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  1. The piano is pretty mechanical, isn't it? Giving my ears a break for a month, I can see some little issues I could fix, but I think I'll just keep this version and make a whole new version that's more accessible. A remix of a remix, one that's less "dry" sounding. Thanks for the feedback!! It was more than I expected, and super helpful.
  2. This is one of the shortest songs on the Sonic 2 soundtrack, so milking a loop that small into a 4 minute track...I think it gets a little redundant 3 minutes in, but you did a great job recreating the original and giving it an overhaul, while keeping the synth line still a little retro sounding and airy (and those hand claps I've always loved). I could certainly see this as BGM to a reboot/remake of the game. If you wanted to make it a standalone song, maybe drop certain tracks out at points, or somehow play around with the land/underwater dichotomy from the level. Or whatever! Endless possibilities!
  3. I love this. It's subtle and deliberate without being too subversive. Really getting the best from a limited amount of sounds. (Reminds me of parts of the "Baraka" soundtrack...) I've never played Front Mission, and wouldn't expect to hear something like this associated with a game title like that, haha. Makes it even better.
  4. Hey there, decided to finally make a song for OCR after thinking about it for 17 years. It's a linear track and many of the frequencies are quite extreme, for maximum tension-building. It has a piano run through a guitar amp to add a bit of volatility to its character, and other than the little flourish from 1:45 - 1:47, every note is sourced from several different Zelda melodies, with the Great Bay Temple being the most prominent chord-wise (and obviously percussion-wise). As the song goes on, it's meant to put the listener in that psychological space many people find themselves in at least once in their lives, when you're swimming underwater and suddenly everything goes from uncomfortable to desperate. Maybe I've over-explained myself, but let me know what you think, if you care to. Here's the OG. Here's mine. My one concern is that the panning on the gated high frequencies is too extreme, or perhaps too loud on certain speakers, especially after the song quality is degraded on something like YouTube. Thoughts?