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  1. put me down for instructor mooselini's rap ... I have no shame.
  2. Make that 2
  3. hey I'm still going to submit you something cool gario and we'll see how it goes :]
  4. I like this idea a lot. It gives a lot of room for composers and artists to work with each other which we usually don't get a lot of opportunities to do. Good stuff! also can't join the group D:
  5. Oh for sure! I assume we'd each be working with an artist? Could be really amazing stuff.
  6. I'm down yo. Fantastic artists! Maybe I'll sign up to brush up my art skills...
  7. My assistant personally recommends making sure that the down beats (1, 2, 3, 4) are emphasized compared to the offbeats. Listen to drums and analyze them - See what makes them feel real.
  8. Quick thing about the drums: Since the drums and all are made in Sibelius and Drum charting is ANNOYING, it's more of a "Mood set"; we're either going to go with different samples that sound very good or a real drummer. With the time we have and seeing that the rest of the band is filled up (and we're going to add more potentially to this piece) we're *definitely* going to change those from copy pasta to 'really varied and not boring'
  9. i think at this rate i'm going to have a finished product in the summer we're going faster than i expected
  10. I'll explain more to it on text when you're on but TL;DR: You can't do this to yourself John and you know that. I mean you can, but the benefits are sparse. The only benefit I got from that whole thing is more of a stockholm syndrome.
  11. okay I love what I did in less than 48 hours but I've heard John's before and gotta give it to John (I even made a drum mistake; see if you can spot it!)
  12. Oh man, all of them were really good. Age & Alchemist sounds really funky (particularly because of the medley stuff, but really, needed mixing work), For Hope and Shovelry just sounded really good, The Wanderer... Man Gario, I'd love to see you finish this sometime. And Boulders Wreck Rapiers was fantastic.
  13. yeah sure And I'll have a demo ASAP - I know my arrangement stuff... I just need to step up my instrumentation game and my mixing/production game.
  14. Logimos Shrine (Below Ground) / Lost World Is that good? I see it on the unclaimed list.
  15. hope you don't forget me for dragon god cause i'll have a WIP that doesn't sound badly sampled/short sometime this week