seconds. I have to admit that DS has beaten me and I likely won't try any of the other games in the series.
  10. Now that I'm living in a house I hung my rings from the ceiling! Not only is it better than hanging them off a pullup bar, but it was a cool project and I feel good to have dabbled in a bit of home improvement-y stuff.
  11. Agreed, it was an awesome surprise for me. I was immediately hooked and finished the game in like a day.
  12. I watched it the other day. I liked it. To be honest I was expecting all kinds of feminist propaganda after reading some of the discussions here , but I barely even noticed that angle.
  13. I've read a lot that S1 is poorly optimized and maxes out the processor easier than most other DAWs. I wonder if they've optimized it better in the new version. The scratch pad is kinda cool. I demoed it a couple years back and don't remember in making an impression on me, but then again I'm so used to my own unique convoluted workflow, macros and custom shit in Reaper I'm not sure any other DAW would be able to replicate that. the Melodyne integration in S1 is amazing though and I wish Reaper had that.