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  1. Hey guys! As I said on the MAGFest thread, it's been a real long time for me. Again. Anyways, I need some help from you dudes and lady dudes. A week from today, 12/13/14, I will be testing for my second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. I expect this test to be very long and grueling. To give you an idea of the scope here, my test for my intermediate red belt (two belts ago) was about 4 hours long. This past year I have been continuing to work on overall strength and muscular endurance. My regimen has been 5/3/1 on bench one day and again on squat another day out of the week, Fight Gone Bad (a Crossfit workout that is supposed to simulate the 3 5 minute rounds of a UFC match,) bag work, and my martial arts training, which has been generally one day a week plus bits and pieces throughout the other days. I've done a fair bit of bonus workouts as well, such as doing kendo once or twice a month. I've gotten into the best shape of my life at this point, at a lower weight than what I weighed in high school, better lifts, and solid cardio. I say all this to ask what all I should do over this coming week (other than train, natch.) I know I should taper, but to what degree? Normally I would hit my arms reasonably hard on this coming Monday, with bench (3 warm-up sets and then 3 working sets of 3 reps,) some other arm stuff, and then probably working the bags for like 20. Then I would do little on Tuesday until I go to class that night for a couple hours of martial arts training, 3's of squats and then the bag probably on Wednesday, and Tang Soo Do training again this coming Thursday. Friday obviously I'm not gonna do much, but how would you suggest I lessen my workouts on the previous days, and to what degree? Natch I need to do a lot of stretching, but what else? Another big question is nutrition. I know I need to super-hydrate and carb load, but what would you guys suggest as far as that goes? Pasta and stuff I know, but what all, really? Thanks in advance, guys!
  2. Hey guys, long time no post! ...again. Lolz. That being said, I will be there this time around. Super excited. Hopefully I won't get robbed again in any effing Rock Band competitions or the like. I also plan on bringing my djembe again. This time I won't be getting all boozed up, though I will be volunteering, but I still want to jam with some of you guys! Holler at your boy.
  3. That's what I'm sayin! Short, sweet, and to the point. What kind of core exercises have you been doing in your tabatas?
  4. Jeez, when did Walter White get so swoll? Badass tattoo as well. Love that band. Soooooo...it's probably been discussed somewhere in this enormous thread, but have any of you guys done Tabata? I've been doing it now for a few months and it's pretty sweet. It's pretty much just high intensity interval training, but I'm definitely a fan. I only get a chance to do it once a week (Wednesdays) but they switch the routine up frequently at the Y and it has almost always kicked my ass. Think I'm seeing some real gains in terms of endurance, which is really what I want to focus on.
  5. Happy birthday! Have a beer for me!
  7. At the time I was super into Cowboy Bebop. I still absolutely adore the show as fiction, so I'm cool with it. I used it here also because Blues is Protoman's name in Japan. And Protoman, of course, is a badass. On top of all that, I really love the song by the same name, and identify somewhat with what I take from it and its title.
  8. That's what matters, man. Regardless of all of the disappointments that Sega has made over the years, Sonic is an undeniably important part of many people's personal gaming history, and gaming in general. Dude. That sounds flippin' awesome. Like seriously epic. Keep us posted, please!
  9. ^Good times. I remember that too. Back in the orange days? Anyways, happy belated birthday, Rama!
  10. I think those little peckers (har, har) from LTTP pissed me off too much to make me laugh. Stupid electricity.
  11. Agreed. I also think cohabitation beforehand is pretty key. No matter how much you may like somebody, it can get pretty different when you're living with them. I, for one, have a few really good friends I would NEVER live with (or live with again, oy,) not to mention two brothers who I wouldn't live with again if I had any other choice. My wife, though? We make a great team. Speaking of wifin', this seemed topical: one of my best friends just asked me to be in his wedding, which he has tentatively scheduled for next May. I'm happy for him, but it seems some trouble is brewing. His fiancee is Pakistani-American, and so her family is unsurprisingly hardcore Muslim. They have never lived together because of this, and her family believes her to be a good Muslim (no drinking and such.) Yeah, that's not really the case. Anyway, living a lie is one thing, but then to top all that, her father is putting pressure on my homeboy to convert to Islam. While this is gonna surely get awkward for him, I do have to say it's hilarious. My buddy is like the whitest whiteboy in the town of Whitehead, Whitesylvania. For him to convert to Islam would be somewhat out of character. Anyways, thoughts/comments/flames?
  12. My apologies, ma'am. Capcom really has to give us a sweet Megaman series on one of the next-gen consoles. The handheld and WiiWare/Arcade stuff has been great, but come on! The X series was sweet for us SNES players (without even getting into X4.)
  13. Nice one, ocre. Still, not much going here. No combat, and little more than what we already saw in the teaser. That having been said, it FEELS like ED. Which is great. I'm cautiously optimistic. We shall see how the crowdfunding goes. Speaking of which, I fixed your link.
  14. Yup. Good call, sir. X7 is indeed where they really jumped the shark (though admittedly Infinity Mijinion from X6 is still pretty weird.)
  15. Lulz. Nice one. It's just a teaser trailer. I'm reserving judgment. I loves me some Eternal Darkness, so this could be totally awesome. Yes, Dennis Dyack is a bit of a toolbag, but hopefully the rest of the team can pull it off. They did it before. To the haters: may the rats eat your eyes! J/k. Seriously, though, it's difficult to judge with hardly any details or gameplay footage.
  16. Some good examples here thus far. I like that you guys are showing the Great Mighty Poo some love. He still makes me chuckle. As far as enemies that were written to make you laugh, how have we not mentioned GLaDOS yet? Simply hilarious. And in terms of enemies that maybe weren't made expressly with the purpose of making you kekle, but sure as hell made me do so, I have a couple big ones. Pretty much the entire boss cast of Megaman X6, for one. Tornado Tonion? Seriously? WTF, Capcom. Number two would definitely be Fuzzy from Yoshi's Island. Wow. Way to get one past the radar.
  17. I'll temper this somewhat by pointing out that this is partially due to a weak yen, and it's following probably their worst couple of quarters fiscally ever. I am a HUGE Ninty fanboy, but the fact remains that if the Wii U doesn't start moving in bigger quantities, it's a big issue for the big N, especially as the system is sold at a loss right now. That right there is extremely uncommon by itself. Usually Nintendo profits right from the beginning. All this having been said, they have been doing their thing for over a century. I have faith. They know what they're doing, I think. I agree with most of you guys that this is overall a good move. Why waste money on E3's outdated ass when you can keep killing it with your own stuff (Direct)?
  18. Lol that's awesome man! Congratulations! Kids are the best! Is this your first?
  19. This. This guy is awesome. I don't know if his production is pure and full of sunshine, and I don't care, really. His finished product is terrific. Also, sweet hairdo and kitty. Nice link, Zoltan! I love both a cappella stuff and video game music, so this is great.
  20. D'awww she's adorable and that's awesome man! That smile at the end of the day does make everything fine and dandy, I find. It occurs to me that I should maybe post one or two of my own lil' boy: I took this the week before last with my lovely wifey and the monkey. This one's a little older, but it's cute so why not? I love being a dad.
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