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  1. But but...she's so cute ;.; So uncalled for. Unless she fled to Winnipeg, I can't do shit to help, but I wish him all the best and all that.
  2. Yay, my CD shipped today! I look forward to receiving it, as always.
  3. Just so you know, if you don't release a physical album *coughzirconcough*, I will be very upset with you. That's all for now.
  4. Eh, 2 years. That's sticky enough for the internet.
  5. Ooh-hoo, defensive? To be fair, that is all you have to do. Granted, he's downplaying the time it takes you to do it properly, but if you're sequencing on the computer, you have all the time in the world. Playing a live track, you're constricted by time. I'm not saying one requires more skill or talent than the other, just that time isn't necessarily a factor if you're creating music on your computer.
  6. Hm I take shotokan, and have for a few years now. We typically have our back arm/fist covering out solar plexus, and out front basically going from there to our throat. Obviously, if attacked, it's easy enough to shift it upwards to block our face or downwards for our chest. Thats how WE do it anyways.
  7. WesPip

    Nintendo Wii

    Ha, guys. They've stopped offering ANY details on when trucks carrying Wiis will be out and about and what their routes are. Apparently in Toronto a little while ago, someone tried to hijack a Wii truck at gunpoint. [not sure if it was successful or not]. Saw this in The Sun, so I'm sure you could get details from their site if you wanted to. But seriously, hijacking a wii truck. That's awesome.
  8. Some good shit last night. Played with redchlorine, Stryker, Icy and Enn..and..well, that was mostly it, I guess. Or did toothy end up joining us for a bit? I don't remember. Deimos was AceCombatSnobbing it up, and Xeno was busy with Boom Boom Rocket, but regardless, some good matches were had. And a whole lot of Infection. It was a triumph.
  9. I remember back when Nintendo Power had, like, call in contest-like type deals. So either Star Fox or DKC [i..forget, cause I think I got the question wrong] was the first game to use...er...some sort of nifty graphical thinger. Vague!
  10. Page 3 bump yo. A heads up .Org crosspost-type-thing, Deimos is purging his friends list, so if you wanna stay on, send him a message ASAP. Like, within the next 3 days by now, I think. Sorry, forgot to make this post a couple of days ago.
  11. They do, but it's generally obtained via looting.
  12. Hopefully there will be a track as epic as Bits and Pieces was. Heh, I love that track. God I'm a nerd.
  13. WesPip

    Xbox 360

    I think, though, that somethink like, Guitar Hero 3, for a recent example, warrants a multi-platform release. Course, I'm still trying to get it for the 360, cause I love my sweet sweet nerd points, but regardless, some titles should be on the majority of consoles, I think.
  14. Ordered phsyical copy, downloaded it too, will listen soon. Right now I'm chillin' with the Okami Piano Arrangement, though. You can see my dilemma.
  15. Let me be not nearly the first person to congratulate you.
  16. Not quite. Someone used the CQC shit in a real situation and kicked some ass, basically.
  17. WesPip

    Nintendo Wii

    Teehee. I'll add you next time I'm on my Wii. Shael for Wii Judge '08!
  18. Where's that topic about the guy using MGS tactics when we need it?
  19. Or perhaps "buy"? Hmmmm....
  20. I must continue the proud tradition of getting a signed physical copy of this album.
  21. Wait wait. New album? WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED? D:
  22. This is like, an action shot, right? Tell me your stances aren't THAT short. It HAS to be an action shot. HAS TO.
  23. WesPip

    Nintendo Wii

    Guys, guys. Microsoft ripped off Nintendo yet again, sorta. I just downloaded Psychonauts onto my 360, since I missed it on the Xbox.
  24. Uh, that was me that said it lost pretty hard. I'm not sure it specified, but I THINK it was Shaolin kung fu. Can't be sure about that though. But they measured impacts of the strongest punches and kicks and whatnot, and the kung fu guy came in last for every test, if I recall correctly. If not last, near for sure. Side note: that section on drunken boxing was pretty epic.
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