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  1. It qwas good stuff. And I got a note too i did!
  2. Mine came today, and so did my second copy of Antigravity [since it was so damned cheap, I'll give it as a gift, though I dunno who to yet]. Haven't had time to listen to it yet though.
  3. WesPip


    ... Y'know, I was pretty impressed with how Gears of War looked in HD, but...christ. Just wow.
  4. It's a Creative Live Cam Voice, and it was working fine last night. Then, I closed the Webcam Center and reopened it a few minutes later. After a short while Initializing the cam, the video fails to show up and I get the message "Failed to Show Video". Already tries messing around with any options I might've changed, and I've tried restarting as well as un/re-plugging the USB port that it's connected to. So...suggestions?
  5. WesPip

    Xbox 360

    Sweet, so at about 7 feet or so, where I am, my 42" LCD 1080i is about right. Sexy. e: of course, that's assuming I'm reading that right.
  6. HOLY SHIT. We played with Deej tonight. DEEJ. Now, if throw in Lazy and Cyanide...WE'D BE THE BESTEST CLAN EVER. AGAIN.
  7. You didn't, per se, you just need better tastes in friends. Aside from James and I, of course.
  8. WesPip

    Nintendo DS

    All I have to say is, I've never played the one for Wii, but if you don't like the DS version, you have no soul. I'm enjoying it a lot. Best handheld game in a looong while, as far as I'm concerned.
  9. WesPip

    Nintendo DS

    ... Why did nobody tell me just HOW awesome Cooking Mama is, huh? So much lost time that could've been spent cooking!
  10. Heh, the only thing I remember her from was that Overcoat/Destiny track Angel's Dear. That was a pretty nice track though, so I'm gonna order me one up.
  11. WesPip

    Nintendo Wii

    Precisely! Mine's been going for a bit now.
  12. what what what? I demand impulse prime plus...er...some sgx album I don't have. Though I think I have all of them.
  13. That's the thing though, R/B is essentially ONE GAME, only split for the sake of profit. Aside from the dozen-or-so "exclusive" pokemon, it's the exact same game. On this note, I'm curious. What made this remix be listed as Pokemon RED as compared to Pokemon Blue?
  14. The only way I'd say it's justifiable to call it Red or Blue, etc, would be if they somehow integrated a version-specific pokemon call. That is, say, if they called it a Pokemon Blue remix and tossed in some Meowth calls here and there. Something to that effect. Otherwise, it's just Pokemon R/B.
  15. This reminds me a lot of the Metroid Prime soundtrack, in particular, the Space Pirate theme and...one of the boss battles, but I forget which one. Pretty sexy business.
  16. You kept abandoning our drunken conversations, so I didn't see the need to actually say I was leaving, since you'd already left us. Unrelated note, my elite shipped today. Rar.
  17. Well I'm pretty sure I have most or all of the tracks digitally already...but I wanted a hard copy.
  18. WesPip

    Xbox 360

    Amazon.ca FINALLY restocked the 360 Elites. I should have mine before mid-week. Still in stock as I type this, if any Canadians are after them.
  19. Since I've not heard anything, I assume that also means I've not won anything. Ah well, not like it was a lot of work to enter.
  20. Wingless, naughty? YOU MUST BE MISTAKEN. So this isn't entirely on topic, but are you planning on restocking Impulse Prime any time soon? I didn't pick up a copy on the first few runs, but I'd like to get one now...
  21. Holy shit. Aplus finally worked for me. It took a couple of months, but it's up and running again. HOORAH.
  22. I ordered it when it was new...but...I ordered a second copy, cause it was just so damned cheap. I'll give it as a gift to someone probly, but I've not a clue who.
  23. WesPip

    Xbox 360

    Clearly, this will help me find an Elite. Clearly.