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  1. OCR Secret Santa 2015

    I forgot to mention that Rexy gave me several games on Steam from my wishlist! Super Time Force Ultra, Guacamelee! Gold Edition, and Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming Unfortunately I have been in a crazy time crunch & am currently in DC for the week (and in Orlando the next two), but I will carve out some time in January to play these games . Thanks Rexy, looking forward to the second half of the bonanza!
  2. OCR Secret Santa 2015

    I sent my Secret Santa the presents - should arrive on Thursday I believe...the recipient should be a happy camper .
  3. OCR Secret Santa 2015

      I got them this morning! It was a nice surprise .   Looking forward to the other half!   To my secret santa recipient - I got a nice gift that I have ready to ship, I will ship it out next Monday for all your joy later next week!
  4. OCR Secret Santa 2015

      That stinks - I only stopped signups maybe 30 minutes ago .   The PMs with matches are out!
  5. OCR Secret Santa 2015

    Signups end tonight!   In reality, I probably won't get to doing the matching until tomorrow around noonish my time since I am running a turkey trot tomorrow, but rest assured, it will get done .
  6. OCR Secret Santa 2015

    Just a friendly reminder, signups close on midnight of Wednesday, day before Thanksgiving - I'll send out PMs that morning with all the matches so you can all plan your shopping and/or gift choosing.
  7. OCR Secret Santa 2015

    Hey everyone, it's that time of the year again - the OCR Secret Santa!   Signups are now! Just mosey your way over to and add in your information and I will add you to the list.   Then come back here to post any particular items you would like to potentially receive, or other random finds.   An important note: how expensive a gift is should not matter - people have given great low cost gifts in the past, some handmade. Do not let money be a deterrent, as it is not necessary for giving a good gift.   Participating:   Anorax Arrow Bahamut Bardic Knowledge Capa Langley Cash Chernabogue Cosmic Sounds DragonAvenger Flexstyle Hyperion5182 JaDeARanHaRuNo kitty Koriantor Project Spam OA prophetik music Rexy Supercoolmike Tables The Damned theshaggyfreak wildfire
  8. MAGFest 2016

      Sweet, I don't have to handle this this year!
  9. MAGFest 2016

    FWIW, the rooms are almost out in the Gaylord, so reserve asap!
  10. I actually had it intentional that all default maps were possibilities in the unnominated voting list - did people not like that?
  11. There have been talks about people wanting to split off to a new community, and the name people came up with is Victory Pit. For those interested in shaping the future of what the community is to look like, please comment here and add suggestions in the comments. Feel free to message me if you have a suggestion that you feel deserves a card.
  12. Rockage 4.0 in SJ (Wesside MAGFest)

    Oh shit, zyko is going? I'm going to be there, being only ~15 miles away or so as is.
  13. You're two months too early Brandon!
  14. I live in Mountain View now
  15. You were at MAGFest this year? You missed a chance to hang out with everyone .