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    I love composing and arranging music. At the moment my primary instruments are guitar and piano. Mixcraft 7 is my current DAW.

    Video games are very close to my heart, especially RPGs that include Chrono Trigger / Cross, Lufia 2, Wild Arms, Mario and Luigi rpg series etc....so many.


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    I'm quite easy going guy. Besides music, i like to keep my body in good shape through aerobic training and gym workouts. It works as a great balance for me.
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  1. Thanks! Yeah that's a good idea. I will experiment it when i continue this track :)!
  2. I was actually thinking similar kind of events when i composed this :D. Thank you!
  3. Thanks! Yes it's a bit short one :D. I have some plans to continue this track someday, but i just wanted to share it in this form now :).
  4. Yo! I published my first composition on YouTube and i also want to share it with you people here :). It's quite peaceful track.
  5. Ah damn, i screwed up some of my recordings . I will send you my WIP ASAP.
  6. Gario: If i send you tomorrow two WIP tracks, do i still have to compete to hold my tracks?
  7. Okay. I'll send you PM when i have some good progress!
  8. Alright! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to arrange those two songs. What method do you prefer for sending WIP files :)?
  9. Okay cool. I have material from my previous projects and i link some of them here to show what kind of things i can possibly do. Not greatest arrangements, but there are certain elements that i can mold into something new for this album :D.
  10. This arrangement makes me happy and relaxed. Pleasant to hear and nicely done!
  11. Yo! I made a cover about Phoenix Wright series. The song name is True Evening of Grief (Reminiscence). Actually this time it's fully a piano arrangement and recorded it with my Yamaha keyboards. It's one of my favorite songs from the series and a very sad one too. With this cover i tried to bring some certain emotions out :). Here is the cover: Here is the original one: