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  1. He is unnecessarily harsh on this game for being just $5 when I bought it. I did not really like either the first or second Diablos, but I'm definitely enjoying my romp through Torchlight, at least for now. I'm always annoyed when Yahtzee complains about a game for something he didn't understand, like he skipped the tutorial or something. He goes on about clicking the mouse all the time, but if you hold the mouse button down, you keep attacking automatically. He also complains about hitting the map button and it distracting him, when again, he simply didn't know the control for putting it back. For poop's sake, the retail price was $20, and we all paid $10 or even $5 for it. It has a lot of depth for a budget title, especially compared to $15 games on WiiWare, XBL or PS3 Network.
  2. Oh wow, that's perfect. He should go with that instead. Tha Damned is so damned smart.
  3. I think I'm confused. Does this work for streaming video sites like Netflix? Or is this like an internet browser for your TV? Obviously, the 20-year-old demographic doesn't need one of these, but it sounds like the perfect thing for my ~60-year-old parents.
  4. When Wes, Halt, and Tom visited me and FireSlash at Skyline Chili on their way to MAG, I printed out the day's daily deals for them. Here's my haul, in inverse order of when I got them. For myself - 11 games for ~$33: Braid - $2.50 Defense Grid - $2.50 Max Payne 1 -and 2 - $3.75 Osmos - $2 Sid Meier's Civ 4 Collection - $13.60 -Beyond the Sword -Warlord -Colonization Jade Empire - $3.75 Torchlight - $5 Gifts - 8 games for ~$35: Torchlight - $5 Mass Effect - $5 Star Wars Premier Pack (6 games?)- $25 Not on this list are the games I got for Christmas, Shattered Horizons and the Star Wars Jedi Knight Pack. I will never ask for STEAM games again for Christmas because everything is 75% off a few days later. Maybe they'll have STEAM gift cards by then? Also, I find it surprising that I actually spent more on gifts than for myself. It was just easier to buy a $5 game for someone than try to tell them, "OMG GET ON STEAM RIGHT NOW THIS GAME YOU NEED IS ON SALE BUT ONLY FOR A FEW MORE HOURS GO GO GO!!"
  5. It's great because by giving Yahoo a gift, he effectively gives ALL OF US A LOVING SANTA GIFT. Thank you, Level 99, for giving me an extra present.
  6. Did you see the incorrect ones? For about 20 minutes, the deals weren't updated. You could buy Crysis for $40, wow what a deal! That said, there's not a lot here that interests me. I bought Shattered Horizons for $20 a month ago and now feel like a doofus. I'm still waiting on some more RPG deals like Mass Effect and Elder Scrolls.
  7. Any thoughts on Battlefield 1943? The discount is nice, (560 pts instead of 1200) but I worry that it'll get old fast, or nobody will be online.
  8. Bought both of those, as well as the complete Civ 4 pack. I was going to just get Colonization, until I realized that the adding on the other three was like $3.40 more. Also, I did decide to get Jade Empire, mostly because this is the "Special Edition" and I just had the regular one. That and STEAM > All.
  9. Today is Castle Crashers for 560 Points. If you don't get it, you hate fun.
  10. I have Jade Empire for original XBOX, but I've never played it. I'm considering going for the much grumbled "Double Dip" and getting a STEAM copy, too. Am I crazy?
  11. I finally sent out my Secret Santa gift. Since it was a digital download, I was planning on doing it on Dec. 25, but it wasn't working right, and I had other traveling and whatnot that messed up my plans. Sorry Halt, but I hope the gift makes up for it!
  12. Purchased Torchlight. Glad I waited. Still awaiting future sales on games that aren't even discounted yet. Looking at you, EA.
  13. I would like to say that I am bothered by the fact that the previous post did not contain any images.
  14. A lot of today's gamers didn't buy Mega Man 9 because the demo was too hard. Fact is that they'll sell more copies if there's an easy mode to pander to those prepubescent XBOX LIVE kiddies. Also, I will probably buy it.
  15. Downloaded and now enjoying. Keep up the great work, guys!
  16. I got my secret santa gift from Abadoss in Saturday's mail. He sent me an awesome metal video game controller keychain, which is already firmly attached to my car keys. Thanks for the awesome gift! I love it!!
  17. Actually, they're doing one this weekend. Starts tonight at 7 p.m. During this time, you could pick up a bunch of cheap Nintendo games that just price dropped. Wario Land Shake it, Animal Crossing, Wii Music, and Excite Bots are all $17.99 used right now.
  18. Tom Hamilton is a bigger part of my childhood than he will ever know. WANT: Tom Hamilton audio books.
  19. T-shirt: size XL. Systems: XBOX 360, PC, everything Nintendo. I really like random video game themed stuff. I especially need a video game themed keychain. Figurines, posters and the like are really cool, too. You could also go with video game T-shirts, although I have a bunch of random ones since I work at GameStop. I definitely don't need anything expensive. Small, silly video game knick knacks would be awesome.
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIu_Fivkr4Y Age +1.
  21. It's really hard to get time off to play a video game when you work at a video game store. Me: Yeah I need the 17th off. All day. Boss: Nope, I need you for Assassin's Creed 2, L4D2, Tony Hawk Ride, NCAA Basketball 2010, LEGO Indiana Jones 2, God of War collection, Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, the Sims 3 expansion, another Naruto game, The Princess and the Frog, some other new crap, oh and we're still selling Modern Warfare 2 and New Super Mario Bros out of our nose, so no. Me: Dammit. Boss: Actually, I need you to come in an hour early or so. Also, you'll probably have to stay late, too. Me: FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
  22. I would like a guest pass. I have VISTA. Pity me
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