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  1. Holy crap, he's back! And with a sweet remix of a classic song!!
  2. Nintendo Lo-Fi/Chillhop Collection

    One mixer that comes to mind as being a perfect fit for this project is Rukunetsu (Soundcloud link).
  3. David Wise appreciation thread

    Yeah, I've learned to divorce an artist's work from their personality, so some of the crazy shit that it sounds like Wise has been up to doesn't really detract from my appreciation of his early NES compositions. People are people, I guess.
  4. David Wise appreciation thread

    I know David Wise is most well known for his work on the Donkey Kong Country series, but I've been listening to a lot of the original music from many NES games that I grew up with -- all composed by David Wise. Examples: Wizards & Warriors series Marble Madness R.C. Pro Am Double Dare ("Gorilla" is a song that I frequently listen to on repeat when I'm trying to get work done) Battletoads The list could honestly go on longer. And these are all his pre-DKC works! He isn't dead or dying or anything (to the best of my knowledge), I just have only relatively recently realized that so many of the NES music I loved growing up was composed by him.
  5. Thanks! I still like to download WIPs to be able to listen to them before they get posted on OCR because the evaluation process can be lengthy at times.
  6. I really like it! Could you provide a download link?
  7. PRC367 - The King of the Caverns (Diddy Kong Racing)

    Great song choice! Diddy Kong Racing has a great soundtrack that doesn't get enough love!
  8. My kids are going to go ape shit over this. I guess that means I'm buying it
  9. OCR03654 - Donkey Kong Country "Fathoms"

    Nice! I like what you did with your "DKC I-lese" remix from VGMix!! And always great to hear another one from the artist formerly known as Blue Magic!
  10. Mega Man 11!!

    I'm guessing Capcom is hesitant to do this because such a game would have to explicitly depict the death/destruction of all of the main characters of the original series as part of the plot. Kinda lowers the prospect of future original series Mega Man games a bit. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see such a game, too, but I think that Capcom would prefer these story developments to occur offscreen.
  11. Mega Man 11!!

    Looks pretty sweet!! ... but we have to wait a year or so for it to come out...
  12. Parts in games so difficult they made you stop playing

    Darker side? Yeah, I got about 10 minutes in, and then I died and started over from the beginning and I was like, "Nope, not today."
  13. Aw, yeah, favorite mix from the competition!! I can put an official OCR-tagged song in my playlist at last!!
  14. Rampage (2018)

    Yeah, I mean, the video game was so completely tongue-in-cheek that the people who made this movie clearly did not understand the tone of the game. I'll probably still watch it on Netflix or something, though (being the sucker for giant monster movies that I am).
  15. OCR03643 - Earthworm Jim "Launch the Cow!"

    Holy crap, McVaffe is back, and his "c" is now a "k"!! (FYI, I've been following his stuff since at least 1996 (I have three MIDI files, MCVLATIN.MID and MCVMIDAS.MID that I apparently downloaded in July of 1996, and a third, MCVWATER.MID, that I downloaded in August of '96), likely making him the first "remixer" I began paying attention to). Awesome remix, as always, and hope to see more from him soon!!