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  1. LOOOL when has this ever happened? ITT: Americans are jealous because Canada has Corner Gas (the best TV show ever made), free health care, deliciously-made ice cream (and other dairy products), superior salt+vinegar chips, Roots clothing stores, good hockey players (and Don Cherry), and $1 and $2 coins. We don't, and we take out our frustrations with TF2 drama.
  2. Regarding screen protectors: The brand doesn't matter too much IMO (although Hori's are the best), but I wouldn't advise for any permanent ones. Instead, just make sure to buy a bunch if any go on sale. I use GameStop ones because I get a discount and they're the easiest to find. I scratched my screen protector once playing The World Ends With You, but I just peeled it off and applied a new one. Original screen is still good as new. Also, make sure you get correctly-sized screen protectors that fit your model of DS system.
  3. Late to the party, but I don't think any plugin is worth abandoning the freedom to mute players. Besides myself being one of the players most needed to be muted, I also know of many other people and instances that warrant frequent mutes. It's too bad because the team-talk button is a cool idea, but this is a fatal flaw. Having a team-talk day would be a better option, IMO, but I appreciate all the work and discussion that went into this issue.
  4. Let's go back to talking about something that doesn't cause rage or arguments. Remember that time when my wireless mouse ran out of batteries while I was trying to snipe people? And somehow my m1 was sticking so I switched to melee and tried to defend the point from a heavy/medic? This story would be much better if I won. Err, in fact, uhhh, I did win. That's what makes this story so awesome. The tale of how a mouseless sniper defeated an entire blu team trying to cap the point. Awesome.
  5. I fixed that for you. And yes.
  6. TF2 update today. Here's the copy pasta (I've bolded interesting/important changes): Obviously the last part about backstabs is the punchline to a joke that hasn't been told yet. I'm a little sad that you will now be able to sap "occupied" buildings. I used to like hiding in a dispenser as a pyro or heavy to help protect against spies. That and I get sad whenever they nerf an engineer, even if it's something as small as this.
  7. Sounds like someone's having trouble letting go of his baby boy.
  8. Seconded. Date is March 20, 2010.
  9. I think this news would feel pretty awkward if you just bought the GOTY edition of L4D on the Xbox360 for $60. Like, "Oops, shoulda saved your money for 6 more months." However, for those of us who bought this on the first week of release, I'm ready to pay money for a new one again. I'll especially be ready by November.
  10. This made my fiancee nerdgasm all over my computer. Q3 2009, eh? Looks like I know what to get her for her birthday!
  11. I am more optimistic about this than pessimistic and here's why: Madden football. If EA adds/changes 5% of the content from one year to another and sells it for $60 and I STILL think about buying it every single year (and everybody else DOES buy it every year), then I'd like to see what Valve can do in a years time to make L4D2 better than the first. Yes, it's not a perfect scenario, but I owe Valve more money anyway for buying the Orange Box for $20 a year and a half ago.
  12. You know what can make it worse? When you're trying to find a job as a Copy Editor but nobody is hiring. God, I would love for them to pay me to fix this kind of crap.
  13. Needs moar football helmet. I also vote 3, not 2. 4 is obviously way too many, but some long maps honestly call for more snipers.
  14. If anyone wants to try this, I will be more than happy to be your medic buddy. Ridiculous. I also hate the random unlocking weapons. I want to feel like I earned it. Instead, they should have kept the achievement-based system and added a random finder as well so that you can still have the weapons if you suck.
  15. It appears that VALVE's coding for unlocking weapons is that every time you think about an unlocked weapon, you cannot unlock a weapon for 15 minutes.
  16. This map looks like a ton of fun. It's totally the new Pac-man. Also, I like that we're using FireSlash's server and I hope it has more custom maps on it for those who like them. Also, this update changes a ton of stuff, and definitely buffs the spy. Using teleports? Changing info given to medics/other players? New weapons? SPYCRAB SURVIVES? Also, people who dislike fun can now turn off all .wav file playing/micspam. Maybe this means I'll get less complaints when audibly advertising OCR. Also, what's the deal with -sillygibs? Also, snipers now being able to shoot through teammates is actually a huge buff. I think that happens to me once every 5 shots (depending on the map). Also, now going to go try stuff.
  17. Meh, I thought it was pretty funny. I have a love/hate relationship with the idea of competitive play. On one hand, it sounds like a fun, serious way of playing. It'd also be fun to be a part of something great, like a winning, coordinated team. On the other hand, I already get pissed off enough as it is when playing TF2. I can only imagine how much worse it would get when getting killed over and over again by really good players.
  18. Boom Blox. De Blob. MadWorld. Excite Bots is the current "best game nobody is buying." It's like Mario Kart + Raving Rabbids + Excite Truck. Also, Punch Out is getting really great reviews so far. So is the new Boom Blox 2. Honorable Mentions: Wii Ware, Rune Factory, Pikmin, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.
  19. LOL. So are these maps especially good for spy/sniper then? I haven't played toy fort in forever. Sounds like fun.
  20. Yes. In fact, I think we discussed in here in this thread like 300 pages ago. SUMMARY: Most people's runs hot, but not everyone. Nintendo has said that it is normal and is nothing to worry about. Regardless, many of us have turned off the Connect24 option with positive, cooler results.
  21. I would like to make another case to try Warpath. I think Warpath2 might be my favorite version. It's a great map for large groups (24) but would be awful for anything less than 16. THAT map takes a lot of teamwork and coordination to win, and every class is equally valuable. Eww, 2Fort is the worst. At least I have fun on dustbowl/goldrush at least half the time I'm playing. Yaay, I feel validated. If anyone has any requests of OCR tunes or other songs by OCR artists, PM me and I'll add it to my library if I think it'd be a good addition. I'm already at 23 so far.
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