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    *yawn* this is child's play. yeah i saw this kind of thing with videogames before. The more you concentrate, the faster your car goes. but you can be thinking about anything. the wave of the future? right here. http://emotiv.com/ http://emotiv.com/INDS_2/inds_2_3.html edit: an actual game designed for it. http://emotiv.com/INDS_1/inds_1.html i plan to buy one of these things ASAP.
  2. So... what you're saying is... Nintendo Power could maybenot be UN-Biased?
  3. Yeah, This is extremely sad. I listened to the wise opinions of the reviewer. and with Hsu in charge it was awesome but once he stepped down and they got those one people reviews it was so stupid. back in the day, they had 4 people reviewing the game, saying exactly what they thought about it. letting the reader decide whether they agreed with it. and they had multiple viewpoints so that would get rid of any "fanboyism" of the reviewers. having a 8.0 and the other 3 reviews be 3.5's. when it recently got to 1 person reviews is dumb. anyways i'm sad its gone and now i have nothing to turn to when it comes to videogame magazines!
  4. Yeah, I know whatcha guys mean. I'm now really getting into this game. I'm trying to beat all the endings. not really hard doing 'em, but its the finding them that's the tricky part! yeah, also letting me know what percentage I've unlocked has awoken my completionist within and won't let me sleep til i see those three little numbers infront of that percent symbol.
  5. yeah, noticed something up with my 30 gig on the 31st. but then today, nothing wrong with it at all! so, in my opinion. not a big deal. all hail Micro$oft!
  6. Good Point! I have a DS lite. I guess I should point out I STILL have a DS lite. last semester while on my loft I was playing my DS, most likely Mario & Luigi: partners in time. and had set it down on the edge on the mattress. as fate would have it, I moved my pillow and then next thing I know, I'm watching my videogame system hurdle in slow-motion towards the bare, tiled floor. it dropped a good 6 ft onto nothing but a cheap tiled floor. the unit cracked right in half. one of the hinges broke and it was held together by wiring. I was devastated. that is, until I realized I could merely snap it back into place with no harm done.since then, the top portion is a little loose but works perfectly, it knows when its open or closed. I doubt a psp would function so flawlessly when dropped 6+ft I am now enjoying Chrono Trigger as if that accident never happened.
  7. Twisted Sister's A Twisted Christmas. pure awesome. http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1728672 skip it to 1:36 if you want. otherwise Merry Mixmas is amazing, a must have to atmospheric Christmas conditions http://www.cduniverse.com/search/xx/music/pid/6968016/a/Merry+Mixmas+-+Christmas+Classics+Remixed.htm
  8. yeah, I've played the demo last night, pretty sweet. me and friend did offline co-op (splitscreen) pretty awesome. but coming from not playing RE4, played it but never had the game so i didn't get used to the controls. for the demo, I used either Controls A or D. (I can't remember which) but it was set up like Gears of War. worked well for me! Maybe the AI is crap but with a human playing along with you, its an sweet game.
  9. upside down exclamation point = lowercase letter I? (i) maybe?
  10. Tell me about it! i went into GameStop on black friday after getting some cheap dvds. asked about CTDS and he's like oh and heres a cd too! so i got the preorder perk without the 5 bucks upfront. woot.
  11. 7? how about 1.2 gigs left? ha ha
  12. you should hang out with me sometime. I said it wrong, I also spoke Lucca "luka" and Marle "Marl", MasaMune "maza mew-n" but hey what are you going to when you're 12? yeah I bought the DS version, worth it, I figure since I got the SNES cartridge for free (my cousin gave it to me in a box filled with a bunch of others) I should pay for at least a little! It soon became my favorite game ever. or at least was the most influential, especially the music. fantastic music. and with the DS features like sound test and what have you, it was worth 40 bucks.
  13. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/470146 watch this^^^ fantastic, so this game is awesome. It's time for the tedious Insane.
  14. that was awesome. is Cooking Mama actually like this? cause if it is, I'll be picking it up tomorrow for my DS! boy, the propaganda machine is running at full steam for PETA. crazy crazy PETA, I'm all for the ethical treatment of animals but those guys are fucking nuts, Scary nuts. have you heard of ALF?
  15. i would also! FuriousFure lets do it! Wooo!
  16. so anyone played V8: arcade yet? I played the game back on the N64 and was wondering, since IGN hasn't reviewed it, what do you guys think?
  17. well, here's the thing. i believe you are contradicting yourself. if no one can make a mistake or produce no flaws in music i.e no standard to fall below. how can someone be wrong in their opinion? and if they can, whats the difference between the expression through notes and thoughts to words? and where does this standard fall? and who or what sets this standard of right or wrong? so if there is no right or wrong opinions, that would mean the most ignorant racist crude person would say what believes without being wrong. if this guy finds flaws in the music, then he is right, they don't live up to his expectations, but to say that he is wrong for thinking such a way and for you to say that they can not make flaws in music is outright contradictory. the last two points. 1. with there are no flaws point of view (everything is subjective) you can think in contradictory ways because there is no wrong. 2. this website is based on many criteria to have your song approved. countless have been rejected. that would mean they would have flaws in them. so obviously some people feel you can fail at creating music, even if its because of some kind arbitrary standard set up. *EDIT* YEAH... NEVERMIND. I THINK I HAVE NO SARCASM-O-METER. i feel dumb :/
  18. don't know where you might be but if you are in the USA your local library should have a scanner that will allow you get your piece in digital form.
  19. Yeah, many people have NES, maybe Atari, but who here has an Intellivision II? oh, wait. that would be me. oh yeah, i am the KING of useless consoles. ha ha My N64 gets used multiple times a week. Battle Tanx: Global Assult, Mario Kart 64, Super Smash Bros, Top Gear: Overdrive, Pokeman Stadium my SNES was hooked up to the tv this summer and sat by my 360 for about 3 months where i play My Chrono Trigger, B.o.B., Super Mario World and NBA Jam My 4 NES(s) gets no love My Atari 7800 gets no love My Intellivison II gets no love My Gamecube gets no love i don't have a wii, did i mention this? also one thing your precious VC can't do, is play DUCK HUNT, guess what i got? Two Nintendo zappers. oh snap.
  20. I'm actually looking forward to the avatars. Getting a wii is becoming more and more unnecessary. VC = XBLA Miis = Avatars all they need its a crazy motion sensor controllers and Shigeru Miyamoto to top it off. Plus Xbox has got Xbox Vision, a decent online service, and First Person Shooters.
  21. Want: N64 games, Golden Eye, Mario Tennis, Mario Party 2, Mario Golf, ect. any Good Party Games/ "Classics"
  22. Nintendo Zapper. the power weapon of whatever game. blows a 3 ft diameter hole through anything.
  23. YEAH! totally! OMFG that would be the best weapon that should be in a game but isn't. Its true, it's possible I may not know how to "properly pick sides" but Its even more plausible that I think that neither side is worthy of support from me, so I've made up my own side, and Picked it very well. That side would be "Hey-some-douche-made-a-ridiculous-thread-and-people-are-calling-it-ridiculous and-now-he's-over-reacting-and-that-makes-the-whole-thing-the-more-absurd" for real tho? the best weapon that isn't in the game that should be.... Chuck Norris.
  24. yeesh... harsh. I know! how about some kind of Sword that over-reacts and insults the people that disagrees with it. not only does it affect those who its aimed at but it also has an AOE of anyone who sees it, causing judgmental thoughts of the sword and an overall negative mood.
  25. ouch... harsh! I know! a gun that verbally abuses those that the gun is aimed at. It doesn't hurt them physically but it lowers their self confidence and hurts their feelings a little.
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