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  1. don't worry! by 2015, it will have gone full circle and we'll have the Gameboy, one with a 6 inch high definition screen that folds upon itself, full control set up with a b x y left and right triggers, two telescoping analog sticks and a regular awesome directional pad. and games that run at wii+ quality. you may wonder why they just rerelease the same thing over and over. its that they are biding their time, and waiting for the right time to strike amazing-ness on the people of the world.
  2. yeah, I like how its either one or another. ha. I'm Big a fan of Halo 3. but as such, I was hoping more of a continuation of the story line. Either as another Halo. although Bungie themselves said there won't be another Halo. Or as a spin off, since MC and Cortana wouldn't be on a halo structure. maybe that shield world, thats at the end of the legendary ending. where it would be more of a survival/horror/adventure game where MC is by himself with only Cortana to guide him. I will play it still, don't know if I'll be willing to pay too much for it. I didn't like campaign so much... but thats just my personal opinion.
  3. http://sendables.jibjab.com/view/VMDzrk15pWmvMVvF This the equivalent of what Bungie "revealed" in my mind Master Chief has one more challenge and mystery to solve... SENIOR YEAR!!!! Which, believe it or not, is way better than Halo 3: Do it Again!
  4. yeah. since it uses at least two ReMixes that I could identify. great storyline tho, I'm definitely going to check out the next parts after this film.
  5. So i know he already was the main villian in SpiderMan but... What do you think of Willem Dafoe as The Riddler. He'd do a way better role than Johnny Depp (IMO) and he's a good enough actor to pull it off and not seem like Osborn from Spiderman 1 or 2
  6. Then why does this thread even exist at all? If what you said was true, wouldn't we all be lol-ing to hard to type our stupid opinions? also, If we can't discuss what was/is effective comedy (since that is totally not relevant to how funny something is), what are we suppose talk about? OMG!! ThAT wUz SO FunNY whEN He sAId sH*t!!1! Lololololllol.
  7. see, I didn't think that the NOOOOOOOOOO was that bad. Understand, I'm not that the biggest fan of family, oh! I used to enjoy its random jokes and crazy pace but after living with a person completely obsessed with that show and anything ever mentioned goes back to family guy... Family Guy got old, SUPER fast. but This joke worked cause you can tell that its actually him holding the NOoooooo as long as he could. slightly different from family guy but better. nothing to get huffy about.
  8. He? *sigh* well, at least nothing has changed in terms or me sucking at high tier people. I am completely horrible at Snake, completely. but am decent at ness, strange
  9. okay so... I thought i was the only one out there with the same problem. see, I would be playing some OC remixes in the lounge at my highschool out loud, and people were digging them,when I asked if they liked it they said "yeah". some of these people were very interested in what band these songs were from. when I uncovered the truth, that these songs were remixed versions of videogames themes, the people lost all interest in it completely. I was confused but continued to play it. "These" People, i think, are those who will dislike a song solely because of the band that plays it. and not judge the song on its own merits. ugh. I hate it. not to sound high and mighty but when i listen to music i don't care about the band. in fact, i barely know any band names at all. like i was listening to one song and was liking it very much. when i found out who sang it, it was miley cyrus. i keep my fandom of that song sorta secret but its still a good song.
  10. what? that's nuts, i'm a projectionist... both those trailers are attached trailers. so he actually had to physically remove those two previews and attach that love guru preview. which doesn't even make sense since its not customary to put previews on for movies that are already out. quite the contrary, actually.
  11. It's like saying the a guy wearing foot ball padding and a helmet would have the same damage as a serious burn victim would have falling thirty feet. doesn't make much sense to me.
  12. i don't know about that, summer 2005 still has it beat... although that doesn't have everything to do with what movies came out. but still '05 has got it beat by a little. we'll see about that after Step Brothers and The Pineapple Express comes out. looking forward to both very much!
  13. I am sad that movie had to end. i was enjoying it SO much. it really prepares the storyline, not even just for a possible end to the trilogy but it does such a good job at setting up giving Bruce Wayne motivations to continue fighting crime as batman that they could make second trilogy and still have more story to tell! but alas, the amazing late Heath Ledger is unable continue playing such a role. and that is mostly why i am depressed a little but still excited that both one of his last roles and movies in which is starred in were done SO well.
  14. so true, that game was magical. if only they had an amusement park based on that game instead of stupid Disney. best platformer, fo'sho
  15. I sincerely agree with you! sure it could look cool and play differently but it might never capture the subtle awesomeness of the old game. keep it the same and I'll be happy. Change it and I'll also be happy, I'll probably just look at it like a different game completely. I'm still Excited beyond reason.
  16. because its eff'n awesome? ha! anyway, this is th best news ever! i have the snes original cartridge and a rom for my laptop. i plan on buying this and telling all my friends to buy it and holy shit i'm so excited squaresoft is so smart for doing this on the DS and an enhanced port too? Awesome. great music great game great idea and now i have something to slow down my summer cause i'll have to wait for this. cool its been going too fast lately.
  17. okay, ya caught me over exaggerating... more like 50 or little over. but being a good 103 minutes. that's ridiculious. Spoilerish You also gotta love the references to 2001: a space odyssey. the music, daisy daisy. and then the other music and of course, auto looks suspiciously like Hal 9000. awesome. so many nods and winks.
  18. yes, that is a good point. many good stories have some kind of message. in fact, you can't have a meaningful story without at least a couple. movies are no different. there are a couple of movies that have no meaning behind them, i think those titles all end with "Movie" and there worse off without them. just like "Brave new world" and "1984" and "Animal Farm" and a bazillion other well written stories have very far out and wild settings that usually involve earth being affected by something else. turning into a giant desert is one, being flooded is another, being overrun by technology, being without any technology, or being governed by straight up rules with no emotion or having complete anarchy being the governing body. movies and books, story telling in general, needs a setting that is different in someway. and Pixar chose what it chose. Pixar knows what its doing with story. in fact, all this movie is, is story! theres like 15 spoken lines in the whole movie and they have basically nothing to do with the main plot
  19. yeah! Presto was quite the nonstop Hilarious short! I don't think I stop laughing until the credits were going... maybe even longer. yeah as for the message, I just let it go instead of finding it to be point of contention. which is surprising to myself, that I did that. usually I scoff at that kind of thought process. but WALL-E makes me forget all about that kind of hubbub! as said before their relationship and how they interact. makes it one of the most believable love story in recent movie history. amazing! I gotta see it again soon and seeing that i work as a projectionist at a theater, that shouldn't be too hard to do, and to make it sweeter, i get to see it fo' free!
  20. FuriousFure


    so is no one excited for Pixar's latest work? I saw it last night and loved it! it now rests as one of my Favorite Pixar Movies. with it tied in first with The Incredibles the amazing thing is that it has such an awesome message and great love story, but the cast is only 7 people big. Pixar is amazing!
  21. um... don't know if it counts but Snes Console one controller NBA Jam Aladdin F-zero Starwars B.O.B (fantastic game!) X-men Super Mario World and Chrono Trigger, with box, instructions, and the little foldout map insert. all for free. 0.00 dollars.
  22. You know, thats so true. I remember watching the "Making of" of Jurassic Park, they were explaining the T-rex scene. and one of the little details they put in with CGI afterwards was the splashing of puddles. and it completely tied the whole scene together. they showed a before and after comparison. and after seeing it with the puddle splash, it felt like something was missing when watching the no splash clip. small details are key with CGI. but in general, i think that props and animatronics combined with CGI and stop-motion animation give the most believable experiences.
  23. didn't and still don't have alot of money for games so i buy quality ones i can play over and over again. Mario Kart 64 Chrono Trigger Ninja Gaiden (xbox) Halo 1,2,3 Burnout series. I have all of them, actually more but i can't think right now.
  24. there goes chances for a Bill and Ted III right out the window! yeah he was pretty funny and it sucks that he died. but I can't really say he's going to a better place. He was a total atheist so at least he wasn't planning on it.
  25. yeah, i didn't know it was a comic but since the director of NightWatch is doing it, i'm going to see it. i won't pay but i will still see it.
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