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  1. There was a very similar one in Secret of Mana, if I remember. Can't you land in your hometown with Flamie and save, but not be able to exit? Also, I got killed in Secret of Evermore myself, but somewhere else. (This was ~15 years ago, so I don't perfectly remember the details, but...) At the end of a big forest labyrinth, you fight a boss on a big chess board. Apparently, you can leave the fight by walking off the right side of the map. You can never fight the boss again, and you can never collect the hidden spaceship component, and you can't get to where you need to go. Of course, I did backtrack on foot as far back as the flee market area before I realized that I could never finish this save file.
  2. One effect of this plan is that buying used games at GameStop will also be cheaper. Instead of a new, $30 game, GS customers can buy a used, $27 game and get a 10% discount on top of it. However, selling your games back to GameStop will get you practically nothing. (nothing has changed) I think I would be able to get behind this idea, but then again, I'm not a whiny, snot-nosed 12-year-old or a confused, overwhelmed mother of 3, so I'm not really in the "target" video game buying demographic.
  3. If I buy this album, will you promise to submit some more songs to OCR? ... ...You took too long to answer, so I'm buying it anyway. BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU DON'T HAVE TO HOLD UP YOUR END OF THE BARGAIN. ...oh wait, yes it does. Welcome back, it's so good to hear from you again!
  4. You may have played some of the amazing Advance Wars games, but you have not admitted to playing any Fire Emblem games. For great justice, you must play the first Fire Emblem GBA game. The DS one is easier to find and would be OK too, but the best out there is the original Game Boy Advance one. It looks like this:
  5. Agreed about the Destiny CD; I bought it two Christmases ago, and it's one of the best albums I've ever purchased. I also played one of her songs at my wedding! I really hope she updates her web site soon.
  6. SirChadlyOC

    Portal 2

    The thing that scares me about Portal 2 is that is costs $60 (on Xbox 360). What's in this game that makes it worth it? Portal 1 took me about 6-8 hours to beat, so will Portal 2 take me 24-NEVER to beat?
  7. Dan Owsen is kind of a big deal. He's done tons of translations and localizations for Nintendo, including some of the biggest games of the 1990s, such as the Zeldas, Final Fantasies and other RPGs, Star Fox (voiced Fox), and even Super Metroid. In fact, he did the voice-over for "The last Metroid ...is in captivity. The galaxy ...is at peace." If you've beaten a big Nintendo game and sat through the credits, you've read his name dozens of times. Good luck getting any info from him. I'm pretty curious now, too.
  8. In all seriousness, somebody needs to remix this song (and , too). I've basically had this song stuck in my head for ~15 years straight. Don't take that as a complaint. I've always envisioned a Tefnek/Zircon type remix, but this does sound like the kind of thing that would be up DJP's alley, too.
  9. Luuuckkyyy! Did you happen to mention when you were going to be traveling? I might have drifted off, thinking up my own (possibly accidentally true) sex/drugs/rock stories involving the legendary Vigilante. I live in Columbus, so if you find yourself in the area sometime tomorrow and you need a unique dining experience (just ask Bahamut), I might be available, although I have a wifey who might not be down with strangers crashing. WOMEN, UGH!
  10. It wasn't as good as the one for Star Fox 64 and THE RUMBLE PAK but then again, what is?
  11. I was thinking about the exact same remix when the filesize cap lifted. I remember back in 2003 when all of his Mega Man 3 stuff was available off his web site. Good times, for sure. *COUGH* Happy birthday, Disco Stu.
  12. So now that you're a gym leader, I'm going to fight you with 6 of my best Pokemon. I expect to get the "Taucer Badge" when I win.
  13. Take care of yourself, Wes, and we hope to see you around here when you come back!
  14. Thanks for the sig you inadvertently made for me! :nicework:

  15. Wow, I remember watching your first video like this way back when it was a class project or something. It must seem pretty unbelievable that it got to where it is now! Congratulations, and I'm looking forward to the weekly installments! P.S. Your music credits don't seem to announce where the songs came from. I think you should include a "this music came from ocremix.org" -type boilerplate that would remain the same for each episode, while you change the titles of the songs each week. Just a suggestion.
  16. So, I already got my 2010.8.2 album on Saturday, and it's even better than I expected. Happy Bionic Commando eve, OCR!
  17. "Now, so much time has elapsed and I'm old now. I think it's time for me to tell you the whole story. I hope this story will be told for a long time... 2010.8.2 JOE" 2010.8.2 is the date at the end of Bionic Commando (NES) given by Super Joe, telling the take of being saved by the famous Bionic Commando, Ladd Spencer. To celebrate, I'm playing Bionic Commando all day! THREAD DERAILING EDIT: I also just found out that Ryan8Bit is debuting his BC remix album, "2010.8.2," on the same day. Preview it , and buy it here.Get the heck out of here, you nerds, and buy that album!
  18. Wow, this thread got really interesting all of a sudden. I'm starting to understand the sport video game phenomenon. Basically, it's not the game itself that is what keeps millions of people coming back to franchises like Madden. Instead, it's that it COMPLEMENTS your existing enjoyment of the sport. Madden games work like a personal action-figure version of your favorite sports team. You can simulate what your favorite team will do this season and beyond. People get it every year because the sport that they already follow has changed through rosters, rookies, and players' ages and abilities. I still don't buy the game every year, but I now understand why people do. Another interesting suggestion I've gathered from this thread is that the time apart from a game series helps keep it fresh longer. For example, I recently picked up all the GBA Castlevania games and have been playing through them all in order. Needless to say, I am agreeing that the franchise is getting stale. However, if I played one GBA Castlevania a year, I wouldn't feel so bored by the overwhelming task of playing EVERY GBA CASTLEVANIA + THE DS ONES SO I AM ALL CAUGHT UP FINALLY AND CAN FEEL LIKE A MAN NOW. As a current example, I have been working through fully completing Mass Effect 1 so I can play the 2nd one, but I would probably enjoy 2 better if I took a break from the Mass Effect universe in between.
  19. I suddenly realized that I actually DO NOT own a copy of CS:Source. How the hell did that happen? I could have sworn I bought that (and Day of Defeat Source) many many many years ago, but they aren't on my STEAM account. Maybe if I get lucky, STEAM will have it on sale again on the last day of their sale.
  20. Nice work so far! I fear that doing games this hard is less fun for you. If you're not having fun doing it, you're not likely to do it much longer. Next one should be a game you ACTUALLY can enjoy, as opposed to, "If I keep playing this, I'm going to need a new dance pad because this one unfortunately will be on fire." My vote for next game is DuckTales. (Oo-WOO-oo!) It's much more fun and has hypnotically, trance-inducingly fun music throughout. TRUE STORY: I went to feed my 3 cats the other day, and I suddenly caught myself saying, "Aaaaaand, FOOD!!"
  21. WANT: :::ps1::: Vandal Hearts [sirChadlyOC]
  22. AAUUGGHH I wish I didn't JUST buy a used copy of Punch Out! online for $20. I hope things start looking up, Wes!
  23. Downloaded, put on my Zune, taken to work, and bought the Bobble-Head-T-Shirt Combo Pack. EXCELLENT JOB.
  24. We don't know yet. You bring up a really good point, though. And speaking of "I love you Nintendo but some things you do really piss me off," I wonder if there will finally be a way to transfer stuff from a DS Shop account to a new 3DS? (or for the Wii Shop channel, but that's for a different thread)
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