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  1. *shrug* I've tried to fight it. Not enough people are willing to. If you're not gonna play on the basis of the DRM i get that. But not enough people agree with you and are still buying. They're not going to change without a real shakeup. And that shakeup isnt going to come from our section of the world. (By that i mean gamers.)
  2. Read the responses in the thread. Something fishy going on there. My beta experience was significantly different but i cant talk about it. NDA rules and all of that.
  3. I figured the foundation of your question was in the uproar over what it could and couldn't do. I am definitely interested in getting what they call a 'super region' together.
  4. In no small part due to the uproar over TOR they made massive changes to the TOS and the software. Origin no longer can do what was originally allowed. And to my knowledge has not. (If it has please show me where) But yes this may be an Origin only title.
  5. The game that started a genre is BACK bigger bolder and more incredible than ever before. www.simcity.com This ain't the previous ones. I'm very excited, the multiplayer aspects add entirely new levels to the game that have never been explored. Would there be interest in developing an OCR region in this game? Happy golg? XD
  6. Psh! you've got several industry players on the site for some HUGE games. But yeah i get the point =D Still i think you guys need to hit something Gigantic this year. Like comiccon.
  7. ugh with that image... Anyway OCR AT E3! E3!!! do iiiiit!
  8. IF you know the story of BL1 as you go through BL2 there will be some incidents/events that quite frankly will bring a tear to your eye. Or if you're just that vindictive a laugh. I cant and wont spoil given the game is so new but trust there are points you're gonna just want to unload every round in your mag in rage and anger.
  9. Believe it or not i got a new one to add to the list. Borderlands 2: I wont spoil this one but when things start going down? (you'll know it when you get there) It tears at the heartstrings.
  10. FF8 was good but from a musical standpoint it didn't have the BAM factor aside from some key key tracks. (Eyes on me, the opening theme) Dont get me wrong it met the very high standards and beat the ones FF7 had set but at the same time there weren't the memorables. FF8 is one of the least remixed games on the site for a reason. (Correct me if this isnt the case but i know of maybe...5 total? compared to 9 and 6 and 7)) FF6 was a tour de force in 16 bit music ff9 had 15+ AAA headline should have won a ******* grammy for tracks. There are at least 8 in FF9 i'm hoping are in the final list and 10 in 6 that i want to hear before any of the others. I'd like to see what you guys would do with an FF8 album. But i wouldnt be as up for it as i am for 9 and 6. That being said. I'm wanting these more than VOTL and i REALLY wanted that one.
  11. When the announcement was made FF9 would come out after FF6 in albums this year. I've been waiting for FF9 longer than 6.
  12. Syfy gives me some great tidbits... Like this one. http://blastr.com/2013/01/so-is-that-firefly-mmo-a.php The link goes to an actual website with a countdown timer to potentially a kickstarter. Anyone know anything about this?! (Serious Fan of Firefly/Serenity.)
  13. ....i have 1 terra of space available...i dont know if it's going to be enough to contain THAT much win.
  14. The sooner this releases the sooner FFIX releases GET ER' DONE!
  15. wait wait wait wait WAIIIIIIIIT A moment! I just read the front page of this website...does that mean ff6 AND ff9 are going to be out in THE SAME YEAR?!
  16. *patpat* Maybe the new year has unexpected gifts.
  17. Sadly this would not surprise me at all...however! Monty Oum is at it again! Well he helped on this one. And you can clearly tell his combat/fighting style in these sequences.
  18. Del Toro's game project fell through...Is there half i mean HALF a chance that the portal tech used in this game could at all be related to...oh god. You GOTTA wonder now. It isnt ENTIRELY out of the realm of possiblity that Valve could have their hands in this...The copyright would CLEARLY extend to that voice. THIS just became a LOT more interesting now that i've given it some thought.
  19. openrpg.com Free and has all the resources you'll need.
  20. Would this be a bad thing?
  21. Del Toro's next big flick is coming out and the trailers are up... Uhh however. About 45 seconds in...You encounter....well I'm just gonna let you guys figure it out yourselves. Del Toro has yet to disappoint me and i don't think he's gonna start here. A cookie if you can identify...well i think you'll be able to guess.
  22. Thirteen years, been listening for eight of them. God how the world has changed.
  23. I didnt watch all of it. But holy crap waht i caught were MASSIVE surprises. valve takes home Game of the Decade honors with HL 2 (beating out Arkham WoW AND ME And despite ME 3 and AC 3 being in the mix. Telltale Games and The Walking Dead win GAME OF THE YEAR!! Gotta say didnt see those coming. Anyone watch it from start to finish? I wonder what else got dropped at this thing.
  24. Both. VG's as Art has been until recently one of the most debated topics. But when the Smithsonian wants a VG as Art Exhibit. Well that silences most debate. VG's have been gaining more ground mainstream in media and the music is a major component in it. I've stated since i've started following this site. Your remmixes kick the utter shit out of anything you could call 'music' in most cases these days. There are a few exceptions but not many. The OST's of Games and Movies just out do a LOT of people. People want good MUSIC. And they'll take it anywhere they can find it. The London Philharmonic is one of the best in the world at what they do and closely followed by the City of Prague Philharmonic which is famous for doing awesome Movie Soundtracks Video games since the onset of SNES have had soundtracks one could truly enjoy. As of the Playstation stage they became on par mechanically with modern music, and have only gotten better since. There isnt anyone who follows VGM who wouldnt want the ME suite FF9 FF7 i could list the games but it'd take too long. As Games Garner Mainstream appeal their music gets heard as well. It's a natural cause and effect.
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