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  1. Release date(s): May 21, 2009 (US) June 3, 2009 (UK) June 4, 2009 (Aus) Now that it is out in the US for 3 days now. I'm wondering if any one has gone to see it and their thoughts on the movie?
  2. Azure Prower

    Star Trek

    In closing of this grand argument. I'd like to say... Don't compare this movie with the old Star Trek. The time line change broke all the rules so there is none to abide by any more. This is now an entirely new Star Trek with no set story (with the exception of "Enterprise" of course). Therefore, all arguments of what should be by comparing to any other Star Trek series or movies is now null and void.
  3. Azure Prower

    Star Trek

    In The Mirror Darkly. Oh noes it's not Star Trek, Vulcans r friend! That's not rite!
  4. *RAGEQUIT!* No auto save? Watch Yahtzee explode.
  5. Regardless. I'd be very interested to hear the remixes of the three faction themes. I was just recently thinking, with such awesome BGM the game had. Why hasn't there been (more) remixes of it?
  6. Azure Prower

    Star Trek

    Kind of reminds me of starship troopers.
  7. Azure Prower

    Star Trek

    I came. I saw. It kicked ass. It was only a little short for what the movie contained and the antagonist is too easily done away with. Although I like how they captured the dread of the antagonist's frightening looking dreadnaught. Just the movie was a bunch of awesome special effects with little and silly reasoning for the antagonist motives. Though I would of loved to actually see the mass battle before the Enterprise warped into the debris.
  8. Nay. I say it sounds more like an old, Descent styled track. Plus yay! Been needing another OT fix for a while now. Awesome chill out mix.
  9. The funny thing is, I have a dreamcast back from 2001-2. I've got a power cord, TV cables, VMU unit, 2 controlers, etc. But the thing is... the motor in the box itself shat itself from being on too long. Now it just sits packed up in a box as it has been for the past 6 years. Left with Sonic Heroes, followed by Sonic '06 and Unleashed on Xbox/360. Yeah... I long for the day I can play Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 again.
  10. Azure Prower

    Star Trek

    I kind of thought 'In the mirror darkly' from Enterprise was a nice change from the goodie goodie starfleet to some thing darker. I kind of wished they explored it a little more instead of just every one killing each other off to be top dog and left it with a cliff hanger. There's only so much of "we're the good guys, humans are awesomely superior and flawless" message you can take before it gets lame and old.
  11. Come live in Australia. Our internet speeds are pretty shit. Let alone the bandwidth caps. 5 to 40 gig is normal here.
  12. "When I saw my partner coming towards me brandishing a valuable, large herb and when you're running away from your support character with more desperate terror than you feel for any of the actual monsters: some thing has definitely gone wrong." xD
  13. I now hate this song a little less now. Couldn't stand it when it was first released. But that video certainly put it in a good light.
  14. Only one game I'd like to see revived. Descent. And possibly Descent: Freespace.
  15. Downloaded and bookmarked. Tribes 2 was the last good game in the tribes series. Loved Tribes 1 a lot too. Despite its dated graphics.
  16. At the moment. The kiddies today that play backdated Sonic games go: "OMG sucky graphix..." and move on. It's all about the graphix people! Yeah....
  17. I'd rather SEGA spend more time making the game and gameplay fun than having you suddenly stop in a middle of a Sonic speed run and go "Oooooh look how realistic the stage looks!" But that's just me. =/
  18. Title says. "Cooking Ma ->n<- a" Confused me a little before seeing what it was. xD
  19. Aww-looks-its-a-wittle-doggy-mash-up-his-face-and-call-him-chips! Hehe.
  20. Ditto on the Chaoz tracks in newgrounds (especially the Infiltration one). They're just awesome. As for this WIP. Just the fade outs and fading between tracks needs working on as it doesn't seem to fit right at the moment. I don't think it has too much energy since high energy tracks/remixes seem to be your style and I love 'em.
  21. Thought I was the only one. I played only to the part where I get the first gun. Then went back to Fable 2 hehe.
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