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  1. This was one of my favorite songs from the early days, but I didn't know/remember that it was McVaffe's work. Not really that much different from the original to be honest, even if enjoyable to listen to.
  2. McVaffe has some of the most memorable pieces in this site, and this is certainly one of them.
  3. Man, this would be totally golden material for a late 80's hip hop song. This actually reminds me a little of Paul's Boutique and its marvelous funky beats. Sexy as hell stuff.
  4. The unexpected sfx usage made me smile. McVaffe's greatness is undeniable. Thumbs up mix.
  5. This certainly isn't as flashy as you'd expect, especially if compared to more recent mixes. I am kind of digging it's low-keyness, though. It fits the mood of the piece.
  6. This is another mix that I loved: Too bad it is practically "lost forever" now. I can totally understand the reason it was taken down though, it doesn't have any song from the actual game! However, it's still beautiful.
  7. This is ridiculously over-the-top and bloody fantastic at the same time. I can't help but smile every time I hear Dan's vocals.
  8. This was such a classic. Everything falls in place in this. Diggin' the vocals and overall weirdness.
  9. Inspired delivery, I'm liking this. Never heard the original, though. This is a puzzlingly unique and amusing mix, to be honest I can't even point the reason I like it - I just know I do. It feels way shorter than it actually is, then again it's probably better that way. A+++, would (and will) hear again.
  10. They were some of my favorites from the early days...Why must you guys make me so sad like that. Hope this kind of discussion isn't off-topic or frowned upon.
  11. Badass. The original theme (which is amazing) + some yummy guitar playing? SOLD.
  12. Now this is really impressive. I wasn't expecting this level of quality in the arrangement. The average guitar remix usually goes somewhere along the "faster-paced than original + shredding" framework, but this manages to go beyond the commonplace. Not only it suceeds in reaching a specific sound, but it also brings the, let's say, "soul" of that genre too. The original riffs are also catchy as ****. Well done.
  13. I am not even familiar with this particular genre (aside from maybe half a dozen songs or so - mostly Daft Punk), but I enjoyed this one quite a bit. Truly mesmerizing beat...
  14. The company never officially confirmed it (as far as I'm aware), but some people that worked on the game and at Sega said in a few interviews that he did contribute. Now, this mix here is irresistible. Great work.
  15. This is bloody brilliant, I've been regularly listening to this track for years. It is (still) my favorite djpretzel's mix.
  16. I'd have to agree with everyone's comments about this. It definitely deserves the praise, and I'd like to add that your playing is marvelously tasteful. This is VERY high quality stuff, congratulations.
  17. I am a fan of the source, too bad it isn't as popular in the remixing scene as some other classic Castlevania compositions. I mean, so far only ONE remix here? Fortunately, this mix is a good interpretation of the theme.
  18. I love 80's music: old school hip hop, electro, all that stuff, so I just can't say no to this mix. You succesfully emulated that era's sound here, good job. Love the instruments used and the middle-eastern tone.
  19. Man, this is funky. I think it's puzzling (and hilarious) that a game so craptacular generated such a catchy tune. I can't stop listening to this, it is that great.
  20. This is one of the best interpretations I've heard of what's probably the most iconic video game theme of all. It's been done to death with all sorts of instruments imaginable, but still this mix manages to make it sound fresh and delicious. The synths in this are incredibly sexy.
  21. First time I heard this was the SSF2THD version, and I enjoyed it. But the Blood on the Asphalt version is where the mixer's vision really shines through. Vurez knows his way around this style of music, so no complains here. The samples are also quite strong in this, so the track could very well be in a real spaghetti western movie. Amazing stuff.
  22. Damn, this is good. Quite unpredictable too, with the choice of instruments and such. The mine theme is one of the greatest NES songs and this is an interesting spin on it. Great idea for the arrangement and even better execution. Thumbs up.