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  1. Yeah, I'm sure Nintendo will have store demos everywhere once it comes out, but I usually don't NEED to play a demo to know if something works well or not. I'm very eager to try it in person. The only game I wanted to hear about but didn't is Fire Emblem. Japan gets a remake of the 3rd one, "Mystery of the Emblem" on July 15. I know all the details of the game I need to know, (features a "my unit" as the 2nd protagonist, more character interaction, 4 difficulty modes, etc etc) but we still don't have a confirmed US release, let alone a date. I had suddenly realized that I heard no love for strategy fans so far at E3. Just a little Fire Emblem within the next year would be enough to please me, especially if it's better than the last DS one, "Shadow Dragon."
  2. Yeah, I'm in this camp now, too. My wife even said she likes the red one, and she'll need one for Professor Layton (4?). So, let's start guessing some facts. How much will it cost? When will it be out? I'm guessing it'll cost $199.99, and it'll be available on Sunday, November 14.
  3. Under Sqaure-Enix, you're missing the DS Kingdom Hearts game: "KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded" http://na.square-enix.com/e310/gamesDetail.html?id=10 EDIT 2: Actually, there's a ton of games from Square not listed. http://na.square-enix.com/e310/games.html EDIT: I'm surprised there was no mention from 2K Games about a "Borderlands 2."
  4. Yes they probably are, and they are smart to do so. If Nintendo showed us everything they had, we would then identify the limit of what they can do. "That's it," we'd say, "that's all Nintendo has to offer. We can now plan out the rest of the year of Nintendo's offerings." But if Nintendo holds back, we'll never know the extent of what they're capable of. We'll always be in suspense of what they might do or what's on the horizon.
  5. My GameStop (ex) co-worker said that Sony won. I wanted to punch his arteries shut. He claimed that it was because they spent the least amount of time talking about their motion controls. And Killzone 3.
  6. I see your point, and I felt the same way about the DSi, and especially the DSi XL. However, so far it seems that the 3DS is VERY different from its predecessors. Playing 3D games is obvious, but if it has improved graphics and has a large library of 3DS only games (including Professor Layton), then I will probably need to get one. I feel bad for people who just got a DSi, though. Nintendo made us think it was the next best thing and that it would have its own games, but nothing substantial has come out besides a handful of DSi-Ware games. Now, it'll probably just be a footnote in the Nintendo hand-held history.
  7. Well, the memory units and hard drives won't work anymore, but the data still will. All you need is a USB drive (1-16gb) to transfer your data from your old box to your new one. If you have a large hard drive, it could take quite a few transfers, but it's doable.
  8. 1. Now that you mention it, the old PS2 Phat that ejected a tray did have a disc-scratching issue as well. It wasn't as bad as the 360's, but it was still pretty bad, though. 2 & 3. Oh, OK. This does make me wonder if they considered a different type of disc tray, such as the Wii's or the PS3 Slim's. Maybe even sitting on a post like the GameCube would help hold the discs in place. You obviously can't slow down the spinning (in fact, they increased it) and you can't change the form of media. I'm just surprised they didn't do more to address the 2nd biggest problem of the XBOX 360. And I'm still not convinced the mini model will have no overheating issues until the sample size is increased by millions. Changing the power supply and amount while changing the fan means a lot of different variables, and I hope they end up being overall improvements. Hopefully, there won't be any problems, but I think it's fair to remain skeptical of Microsoft's failure rate based on their history.
  9. Dude, awesome. No damage? Ridiculous. P.S. I also noticed that all the stuffed animals were gone for the newspaper article. Any fun story there?
  10. So how come none of my other consoles have this problem? Or my DVD/CD players?
  11. I was ALMOST tempted to upgrade, but there's the deal breaker. P.S. don't place your mini360 vertical. EVER. Getting Wi-Fi built in is practically a necessity these days, especially when the wifi adapter accessory costs $100. Having it smaller, quieter, and cooler are all huge improvements. However, they still didn't talk about moving your hard-drive data from an old 360 to a new one (although the recent USB-stick upgrade should do the trick). And we just won't know if the the controller is ACTUALLY better or if the system failure rate is acceptable until months from now. Oh, and I fear that my pets will accidentally turn off my 360 with the new "glide touch" controls.
  12. I haven't played this game since November. Why can't I get into this game like I did with L4D1?
  13. 1. Phoenix Wright 2. Heavy (TF2) 3. Companion Cube I also suggest that Master Chief receive a "YES OVERRIDE" because, even though I'm not a huge Halo fan, I think he is the most iconic VG character that we don't have yet. He's not getting many votes so far, but that's because most of the forum regulars aren't big Halo freaks.
  14. Awesome work, still! I know you'll get him eventually! I'm assuming that by now, you have lots of juicy footage of horrendous deaths and injuries. Maybe we'll get a "FAILURE MONTAGE" video at the end of this? Keep up the good work!
  15. I bet I can buy this for $20 in about 3 months. Then I will be all over it! I actually missed all the MMZ GBA games, so I'm excited to get it. However, the BACKLOOOOOGG
  16. I found that review more enjoyable than most, and I enjoy most of them.
  17. I have had the privilege of fixing your post, good sir.
  18. I got married in March! And as of last week, we are also now homeowners, but that's a different (and more boring) thread.
  19. I came here to say that Mario Golf is one of my top 3 GameBoy Color games. I know swinging a club obviously requires timing, but it's different from the rest of the suggestions and isn't really hard to play. It does require timing to swing and perhaps some fine-tuning to aim your shot, but once you've set where you want to hit, you just hit one button when you're ready once to start the swing and once to stop the swing. I like it for on-the-go because you need to focus for 3 seconds, then everything is stopped. I also like the RPG elements of leveling up and becoming a better golfer. Give it a shot!
  20. If they lowered prices, then the price of a used copy would lower, as well. Customers would still buy it used, but for less money than they'd buy the used copy now.
  21. Honestly, I think the online pass makes sense for all the reasons EA gives. Used sales hog their online resources without paying for it. This helps pay for it. I'm OK with that. However, I'm not a fan of Mass Effect 2's Cerberus Network. I think that is a slightly different entity.
  22. Awesome work. FINALLY leaf shield! Is it just me, or are you way better on the dance pad now than you were 2 weeks ago?
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