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  1. When I downloaded the album, I had high hopes for the arrangement of pure land, since it is one of favorites from the game and a fairly often remixed track. I was not disappointed. The tranquil, almost otherworldly atmosphere of "The Still Night Stirs" is captivating. There is just enough energy to rouse the emotions, while keeping the delicate feeling intact. A momentous tribute to the beloved and passionate soundtrack of Secret of Mana.
  2. OCR03682 - Final Fantasy IV "The Universe"

    This is an astounding work of art. It really captures a wide range of the powerful emotions in FF 4. Wonder, intrigue, a little fear perhaps, but most definitely awe. That's all that I have for the song. Awe.
  3. I've heard a lot of takes on this song, but I like how well you made this one unique! It has enough variation to keep me listening for the full six minutes, but its not too busy. Well done.
  4. My first impression is that this is the maddening song that plays in my head as I continually get lost in all Legend of Zelda water dungeons ever. It's definitely a minimalistic piece. To be perfectly frank, I think it may be a little too minimal. But if your aim is to keep it simple, I think you've got a decent basis to begin with. Most of it is exclusively the piano soloing, but then you add the extra beat around 2:04, it starts to get a little more interesting, even though the piano disappears. I would consider layering the two more consistently through the piece. I think you've got a very interesting concept for your arrangement, keep at it.
  5. 1. work-in-progress Royd Rage

    I won't pretend to be the best at critiquing music, but since I love the source and your rendering, I'll do my best to help out! Firstly, I like your approach for Royd's theme. The only remixes I've heard of it are all heavy laced guitar stuff, the kind of thing that actually makes me think about a roid rage. But a trance mix? Very inventive, I think. Its pretty reserved, as far as the melody goes, but you are able to give it a mood and feel that is unique to the source while still being similar. To be frank, there isn't a whole lot to Royd's theme, but you were able to keep it interesting for the whole six minutes. The melody seems a little too quiet around 1:30 and the outro, but the fade in/fade out effect is pretty interesting. The drums become a little repetitive at times, but they aren't overpowering. In short, I love the track. Wish I could give better feedback, but I'd add it to my playlist as it stands.