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  1. Any recommendation on some decent desktop speakers? I don't need anything too crazy over-the-top, but wanted to put a little more thought into it than the old "whatever my friends are getting rid of" method I've used in the past. Like I see now that Bluetooth is pretty common in a lot of PC speakers... Does that work OK or is it prone to stuttering compared to a wired connection?
  2. I switched mine on today and it's looking good. 11/10, would recommend. Time to start catching up on the PC gaming backlog...
  3. The Catholic school kids around here are going to have an advantage when school gets back in session what with all the PokeStops centered on statues, while the unfortunate public school kids are adrift in an iconoclastic acultural void.
  4. I'm curious if we're going to see some laws coming out of this regarding the right of property owners to control the content of their augmented reality space. I've been talking for a while about how I should go around the neighborhood and offer people $20 to sign away their "virtual adspace rights" to me for when some hypothetical new market is created...
  5. You joke, but my wife and I just found a PokeStop located in the middle of a pond that is unreachable unless you actually enter the water.
  6. Didn't see a topic about Nintendo's first smartphone app yet. https://miitomo.com/en/ I originally just signed up for the point bonuses for the new Nintendo rewards program, but I've been pleasantly surprised. It's got the usual "Acquire and spend digital currency to dress up your avatar" stuff going on, but the Q&A aspect which is shared among friends is kind of fun, as is the "Miifoto" feature. Here's my failed attempt to land a marketing job with Nintendo: There's some odd quirks in how you can only add friends in person or via a linked Facebook/Twitter account. (You'd think it would allow for direct adding by NNID or through Miiverse, but nope.) I'm curious to see if they expand the app in the future: I get a vague feeling we'll see some Animal Crosssing-esque furniture/room customization, and personally I think it would be neat if they added integration with the Badge Arcade.
  7. Anyone remember back when they changed the music between the FFVIII demo version and final version due to it supposedly sounding too much like the theme from The Rock?
  8. The only FE game I ever fully played was FE7 on the GBA (the one simply called "Fire Emblem" in the US). Liked it a lot, got a lot of time out of it between Normal/Hard/Hector Hard mode. Started up Sacred Stones... and was very quickly turned off by the world map, unlimited skirmishes, etc. I liked the "never look back" linear structure of FE7, where I could safely assume that all missions had been balanced to be beatable so long as you managed your units/resources from previous missions appropriately. In FE8, I could never shake the vibe that because I was now allowed to grind, I was therefore expected to grind, but had no way of knowing just how much grinding I needed to do. Did I fail that mission because I need to grind more, or because my strategy sucks? (I should probably give it another chance, maybe it's not as bad as my initial impression and you can just plow through the missions as if the option to grind didn't exist.) But with all that in mind, I assume Conquest is probably the way to go for me? Or are there any preceding games in the series I should look into first?
  9. My wife watches a lot of Chinese television, and there have been numerous occasions where I've heard VGM being used in shows. One in particular that jumps out at me was some reality show on mainstream CCTV that kept using bits of the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack. I highly doubt they actually have the rights to use the music, since I also often hear them throwing around bits of the Star Wars soundtrack. But I could be wrong, maybe it's more common to draw on VGM/anime sources for music in Asia. (Once heard a bit of the Escaflowne soundtrack on an episode of Iron Chef.)
  10. Weird timing... I bought Blue at release, casually played it a bit, and then never played another game in the series. I pulled it out again just last week after reading about Nuzlocke rules. I'm enjoying it now a lot more than I did when it first came out. I think at the time I found the quantity of Pokemon and Moves a bit too much to process, so it's been fun to come back and focus on maximizing a smaller subset of the available options. (Sort of like Four Job Fiesta for FFV.)
  11. One of my scariest game experiences was actually with Thief: The Dark Project, which isn't even really a horror game. I went into the game thinking it was just a sort of generic medieval setting, and then in the second mission you run into a zombie. It's not even particularly disturbing as far as zombies go. There was just something about encountering a zombie when I was completely expecting there not to be zombies that twisted my brain.
  12. Well, since this got necro'd, I'll just throw in a comment as well to say I've had this on my mp3 player ever since you released it. I rotate a lot of other stuff in and out, but Suburbia's got a permanent spot.
  13. Contra, Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania. Mega Man if I'm feeling generous. Kids need to learn some frustration tolerance, not all this hand-holding self-gratification nonsense.
  14. Oh, c'mon. Monk Red Mage Beastmaster Dragoon Beastmaster is probably the star of the show with careful use of !Catch/!Release for smashing bosses. But that still means I have to get through the dungeons alive with a party which has no real means of dealing significant damage to late-game enemies except for having the Red Mage break rods like crazy. There's going to be lots of running and careful use of !Control to get through regular encounters. I've actually got my Monk using !EqWhip for the chance of inflicting status effects since I'm reaching that point where unarmed starts to wimp out until you get the Kaiser Knuckles.
  15. I got it rough. Started with Monk, followed by Red Mage. Red Mage would be great if I'd gotten a White or Black Mage in my first slot, but pretty awful as it is. I got Beastmaster as my third, so maybe now I can do something interesting. I can load up a good monster on each character to blow bosses away, but still need to figure out how to get to the bosses with my increasingly questionable party.