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  1. Damn, Lashmush did Kefka and Lavos? Taking on some big songs there
  2. Current OCR Projects Situation: Analysis and Solutions

    Informally, you have to create a proposal and send it to staff with a rough estimated timeline, initial artist list for tracks, summary of album concept, and desires for what the album will require. I'd talk with a staff member more versed on these things though, I've been out of the loop for years .
  3. Lufia II: Of Gods and Men

    Just note, we'll need a quick turnaround (aiming to have the music 100% done by the end of the ~6 months, will release as is at that point), but I would absolutely love for this to be done - I'm fine with it if you are.
  4. NOTICE: Forums upgraded to IPS 4.1.X (report issues)

    Almost every time I leave a forum tab open and I get a notification, I see a weird character pop up on the titlewhere it should say ([number of notifications]) - this is on Firefox on Windows 10, and Chrome on OS X.
  5. Secret of Mana

    @evktalo: shooting for six 2 month check-ins currently, dates haven't been formalized yet, but expect them sometime next week. @Odai: We had an artist on the project already, but I think we may need another since this is a Square game (which means we need lots of custom artwork).
  6. Secret of Mana

    Just marked you guys down for Danger and @Sagnewshreds for Flight Into the Unknown
  7. Secret of Mana

    @Neblix& @Hipnotyk: done
  8. Secret of Mana

    Mainly I want the music to sound organic, but otherwise, no particular restrictions.
  9. Secret of Mana

    Oh yeah, that's not a problem at all
  10. Secret of Mana

    Depends on what you have in mind .
  11. Secret of Mana

    dannthr - what track would you like to do? Jay - I'll mark you down, I'm sure finding the live instrumentation you want will be possible. I know Doug mentioned to me he'd be willing to collab when I talked to him last week, and there are a couple of violinists around the community. I'll help contact people you need if you want.
  12. Secret of Mana

    Let me know what you end up wanting to tackle!
  13. I officially rebooted the Secret of Mana project as an official OCR project, and now I am in search of dedicated musicians for the album! See the tracklisthere. I am also on the hunt for an energetic co-director who can critique tracks, keep a close eye on each person's progress, and help put their stamp on keeping the quality bar high. Edit: Co-director found, artists still welcome
  14. Secret of Mana

    Hello everyone! I am back to help contribute to the community, and the next new album project I previously was getting together was for Secret of Mana. After a couple of years of mostly absence, I return to finish this good work up! This was started originally with the aim of getting it out in time for the 20th anniversary of Secret of Mana, but it came and went, and real life kept me too busy. Directors: Bahamut, pu_freak Here is the tracklist: 01 - Fear of the Heavens (claimed by Ergosonic) 02 - A Curious Tale (claimed by Hylian Lemon) 03 - Phantom and a Rose (claimed by zyko) 04 - Together Always (claimed by Hakstock) 05 - Fond Memories 06 - Into the Thick of It (claimed by Ergosonic) 07 - The Color of the Summer Sky (claimed by Rexy) 08 - Dancing Animals (claimed by Guifrog) 09 - Distant Thunder (claimed by halc) 10 - The Little Sprite (claimed by Audio Fidelity, bustatunez, DrumUltimA, Jeff Ball, Abi Coffer) 11 - It Happened One Evening (claimed by Guifrog) 12 - In the Dead of Night 13 - Mystic Invasion (claimed by evktalo) 14 - Secret of the Arid Sands 15 - What the Forest Taught Me (claimed by Harmony & djpretzel) 16 - A Wish 17 - Spirit of the Night (claimed by RebeccaETripp) 18 - Did You See the Ocean (claimed by Ergosonic) 19 - Danger (claimed by Sagnewshreds & jnWake) 20 - Calm Before the Storm (claimed by PabloComa) 21 - The Wind Never Ceases 22 - Flight of the Unknown (claimed by Sagnewshreds) 23 - Eternal Recurrence (claimed by pu_freak) 24 - The Legend (claimed by Devastus) 25 - A Bell is Tolling (claimed by Chernabogue) 26 - A Curious Happening 27 - Monarch on the Shore 28 - The Dark Star (claimed by Darangen) 29 - Prophecy (claimed by Sbeast) 30 - Steel and Snare 31 - Whisper and Mantra (claimed by RebeccaETripp) 32 - Ceremony (claimed by Radiowar) 33 - Morning is Here 34 - Leave Time For Love (claimed by GaMetal) 35 - Still of the Night (claimed by Ergosonic) 37 - The Oracle (claimed by The Legendary Zoltan) 38 - A Conclusion 39 - I Won’t Forget (also rearranged in Seiken Densetsu 3 - Where Angels Fear to Tread) 40 - One of Them is Hope 41 - Meridian Dance (claimed by Fishy) 42 - Now Flightless Wings (claimed by Mikeaudio) 43 - The Second Truth From the Left (claimed by Sir Jordanius) 44 - I Closed My Eyes (claimed by dannthr) Red means claimed, but no WIP Green means claimed, with a rough WIP Purple means claimed, with a good progress WIP Magenta means claimed, with a near completion WIP Blue means the final wav is in my hands More info to come shortly, but feel free to message me about unclaimed tracks (sources linked in tracklist) & proof of quality (if unposted mixer).
  15. Lufia II: Of Gods and Men

    Just noting that we're at 13 final wavs out of 26 tracks currently . I got two wavs in the past week, and there are several others close. I'll be starting website work sometime in March & creating something special.