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  1. Whoops! Put the wrong Cake album up there. I meant Fashion Nugget, damnit. That's twice you've caught me slipping, qpa! However, as a post riposte, the Ben Folds Five song you're referring to is actually called "The Battle of Who Could Care Less."
  2. Got some good suggestions going on here. I like it. Cake is an excellent example of this thread; "Comfort Eagle" is amongst my favorite albums of all time, but a lot of people don't know it because "The Distance" was so overplayed. Good song, but not as good as the rest of that CD. I think Ben Folds is eternally doing this; "Brick" was a good song, but not as good as the whole of his work on the Ben Folds Five CD "Whatever, ever, and Amen." The same applies to his solo album "Rocking the Suburbs;" the title track was pretty popular, but that CD sits proudly in my top ten of all time, as does Ben Folds himself in my top ten artists.
  3. I got to the end of Zelda II and didn't beat it. It, Four Swords, and the CD-I games are the only Zeldas I haven't beaten, and I have a triforce tattoo. In my defense, screw the last part of that game. Invisible eyeballs, lizardmen, and lava everywhere? SCREW THAT. FF related, finished the first disc of IX and just...lost my steam. Meh. I think there was another one, but I can't remember.
  4. Hey guys, haven't posted in a while, but I had an idea on something I think OCR might know plenty about. As I was assembling my bed yesterday, I decided to listen to some music. Going through my girlfriend's CDs, I happened upon Chumbawumba's "Tubthumper." Most people will be familiar with this album's breakout single "I Get Knocked Down." From my hazy memories of middle school I dredged up a recollection of someone telling me that the CD itself was actually quite good. At the time, I definitely had my doubts about the album. Sure enough, it's surprisingly intelligent and well made. The single isn't musically a radical departure from the rest of the album, but the rest of the songs deal with issues as diverse and incisive as class division, domestic violence, and the homeless. So, OCR, I ask you, what great albums have gotten "lost" under the weight of their singles?
  5. If you would like various old/rare systems, I need to sort my stuff out, but I've got a bit of a selection. Can't really help you with posters, though, so I'm not sure if it's at all what you're looking for, but it might fit your decor.
  6. ????? I highly disagree, good sir. John Constantine was a blond, British, devil-may-care scoundrel, not a black haired California surfer dude who moonlighted as a professional brooder. I haven't read too much HellBlazer itself, but Keanu was definitely wrong for the role. They changed the role for him, which isn't the worst thing ever, but still. Speaking of changing roles, I don't really think most of the characters would work as movie characters as they did in the show. Somebody (Jam Stunna maybe) brought up a good point in that much of the character development in the show comes from what the characters don't say, rather than what they do. That rarely works in a movie, especially an action movie. They could make something of a variation on the show with a few changes to the roles; Faye could work, unfortunately, as a fairly cliche femme fatale, and they could hint at something more with some carefully scripted dialogue. Honestly, if they could get her, I think Angelina Jolie would do the part well. If not, maybe Helena Bonham Carter? Think Marla Singer in space. Jet actually works pretty well in a movie, they just have to again make him more stereotypical gruff old guy with a past. Ron Perlman? Ed is too damn weird for a standard movie format. Not too bad would be simply a playful girl genius. Dakota Fanning sounds alright to me. A perfect match would probably be an unknown though, and that sounds more doable. Spike is difficult, at best. They can't sacrifice his humor, and they can't get rid of his seriousness either, or else the character's got no depth, and therefore a shitty centerpiece for a movie. I think Knocking of Heaven's Door did a good job of showing both sides, so follow its lead I guess. Jim Carrey? I know, his humor is usually too broad, but tone him down closer to his serious roles (Eternal Sunshine, Man on the Moon,) and he could just work. Plus, he's tall and lanky. The only problem is how to pull off action scenes. If they do okay, I'll be alright with it. I'm not going to get my hopes up, and this movie won't affect my love for the series.
  7. How many pieces? Some ideas: The Felonious Funk Blue Memory Ramble Also, "Had Me at Hello" works alright. Drop the "You" if you decide to go with that.
  8. YES. THIS. I effing love these games. The second one really is better, though, as they fixed a couple of the really crappy glitches from the first one and added a lot of new weapons. It is a tad long to play through again and again, but I couldn't stop myself once I got into it, and there are several different endings, so it's all good.
  9. Nearly every game Midway has ever made. Seriously, Mortal Kombat? Awesome fun, but so unbalanced.
  10. Yeah, it's been a while since I've argued seriously, much less in PPR, and I bet I agree with you on this point anyway. Makai's response wasn't bad, actually, when you consider the fact that you asked why livestock weren't "sustainable." Believe it or not, CO2 effused from cattle and clearcutting to provide pastures for livestock is a principle contributor to our surplus of greenhouse gases. Most crops aren't organic, no, but even the weirdest supercorn produces some oxygen. More to my point, though, from a business standpoint, usually the one lifestyle attracts the other. Not always, of course, but enough to maybe stake an enterprise on.
  11. Oof. This pun is killing my sunny disposition. Seriously, though, this is an awesome idea. I actually just thought of an idea to go along with it, based partially on one I've had for years. Make a combination arcade/restaurant/bar which specializes in sustainable living and natural alternatives. You could call it "Green Dream," an inside joke that only true nerds will get, feature Solarcade cabinets, offer vegan and vegetarian dishes, and fair trade ingredients. Sounds like it would appeal to a smallish niche, but hey it would probably work in Asheville or other famously vegetarian or green-friendly cities.
  12. It is indeed a real sword and shield, my good sir Taucer. The shield is made out of heavy-duty fiber glass, which sounds wonky until you realize that they make car hoods out of that. It's very light for its size (covers me from neck to groin) and feels VERY solid. The sword is...pretty breathtaking. I really didn't expect it to have good balance, but lo and behold, it's a very solid bastard sword. There's no indication otherwise on the blade but it doesn't feel like the usual Pakistani crap steel they make most stamped swords from. The guard and hilt are made of the same fiber glass and it just feels great. I've been wanting to learn some broadsword and shield for a while, and man, this is a pretty good opportunity.
  13. Yeah man that sucks about your fiancee Vivi, but like you said, it's all a matter of perspective. It's not too bad a Christmas present to have the woman you love walk away relatively unscathed from a bad car wreck, I guess, even if it did keep you guys from having a fun holiday with the family. I gave some cool stuff to my girlfriend; a 12 cup food processor, a Cuisinart hand/stand mixer, a frying pan-da (7 inch pan looks like a panda bear,) and Personal Trainer Cooking. Before you ask, my girlfriend is very much into cooking. I gave some awesome coffee and beer to one brother, some really good tea and a cool little teacup to the other, a jewelry box to my sister-in-law, and a homemade gift basket to my parents. As for what I got, well... That's a good start.
  14. Merry Christmas from work! Meh, double time and a half ain't bad.
  15. Yeah it sucks Jimmy, but whatcha gonna do. Is there going to be a conflict with the family trip this year for you? Anyways, if you don't show off some slick moves on the Rock Band mic, I hope someone does.
  16. Unhappy bump. Unfortunately, the fates (or their agents in the finances of my life) have aligned that MAGFest is virtually impossible for me and mine this year. /drama You might remember my friend Josh (big guy, big beard) from M5, who was also going to come, and I was going to drag my girlfriend along as well. Pretty much, none of us can pick up any of the other's slack here, so we're not going to make it. We're fairly bummed about it, since it's a trip we anticipate all year, but such is life. Here's hoping the rest of you guys have an awesome time and rep OCR awesomely like I know you will.
  17. Congrats guys! Either DJP's girlfriend (Anna, I think?) needs to start remixing or it looks like we have a First Family of OCR.
  18. Congrats! Did you force him to listen to your WIP's in the womb? Get that little one some tiny headphones.
  19. Ditto on Rush. Neil Peart is magnificent. Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson certainly aren't bad either. I have a font of new awesome metal coming from my roommate. There's quite a few bands he has introduced me to, including Iced Earth, Amon Amarth, and Mastodon. All pretty famous amongst the metal scene, and stuff I hadn't really dived into beforehand.
  20. Hey congratulations guys! That's awesome! Who caught the garter? You should hook him up with another OCR groupie, Jordan.
  21. Forthcoming. I gotta sort through the mess that is my storage closet here soon anyways, so this works.
  22. Oy vey. It's looking like I might not even make it to MAGFest this year. I've been to every one since M3 (including my ridiculous journey through a blizzard to get to M4,) and I was REALLLLY looking forward to it, but the fates seem to be conspiring against me. It sucks.
  23. Anybody want any old vg systems? I'm talking Intellivision, Odyssey, Atari, etc.? I bought a bunch to collect and have since realized that collecting is lame when you move often like I have. Also, financial depreciation on electronics is fairly lame. I can give a more complete list if anyone is interested.
  24. Dude. This is freaking awesome. Anybody who hasn't heard this CD but likes 1. Castlevania music and/or 2. classical music should get on the ball. I personally love it. Can't help you really at all, but you got my wholehearted support, for what that's worth.
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