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  1. Heartwarming... I'll cut you.

  2. You just got told by DarkeSword.

  3. Well only convenience stores used to carry Bawls here, and then my city went from dry to wet, and every store reduced their soft drink supply by half..

  4. I remember how once you came out of lurking to basically give me a virtual back hand. Haha, good times...

  5. I remember when you thought you weren't able to change your name, haha, good times.

    But seriously, for a newbie and a post whore you aren't too bad.

  6. Hey Coop, you remember how you made a custom little animated smiley for me when I was asking to have one staring at Felicia and drooling? Your current sig just reminded me of that.

  7. Hoo boy, it seems my reputation precedes me even in Buttercup's visitor messages.

  8. Row row fight tha powah!

  9. Long time no see, Bagel.

  10. All these views and only 2.. now 3 posts?

  11. So where ARE you meeting Gman anyway?

  12. Nice work with Summoning of Spirits!

  13. Loving Summoning of Spirits, Lea, good job!

  14. You trying to get in on my color posting now? Heh...

  15. Seems like everybody likes to view your profile, but hardly anybody posts here.

  16. Gone for 3 years? Shocking!

  17. Ohh hay Metsubo, lurk much?

  18. There can be only one Scott.

  19. About 12 posts a day for nearly 5 years, how do you do it?

  20. Yeah, I know that you used to go by Frustration Raptor, I was just trying to be cheeky.

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