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  1. Heh, I like how Kirby looks in AWE of Ammy.
  2. ICY. We need to go back and record a new game on Halo2 sometime so I can see if singing Still Alive will work at all. Probly not. But it SHOULD turn out better than with NO voice mask. If it works, I will call it a triumph. I'd make a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.
  3. Kinda off-topic, but I bet Freezepop could do a truly epic cover of Still Alive, and it would be awesome.
  4. WesPip

    Free Rice

    Hm...exhume and...un...bury?
  5. WesPip


    No no, GLaDOS is clearly the best AI ever. She sings.
  6. Yeah, 1 am cst. Obviously, in case it wasn't already painfully obvious, I'm on Halo/3/ lately. Also The Orange Box, but if I see someone on some other game [or get sent an invite] I'll typically join/accept. Oh, and also Katamari's a little distracting now too. Rolling and all.
  7. WesPip

    Nintendo Wii

    Yeah, at least KH2 had the watered-down God of War type actions.
  8. I play a fair bit [though I took a break for a bit cause I was in no mood, then cause I finally got around to finishing MP3], but not til close to 1am CST. Oh, and also I might be distracted by The Orange Box now. I dunno.
  9. The Nova Beam was wicked awesome, but you didn't get to use it nearly as much as I'd have hoped. Beat it today, finally, after being distracted by a few other games. I gather that little "retrospective" bit before the credits was the 75%+ ending? Also, the 100% ending, soo not worthwhile. Pretty lame, I'd say. The whole Phaaze bit was pretty nifty though. Kinda cool mechanic they decided to introduce. Also, last boss[es] were good fun too.
  10. WesPip

    Xbox 360

    What? That's retarded. Fucking Microsoft.
  11. Fucking YES. I don't care if I already have it for Ps2, this gives me an excuse to play it again. Also, looking forward do doing the drawings the way they should've been done the first time, had hardware allowed.
  12. I got distracted by Halo3, but I'm going back and working on it again. Right now, I'm on a quest to take out a Pirate barrier and/or get the acid shield. Not sure which I'm actually supposed to be doing right now. I want the Nova Beam.
  13. WesPip

    Nintendo Wii

    Yeah, I know. But...nifty glowy mod. C'mon. Also, Okami seems damn-near like it was MADE for Wii. Plus that'd give me a good excuse to play it again. This would make me happy.
  14. Bah, I hate it when releases are strictly digital. I can't bring myself to PAY for anything and not get a hard copy, aside from Virtual Console and/or XBLA releases. I CAN'T DO IT MAN.
  15. WesPip

    Nintendo Wii

    Get that funky flashing slot mod thinger. I forget the details, but it was badass.
  16. [/original] Hey, good job living another year Douli. Even though OCR's community is...questionable now, you've stuck with it, as well as the offshoots. So keep up the good work! Also, it's apparently late, but happy birthday Chiz.
  17. WesPip

    Xbox 360

    ... Though the service is for Canada OR US, a few of the offers appear to be US only, such as one of the ones you recommended to me ;.;
  18. *cracks the whip* That's right, BACK TO WORK. Heh. Though I guess I appreciate new mixes a little more if they're as few and far between as they have been for a while now. Still!
  19. WesPip

    Nintendo Wii

    Still, that sounds pretty cool.
  20. I still think Alucard's got the sexiest pistol ever.
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