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  1. Can't stop making these things. up to 5 now. 1) they're fun. 2) I've learned more about Photoshop in the last week than the last 2 years I've had it. just by dicking around making stupid band album covers.
  2. here's a good one that my friend Andy made straight up on Facebook. this is quite addicting. I think I might just quit school and sell band names and albums to the people I see sitting around with instruments.
  3. Xerox Phaser the new Emo Funk band with their fist album Can Please When Too Long hitting the streets in London.
  4. 1st. Number ? 2nd. Number ? 3rd. Number ? yeah, they are all very good. Mrs. Pacman must have drained the social life of that artist I might have to get in on these fan art competitions one time. let's hope there is a 22! *EDIT* oops. my bad. I looked in the first post about voting and I must have missed that part (about pm'ing) *DOUBLE EDIT* yeah... I'm a complete retard. awesome.
  5. people hate popular things, even if the popular thing is popular only to the minority of the culture. they don't dislike the game, they hate the fact that some people like the game. also, I wish this was Earthbound, I'd actually get to play through it all the way. I played it a little and like what I did play but didn't get much into beating it. but anything to improve the VC is good by me.
  6. *ahem* First off, I am a fan of and listen to all types of music, including Rap and R&B. so as you said so eloquently... People who don't know what the FUCK they are talking about are better off not talking. Secondly, I guess I don't have the understanding of the black community and the lingo or slang it uses and what their true meanings are. If I had but known it was a giant conspiracy to defame and slander the righteous name of Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, goodness! I wouldn't have repeated such filth! and Finally, If that sexual act isn't to "superman that ho" and since you seem to be the expert of these things around here... What then, should I call what I've been doing to your mother all this time? Oh Snapizzle! you just got LEGO'd up in this bitch. also, whenever was my porch a fantasy land?
  7. exactly. I would be walking through campus, see a gray panel set at a 45 degree angle on top of a building and immediately think "that would be a great place for an orange portal" it was strange.
  8. I'm sooo glad I decided to lurk around the WIP section. I'm coming here more often. although I might have ruined it for myself, cause I don't if something will be able to top this.
  9. I'm really liking this ReMix. I'll be looking forward to another mix with Halcyons talents involved! Loved "Sound of the Dogfish" not to discount chthonic! they are both great musical talents. hope this gets accepted!!
  10. Hey there... Long time listener, first time caller. well, you really don't want to know actually. but like most things in rap songs it is in reference to a sexual act. in essence, a male "skeets" on a female's (ho's) back, she falls asleep, and in the morning the sheets are stuck to her crudely resembling superman's cape. also Fact: Legos are not lame, anyone who says otherwise should have gotten hugged more often as a child.
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tin_Pan_Alley I'd like to direct your attention to this little factoid or whatever. Many of the Early Rock n Rollers and great musicians of the good old days, didn't write their own music, they didn't compose it or write the lyrics. Elvis is a perfect example of this, sang wonderfully, looked good and put on one hell of a show. but didn't write the stuff, and yet many to this day still consider those artists as the greats. A lot of song were written to be sold to aspiring musicians and singers. written by professional song writers. many songs were done by various singers and each had there distinctive style to them. mostly that's because there was little to guard any song you actually did own with a lack of copyrights. now a days if a band doesn't write their own stuff or do every thing themselves, they are looked down upon. there are many examples of band's doing a song "better" e.g. more popular than the original. simon and garfunkles "bye bye love" was more of a sucess that the everly brothers which they didn't write that either, around 30 other band had rejected that song before they picked it up. point being, It's never been truly being the one man act. and sometimes those who can't sing or play the instruments still have a fantastic vision to share with the world. and their music wouldn't be played if somebody else didn't want to play them. and as for analogies? consider music more like cooking. somebody can take the same recipe change it and get some thing different and delicious. and both the original and the new creation that it was modeled from can be great tasting but in each in there own way, because no matter what you and your personality will show through and find it's way into the music.
  12. And why is it that every time a change in camera and fully 3D world would somehow change the core gameplay? If it was so desired, you could have the default camera places so it would be a "top down" RPG. so update the graphics even though they can "get away" with charmy shit. have with a fully functional 3rd person camera. make it so that when you go through tall grass, you actually go through tall grass making random encounters actually interesting or have it be a realistic cave with no light and it's your job to light the way and everything be shown in real-time or getting a bike or seeing the bush being sliced in half when you use cut and gyms be intimidating and impressive. Having this stuff wouldn't change the Pokemon formula, it would just be a great supplement to enhance the expierence. Imagine going through Celadon City, looking around at the tall building and going a luxurious cruise ship with team rocket going around cause trouble but wait, that might screw up the game play somehow! and you're completely right. having previous attempts fail is a great reason not to try again and do it right. point being, this thread has a few assumed conditions. the people remaking the game would do it theoretically perfect. keeping the old school charm and game play and feel of the original game while updating the other parts of the game that were comparatively lacking. so I suggest you don't over-react and get defensive about a game being possibly being improved upon while making yourself look like a complete ass.
  13. Earthbound after seeing Ness and his world being fully animated in smash bros melee and brawl, the idea of a fully 3d update would be awesome. and Pokemon. a true, 3rd person adventure game with you walking through chest-high weeds and wild pokemon attacking you. with the pokemon attacks and fights being more real-time. I think a GTA style with tweaks to gameplay to adhere to the Pokemon Universe. where you start out in your town explore place to place. Caves, roads, gym leaders, boats, blimps, whatever. freedom to go and do anything.
  14. this ones so good. everything he says is right on the money. fantastic
  15. damn, never realized she was so short. she's about 5 inches short of faye. Spike: 6' 1" Keanu: 6'1.25" Faye: 5' 6" Jet: 6'2" Rourke: 5"11 Perlman: 6'1" (with boots would work) Ed: 4'6" Julia: 5'7"
  16. although, she probably wouldn't want to. and nobody would want her to. I think Christina Ricci, would be an awesome Faye. she's got the body and the look. She can play emotionally unstable people and characters who have problems but cover it up with a facade. the only problems I see is 1) she was in speed racer as trixie (good movie btw) but that doesn't matter cause nobody saw it anyway. 2) a little too much fore-head. but that's just nitpicking. also Mickey Rourke as Jet would work. deep voice. same build.
  17. damn, so that means all of us thinking about what a new zelda game would be like was a waste of time. damn. damn it all.
  18. yeah, I was going to say either one but not both. but those CGI rodents in the desert, were completely unnecessary and not funny in the slightest. but as for Faye, i think they would go for some unknown actress. and for ed? hoooo boy, that's gonna be tough cause you need the childness to be present, and the silliness but without her looking like she high on something. and I don't think Dakota Fanning can pull of a child. i don't think she has the skills. she's like a minature adult and so damn annoying in her movies. (war of the worlds and man on fire)
  19. you thought the ANTS were corny? not the monkies. or the ground hogs. or the prairie dogs. but the ants. huh. anyway. yeah this is gotta be realistic and atsmopheric which is gonna be tough but can't seemed forced.
  20. I think it could be good, i do like the idea of him being dubbed over. as for the hair, they have done it before. infact this actor is fabled to be who spike was modeled after. Yusaku Matsuda. in the movie, he even had the circular sunglasses that spike has in the cowboy bebop. Kneanu can play the part well, I'm sure. in fact, spike is the least of my worries. Faye, Ed, and Jet will be even harder to capture their essence.
  21. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo (for audio) http://darthno.ytmnd.com/ spelling mistake. maybe :/
  22. exactly, there's enough fervor about Zelda, we would probably discuss what would be cool if there was a ______ Zelda game if it's not a Zelda game. I just like talking about characters. if there was a futuristic zelda game. you could have a future that is without technology as we know it. sort of like a reverse starwars. starwars was set "a long long time ago" but had alot more technology than what we have today. future hyrule could be still using mechanical devices and have a lot of time passed. my vision would incorporate tall buildings and electronic devices. but it would be heavily steeped in Hyrulian culture, and what happens in the past games would be myths and folklore. You could even pay homage to the countless discrepancies that happens between different games that make it hard to put them in chronological order. (which is why I think they call it "The Legend of Zelda" countless retellings of a simple hero story with details being changed to go along with the hypothectical culture or time they were supposedly made.) but i would think it could do it by having Gannon seen more of a Brothers Grimm character than a historic character or the different interactions with zelda and link or in the books have them be "a warrior or hero" and "the princess".
  23. so looking at the fabled clock at a little closely, we got a a triangle. 3 sides, and in the zelda universe. only 3 things stay the same. Gannondorf, Zelda and Link. top part of the clock we got a full triforce, with power, courage and wisdom all being present. if you just look at the "bottom right" corner, the triforce or power and the triforce of wisdom are present. and then in the "bottom left" what would be the triforce of wisdom would be the only one present. doesn't make much sense... but what if you turned the clock around its center? so that the top being the full triforce. "the bottom right" would be turned to be upright and thus being the triforces of courage and wisdom. and the clock being turned once more for the "bottom left" to be on top and you have the triforce of Power all alone. if it was a time traveling zelda game, based off a triangular clock with radial symmetry. i would make its so that the "hour hand" would point to a time period and the second hand would give you a limited amounr of time in each or it would reset ala Majora's Mask. or just chronical your time there. each of the symbols would mean something. the corner with just Power would be the future where gannon has conquered and rules. the other being the alternate future where link is King of Hyrule and Zelda, queen and Ganon had been banished for good. or their descendants are in power where peace flourishes and everyone's happy. and the full triforce being the main place you explore being your typical zelda fashion back to the "present" where ganondorf was around and link was doing what he does. also i have my ideas of a Zelda movie being set in modern or futuristic settings. but those are mine and mine alone. but if done right, it would be awesome. post script: do I think any of this is true, not at all. just what i would do if i could or had to using what i know, which is NOTHING. just having fun.
  24. The Legend of Zelda and the Triangle Clock of Fate ha ha, but honestly. this may be AWESOME. I haven't played twilight princess tho. hmmm
  25. online works like this, if you have an open ethernet cable coming from your router just plug it in the back of the system, and you'll be good to go (usually) If you're using wireless, you need the wireless adapter for the xbox (around $100 new) As for the actual online expierence, when subscribing you choose a Gamertag. much like the handle you chose for these forum's. most likely your friend has a Gamertag already. all you have to dothen is decide whether that his Gamertag is what you want. if not, you can change the Gamertag for around 10 bucks or 1200 microsoft points or whatever. Gamertags are specific to each person and so with most games you can just jump in and play with random people. you can see all of their names and look at there profiles that they made for their Gamertag and avatar if they made one. If you like playing with the people you find, you can request to be friends with them, and then whenever they are online, you'll see what game they are playing. If you get someones gamertag from other than on Xbox live, you can just type it in the Find Friend thing and it'll connect you with whoever you're looking for so you can request to be a friend. For Example. Mine is FuriousFure. so if you wanted to find me, just go to add friend. type in that and it would ask if you wanted to send a friend request. it's a very, very streamlined and polished system. you get what you pay for, that's for sure.
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