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  1. I saw that Fight Science thing. It was pretty nifty. Kung Fu failed pretty hard though
  2. Nice, I definitely see the Kid Koala influence here. So what do you get when you cross a koala with a marshmallow? I'm not sure, but it's awesome.
  3. I used to go back to the U of W a couple of years ago. Now, I work in a warehouse and/or sleep during the day. Whee!
  4. Hee, heian katas. Good times. I've been doing shotokan karate for over 8 years now, got my shodan about a year and a half ago. Whoa, wait, more like a year and 3/4. MADNESS. But yeah, our katas are mainly just the shittei and sentei katas [not...ENTIRELY sure thats how you spell them correctly, I'm basing it on my sensei's pronounciation]. Our association is the ISKF or...JKA. I forget which, used to be both but one recently split from the other. It's nice though, cause we have a master fly in every 3 months to do seminar and testing. Good times.
  5. Haha, good times. Uhm, it never happened, though apparently one of the interested parties was a mighty one degree of separation from me, as one of my friends actually posted pics on her facebook of him hanging out with my friends at the King's Head. But yes, Winnipeg Meetup. ONE DAY SOON. Maybe we can even coerce Kakumei and Rent up north. LIKELY. Thing is, though OCR seems to have a surprising number of users from Winnipeg, most are lurkers. Makes a meetup somewhat...lame. Still, we'll try to keep this thread alive for a bit and see where it takes us.
  6. So, this remix has been out a pretty long time now, and I've had a chance to hear it I-dont-know-how-many-times. After hearing it a lot, though, I understand the criticisms people were putting forward during all the Lover Reef drama. Hell, I can even agree that most of the points they made were true. Regardless, I find the mix thoroughly enjoyable and catchy as hell. Uhm, Hell is catchy, by the way. Apparently.
  7. More like 8 MILLION. Oburn. But Mass Effect is a bit more..fuck, I forget the word I'm looking for. Not involving... absorbing? I dunno. Reid and I played a couple of games the other day at his place though. *shrug*
  8. WesPip

    Xbox 360

    So I started Mass Effect last night. I had to fight myself to get to bed. It's pretty sweet, seriously. Sweet.
  9. What about those of us who celebrated it about a month ago, hmmm?
  10. Haha, americans get trampled. Whee!
  11. Particularly the Xemnas one and the one..right before it. Plus who doesn't love Aya? Queers, that's who.
  12. ...That nake sounds familiar. Did I, like, have you on my list for Wiis or...oh, wait. You were in the clan for Halo2, right? Now I remember.
  13. I'm aware, but when he was flying around, I'd still get confused and lose track of him, so for the flying bit...it probly didnt go by as fast as it should have.
  14. I think one of us is confused. I meant during the battle, I'd frequently lose track of where he was because of the seemingly-random-come-out-of-some-hole-in-the-wall mechanic. I dunno, maybe I missed something.
  15. While you've made your point clear with this post, I still disagree with most of the points you've made. However, I agree with your opinion that the first Prime had the best upgrades. The most disapppointing part of the upgrade for Corruption, in my opinion, was the lack of visual change on Samus, aside from, as you mentioned, the PED. Contrarily, I think I had more trouble with Ridley in Corruption than the first Metroid Prime, if no other reason than my constantly losing track of where he was.
  16. Twelve Girls Band is pretty good, I think. Particularly...I think it's called New Classicism? Or...something similar to that.
  17. ... I don't see how the controls are gimmicky at all. Since I don't play PC FPS games, the controls on MP3 were probably the best FPS controls I've ever used. The music...that's a decent point. None of it stood out at all. As for the difficulty, Ridley wasn't hard in the first Prime. I think you're just getting used to Prime games. I'd place 3 right in the middle of the trilogy, difficulty-wise. As for the upgrades being lame...eh. The only thing I found particularly lame was how little you got to make use of the Nova Beam. Would've liked some more of that. It was so satisfying to snipe/one-hi
  18. I haven't tried it yet, but I picked it up a few days ago. I've a queue to work my way through, but I'll get to it sooner or later. Also, nice Snatch quote, though I'm not sure there's any sort of context there...
  19. That is, Happy birthday to the ever-up-and-coming Judge for whatever year it happens to be, Shael Riley and his groin. Also, Mae, but Im not sure she's around anymore.
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