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  1. *Tear* We need to get together again, Wes.
  2. You are my Graphic Design Hero, Wingless.
  3. Whoo! New Neskvartetten! They've been one of my favorite remixers/groups on OCR, and it's great to see another one posted. I just love their smooth lounge style, especially with that guitar, and the more jazz remixes, the better. It's all good. Download or die.
  4. Pixietricks, I apologize for my aggrevious error in announcing the wrong host at the end of my report. I had created a demo for Rayza before that, and just sort of used that, but it was no excuse. I promise you'll get a shout-out next week.
  5. Awww....poor guy. I'd still listen to ya, Rayza.
  6. Let this stand as a testament to all those who questioned the choice of Harmony as a judge. Absolutely stellar remix. Keep up the good work.
  7. why when he was a lad, he mixed four dozen tracks every morning to help him get ample now that he's grown, he mixes five dozen tracks, all of them using OMG GIGASAMMMMPLESSSSSSS. (had to force that one...) No-o-o-o-o o-o-ne fights like Wingless! Makes sound bites like Wingless! Creates Flash-based, dial-up-killing sites like Wingless!
  8. Notice how that Ian guy is too much of a wuss to play ANY head-to-head matches.
  9. Great job again, guys. Pixietricks sounded good for her first show. Looking forward too next week's. I don't know, I always knew Rayza was a sick and twisted person, but it didn't really sink in until this last show. I guess Aurora keeps him in check or something. Be sure to lay down the law next time, Pixie, so he doesn't totally go out of control. Keep up the good work! P.S. Rayza: NESK - VAR - TETT - EN! God! EDIT: Haha, sorry Wes, sometimes, the truth hurts. Pixie's right, Rayza could play on Live as you, and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
  10. 10 more days until I go back to school and am able to go on Live again.
  11. Well, I'm finally listening to VGDJ on my new iPod! I've listened to the first few (I'm currently listening to #004), and I've been very impressed. It's been alot of fun listening and I'll be following the show and voting steadily from now on. Keep up the good work, and thanks!
  12. Alright, confession time. I haven't listened to any episodes of VGDJ yet. When it came out, I had just been home from school, and I haven't had the internet access to be able to download them. However, I've been reading the thread and I already voted at Podcast Alley. Your show seems very interesting and entertaining from what I've read. Within the next few days, I'm going to be receiving my new iPod (and headphones, which broke), and I'm going to go to my friend's and download all the episodes. Can't wait to hear 'em. They'll be the first thing I listen to on my new iPod when I upload them to it. Oh, and Linearity, I go to school at UW-Stout in Menomonie, Wisconsin, if you know where that is, and my roomate's from Minneapolis. Though I'll be back at home in December, unfortunately.
  13. I briefly glanced down at the blue of a new item in my RSS feed, where it said "Dizzy the Adventure." The first thing that came to my mind was "Could that be Mix Dizz?" Sure enough. This has been one of my absolute favorite remixes for a long time. Catchy and fun, the lyrics stick in my head for hours after I hear it. Also, when I was at school and played Halo 2 on Live (please save your anti-halo 2 sentiments for somewhere else, here's not the place) I zoned out and went on a running riot a couple times in slayer with this song in the background, so that was kind of cool too. A fun beat and memorable lyrics make this song a must-listen.
  14. BAH, U THINK I'M NOT WATCHING U! GRRRRR! Karl with a K, I'm watching u. U2, Bev with a B. *ponders the thought of alternate spellings of Bev that don't include a "B," and still remains baffled.* Great mix, Blad, you are a piano god.
  15. OH MAN, NOT ANOTHER TERRA MIX! Seriously though, glad to see another great Darangen and DoD song hit OCR. Like Myth, I have enjoyed this song and it has been on my playlist since it came out, also.
  16. Seconded....Oh WOW, is this seconded. I remember Kris sending me this back when I was working on a semester project, nigh on 6 months ago. Great job, this song is epic, just epic. Really glad it made OCR, I've had it in my playlist for a LOOOOONG time now.
  17. Another great night. However, sadly, after tomorrow, I don't know how often I'll be able to come on. I'm going home from school, and neither of my parents have high speed internet. I'm going to go on as much as I can at my friends house, but I'm going to estimate that that may be once, maybe twice a week. It was a great run while it lasted, I've had alot of fun playing. Hope to see you online sometimes during the summer. Chad
  18. Great job, Larry. I was only here for the last season too, but I used to play Halo lans on Saturday nights at home, and this trumped anything we did there TENFOLD. It was time very well spent, and became a homework and life escape as well as a Saturday night ritual. Thanks for all the great music and awesome memories! -Chad
  19. Sorry about that. You guys should post more 'etiquette' rules here, for all us newbies. Such as, don't steal Lazy Leaf's warthog and such. That's just the kind of thing I wish I had known going into it. heh heh. Damn was he pissed. ..... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  20. wow...i wasn't listening, although i did talk to larry a couple of times off-air during the show before i slept around 1:30. well, i always knew he had stamina. Larry's Sleep Schedule This Past Week: Wed afternoon to thursday night (no sleep) Thursday-Friday (5hrs of sleep) Friday to Saturday (5hrs of sleep) Saturday to Sunday (no sleep) How will Larry Oji continue this reckless pace? Will he ever solve the Riddle of the Minotaur or wander aimlessly the maze of OCReMix babbling incoherently about D-Lux and "Toyota Disco??" We'll find out in the next episode "Larry is OverClocked," same Bat-time, Same Bat-place. And maybe he'll let me come too.... Rexy: I think it would be funny to put up a betting pool as to how many hours of sleep larry will get before graduation. I'm guessing on average 3 a night. HAHA it's true! As i said when i called in, LARRY IS A ROBOT! He doesn't need sleep. HAHAHA, He is a Machine... A "Black" Machine haha. No, no, no, KFC, you got it all wrong. Larry is the Machine of BLACKNESS.
  21. Oh, THAT guy with a D. I forgive you because I don't remember his name, either...although I think the word the D formed is "Dark," but don't quote me on it.
  22. No, I don't know what his face is. Be more descriptive, WesPip, we need answers. ANSWERS. And yes, tonight was very lame.
  23. Get another TV. Seriously, ever since hologram projectors got popular, TV's are freaking cheap. Anyway, I won't be on tonight either, I'm a bit sick. Kill some n00bs in the name of Spleen. Don't look at me, I'm the one with the TV. Tell the whiner to get one.
  24. Sorry, guys, looks like there'll be no Live for me tonight. There are WAAAY more important things going on right now, such as a whole bunch of sweaty guys yelling cliche one liners and grabbing each other all while in naught but their underwear. TWO freaking hours....is that so much to ask, just two hours a day to stop doing homework and going to class, but if i play live while wrestling is on I'll be hearing him whine about it all freaking night long and into the coming months, so it looks like not playing wins. GOD I HATE MY ROOMATE.
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