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  1. Sup guys! What do you get when you mix Super Mario with Drum n Bass? Something to rock the clubs with! This track takes the Underground Theme from Super Mario Bros. and turns it into a club banger with added Ragga vocals, a hot bass-line, and a catchy rhythm. I'm also curious whether is this is close enough to a game remix for review? Anyways enjoy!
  2. Wassup yall! Check out my modernized, vocal remix to “Toasty Buns”, the first stage from Parappa the Rapper 2! If you ever wanted a catchy and jamming way to learn to cook a burger, this is it! Cook them patties and enjoy!
  3. Wassup all! Check out the vocal version of “Cap Kingdom: Bonneton” from Super Mario Odyssey! This had a Tim Burton/Nightmare Before Christmas feel so I tried make the song in such that way! Enjoy!
  4. Pretty good! I was definitely rocking! Good to see another vocalist on here
  5. 3. completed Super Mario Odyssey: Seaside Kingdom (Vocal Mix)

    Thanks dude lol I'm currently playing it now
  6. Super Mario fans!What if Super Mario Odyssey level music with lyrics? I loved the Bubblaine song so much I added lyrics to it! Real smooth, jazzy, and relaxing beach tune. Enjoy! I also did Wooded Kingdom. Hope you guys like it!
  7. If Link from Legend of Zelda wrote a love track about Princess Zelda, this would be it! The song is called "Give Me Your Heart Piece" and is about the beauty of Princess Zelda from Link’s perspective. The song is rapped/sung on a hip hop version of the “Great Fairy Fountain” beat created by me and lyrics by me. Give me your heart piece! Hope you enjoy! I have submitted this hopefully its good enough! Listen Here: Instrumental:
  8. Ha thanks! I still got some patching up to do on the song and mixing and all that, but I'll definitely post the final version when its done.
  9. So this is an original song but definitely game related. I created the Fairy Fountain beat into hip hop form (from scratch) and have put vocals on it. The vocals are about Princess Zelda from the perspective of Link. If Link was to write a love song about Princess Zelda, this would be it! This is only a rough draft, and yes I put some autotune on my vocals. Please any and all feedback would be nice. I will be submitting this to OCRemix
  10. Pretty creative. I love the 3rd one
  11. Wassup guys! So I added a rap verse to Infinite's Theme from the upcoming game Sonic Forces! It's a mini music video and its actually my first attempt at rapping on rock beat. I made some changed to the intro beat and looped the rock intro for the verse. It's short but sweet! Hope yall like!
  12. Thanks! Blossom Haze is definitely one of my favorite tracks in the game. I'll give it some consideration