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  1. okay I love what I did in less than 48 hours but I've heard John's before and gotta give it to John (I even made a drum mistake; see if you can spot it!)
  2. Oh man, all of them were really good. Age & Alchemist sounds really funky (particularly because of the medley stuff, but really, needed mixing work), For Hope and Shovelry just sounded really good, The Wanderer... Man Gario, I'd love to see you finish this sometime. And Boulders Wreck Rapiers was fantastic.
  3. yeah sure And I'll have a demo ASAP - I know my arrangement stuff... I just need to step up my instrumentation game and my mixing/production game.
  4. Logimos Shrine (Below Ground) / Lost World Is that good? I see it on the unclaimed list.
  5. hope you don't forget me for dragon god cause i'll have a WIP that doesn't sound badly sampled/short sometime this week
  6. also I'm track 35 on Materia Collective's 'Zodiac'; their Final Fantasy Tactics tribute album. I'd link but I'm on mobile. is that good enough? Realllly want that track. Gonna itch out a WIP ASAP!
  7. metal mayro (Metal Mario. I'm in/interested.)
  8. done! Thanks Darke
  9. Is the Sinistral Battle Theme available, Gario?
  10. works for me and good to know this is still going on. I'll finish my WIP soon.
  11. wait wtf that *hasn't* been taken? ... Hi my name is Thirdkoopa and I'm so in for Into The Thick Of It
  12. boop though I already sent a message about that edit: And I think I've found the one I want! Hopefully I can take it since it's on the unclaimed list.
  13. chiptune/orchestral/psychobilly hybrid I have a vision for this and it'll be probably one of the shortest remixes on the roster. (dragon god link removed)
  14. Definitely! Depending on who's interested and can give me good quality, I could make this arrangement much larger in an ez. Sheet music is how I typically get things done for games, lol.