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  1. Hey, I’m a huge fan of the Ace Attorney soundtracks & this has always been one of the highlights for me, so wanted to give you some feedback. I'm no master of arrangement/composition so feel free to listen to/ignore whatever you like! Positives: Generally I think the balance of instruments is good, with enough rhythmic variation to sound interesting. I admire your commitment to a specific style and sticking with it throughout. A good piece for setting and maintaining a very narrow mood. Working points: The piano feels thin to me; possibly this is the lack of variety in velocity? It sort of hammers out in the left channel, and because it’s not really using chords, there’s something about it that jars with the subtle approach to the rest of the track. This riff blends better when played on the bass later on. Your saxophone sounds seem the strongest to me, why not put them more at the forefront? You’ve got a good ear for improvised lines, heard in the latter half on the electric pianos - a stronger melodic line on the sax might work nicely. I agree with Gario on the strings; the attack keeps them firmly in the background & a little formless. Considering you’ve got some staccato sequences there, I’d layer over some marcato sounds/double with flute or something if you can’t make the attack dance to your tune (as sometimes happens!) Also think it’s a little long, especially as the later sections aren’t aiming to change up the rhythm/tone. Are you picturing this as a background loop for a noir-style detective game or something? If it’s meant to be a standalone track, my feeling is a change or variance in ‘emotion’ is needed - rather like the difference between the two sections in the original. And that leads on to my final thing, but I think you’ll agree to disagree on this one as it's totally subjective! Ultimately I feel like this doesn’t capture the soul of the original. It had an urgency and emotional element to the arrangement, pace, harmonies etc. that you’ve stripped out. All that’s left feeling present is the original bass riff, but there are rhythmic modifications that change its impact. You’ve also got the melodic lines in there, but arranged to be on the periphery, so don’t feel as present or necessary. From this perspective it doesn’t really feel like a remix (to me); more like an original composition that uses some of the melodies/lines from the AA track. But yeah like I said - you’ll probably agree to disagree with me on this! Music’s always subjective in the end. Interesting project man, good luck with it!
  2. Thanks! No VSTs, just the built-in library in Logic Pro X - 'Celtic Tin Whistle', 'Celtic Harp' & 'Medieval Lute'. I've done a bit of EQ work to balance the tones & made use of different articulation IDs with the flute, slapped on some reverb & used the Spread tool to space frequencies out a bit etc; also switched on Mono mode for a couple of phrases in the Lute to imply hammering on/off etc. Also tried to avoid compressors where possible to preserve dynamics, which generally helps the software instruments sound more realistic. Logic's library has some quirks but you can get a huge range of sounds out of it with a bit of messing around - though if I had a Lute, I'd much rather have played the part myself!
  3. EDIT 2: Third round of edits done, happy enough with it now for my YouTube channel (as linked below) but keen to improve it to the point it can be submitted for OCRemix; would love feedback to get it there! Thanks everyone. You can hear the (small!) steps of progress between versions by comparing with the two older ones on my Soundcloud page - if you're interested! It's one of the classic themes, with such a strong celtic flavour. I originally planned on writing a three part arrangement for fingerpicked nylon guitars, but it kept turning into medieval folk in my head, with a warbling tinny flute et al! I tracked down a few playable ranges for lute, celtic harp & tin flute and wrote with all of that in mind, but haven't gone for laser-precision (e.g. just made sure I could play the various lute sections on my guitar in drop D), and I've used two notes on a logic drumkit to more or less represent hitting the centre and sides of a classic old-skool drum. I'd really appreciate your thoughts. It's only just over 2 mins and I don't know if it's working/finished yet; feels a little like further sections could seem like padding - I'm probably wrong about that though. Not sure how much this qualifies as an OCRemix track given its style, I'd love to know what can be improved. Here's the demo version (no proper humanisation or detailed mixing applied yet, just some basics): And here's the original theme, in case it's not jumping out at you: Thanks a bunch!
  4. First-time post here, but I've been ghosting about for years ever since sequencing midis & entering composition contests over at VGMusic (as 'Spudge' if you've got a long memory!) I've just finished (I hope!) an orchestral arrangement of Phoenix Wright's Objection! theme from Spirit of Justice. I've tried to loosely ape Joe Hisaishi's style from his Studio Ghibli scores, closest to the theme from Howl's Moving Castle, but sadly nowhere near as jazzy! I'd love your thoughts on the arrangement and instrumentation; I was hugely limited by the native sounds in Logic Pro X, so strings play a much smaller role than I would have liked - but does let the piano take center stage. (...I know it's probably a mistake to have mentioned Studio Ghibli, as Hisaishi is an untouchable compositional powerhouse! But I can't deny I had his themes & approach in mind as I was arranging the thing). Thanks! EDIT: Sorry - here's the source VG track!