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  1. Movie looks amazing! I'm super super excited!
  2. Thank you for posting this. I never knew about it; the collections on that resource are fantastic!
  3. Scare the living hell out of yourself and use the Metal Gear Solid "Alert" sound with this track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EovgoaV-Iws Every. Time.
  4. I have up voted just for you. :] Cool project! Good luck, I hope you do really well!
  5. I'm so jealous you're getting to play the beta! I tried the character creator and was floored with its potential. Good stuff, I'm really hoping we'll get an official announcement for the rest of the world soon. Really, cool. Please keep us in the know on how the game plays. :]
  6. I love the idea of Kickstarter. It's brilliant, its the future. And I like this thread to see what everyone in the community is up to! I'm considering starting a Kickstarter campaign for my team's indie shmup we're developing. We could really use the funding to help with a few outside services we need but I keep dragging my feet. I know I've just been saving money and using that myself, but ... its nice to know there are options out there. In any event, good thread! I'll keep my eyes on everyone's projects and spread the word because marketing is still king for these crowd funded campaigns.
  7. I just previewed the tracks, I'll give them a thorough listen shortly, but I really dig what I've heard so far.
  8. Thank you sir! Haha, I'm always a little concerned when I record myself. I know as a rule, the internet's pretty tough on in-game voiceovers so major thanks.
  9. Thanks OverCoat and DJMokram! Yeah, I've actually been studying those games you mentioned for the last few months to see how exactly they were accomplishing a few mechanics and aesthetics they utilize. And at @gravitysuitCollector I think you might be right, the logo does look better without the extra lines there. You know, I added those lines there because they mimic the profile of the cockpit and right under the cockpit... but I'll consider adjusting it. It does make it more readable. Hmm... And OMG, DjMokram mention the old logo and the typeface DOES look reminiscent of the Radiant Silvergun title! I never realized it! haha. Thanks again guys. I really appreciate the support.
  10. Thanks for the response guys! I never expected this many replies. lol. I'll try my best to address what you guys have posted. And just a big thanks to everyone for the warm wishes, our team really appreciates it! We're designing this game for PC exclusively right now, however, if that release goes well ports to other consoles might be a possibility. It really is too early to say though at this point. Honestly though, the game will play best with a standard game controller, but we have mouse+keyboard controls too which was what we used in the video to demonstrate with. Right now though, we'd love to get on Steam if they'd approve us (not that we've submitted anything to them). And I've wanted to do a transformation sequence this whole time. We'll probably sneak one in somewhere. With regard to the logo, fair enough. Originally we had a super serious design that just took itself too seriously, but the one we're using currently has more of a retro arcadey aesthetic, but we'll be judging reactions on this (and everything else too) and adjusting as necessary. :] We have a really cool armor system in place, too. We can pretty much build a piece of armor for a ship, set it up, and then put it on anything we want, and as simple as that sounds, it's makes it really easy for us to create armored monstrosities. Even small ships can be armored to be the size of larger ships, though we haven't showed ships with more than one piece of armor. It's something we're working on that I'm really excited about. And that system is going to make bosses really fun. EDIT: @ OA actually yeah, Youtube destroyed the quality of the video I uploaded originally. >_< I tried all night to get something passable but what got uploaded really was the best I could get. It also doesn't help that towards the end of the video during the building collapse that the audio gets a little screwy. I hope you'll forgive that!
  11. Thanks for the kind words guys, I seriously appreciate it!!! I never expected such a positive response! And thanks for the music kudos, that was the aspect I was honestly most worried about. My aim for the music was to make it as nostalgically cheese-filled as possible. Glad its striking the right chord so far. @Darksword, Einhander is our primary inspiration. It does so many things right that even by today's standards are really sophisticated and the game is over ten years old. But we're also tipping our hat to a lot of other shooters, too. We're not trying to outright copy them, but we know we aren't reinventing the wheel... but seriously, the wheel; developers forgot about the damned wheel in the first place! @Modus, you're right. The introductory launch sequence could use some kind of treatment or camera shake. With regard to not using doors, the player character will often fly through things throughout the game, not only because it looks cooler, but because it is the manly thing to do. He just does it. It's his thing. Plus blowing up battleships is going to be a lot more fun this way. ;D We want the game not to take itself too seriously while pushing for over the top action. Thanks guys seriously. :]
  12. ==== Please help us out by voting for us on Steam Greenlight. All you have to do is login and give us a thumbs up! Our whole team would appreciate it, because your vote could help us get on Steam! VOTE HERE: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=92965039 ===== (August 8, 2012): We have a new video up. I hope you folks will take a look. :] ---------- Hey everybody! I hope I don't get in any trouble for posting a link to my game project I've been working on. Over the last few months I started a team and began work on HEAVEN VARIANT, a non bullethell shoot 'em up, and we just released a new gameplay video in hopes that we can spread the word and become a little more visible. If people don't know we exist, we're dead in the water, so forgive me! It's still a work-in-progress and we're just a team of three so our budget is bouncing off zero, but I hope you'll check us out and let us know what you think. And tell your friends, your family... your dog "Thunder Force".... wholly assuming your dog is at all interested in shmups and doesn't secretly loathe the moniker in which he was granted. We're kind of intentionally going for a pseudo-campy 80s/early 90s aesthetic with regard to presentation, so I hope you won't take the silly line deliveries too seriously. The game is less about bullet dodging, and more about blowing the living daylights out of things. There are definitely a number of influences from games of yesteryear that you'll probably catch, so I hope you'll take a look though, and again, if it's anything that resonates even moderately with you, please tell your friends. I've been doing a lot of the level design, concept art, sound design, and texturing, but most important to me is music development which in a way OCRemix has made a large impact on me with regard to learning how to produce things and get started in music and then game design, which is why I feel compelled to post this thread. Anyhoo, I hope you'll take a look! I appreciate it. Cheers.
  13. This is really fantastic news. Not only is a new Tim Schafer game coming to fruition but it proves that there are alternate ways to get a game funded and out there. I guess it also proves that marketing is still king though, but its still awesome news. :] Super excited!
  14. Yeeeaaahhh.... my website is little offline at the moment. lol.

  15. LIKED!! And I live around this place's neck of the woods, it'd be sweet to hear it on the radio or TV! Current tally looks like you're up by 11, but we need heftier margins!
  16. I didn't realize this kind of music was referred to as dubstep until now, but I have heard this music before all over the place. I personally tend to prefer it when it has more of a defined melody but it's not inherently bad. Honestly though, I really only hear about the genre from online hipster communities hating on it together. EDIT: HAHAHAHAHAHA. That is amazingly hilarious.
  17. Hahahahahahahahahaha. It's sooooo wrong in every way.
  18. Yeah, the story of GTA4, while an interesting experiment, created a disconnect when you could mow down countless pedestrians on a sidewalk whenever you wanted. With that said, the Ballad of Gay Tony DLC hit in my opinion a very good balance between the outlandish and a satirical reality of American culture. If anything, just looking at the advertisement signs around the city and the types of vehicles (fighter jets specifically) that are in the GTA5 trailer, if I were to make an assumption I would assume that Rockstar would -have- to tone down the seriousness and keep a lighter tone in general to make it all cohesively work together for a story. With all of that said, I've personally always viewed Grand Theft Auto's story and player actions as separate. I've always viewed my actions as a player as wholly separate from the story, for most games really. Because I drive a car into pedestrians, doesn't necessarily mean its in Nico's characterization to. Whether the game should account for this is up for the debate, but I mean, similarly, I don't assume Master Chief would teabag his victims, yet we're given the tools to do it regardless. The disconnect is there, and it can be awkward, but I think viewing the character in a separate light through GTA4 helped me digest it more easily (not that I wasn't secretly hoping for a jetpack once I beat the game, haha). -- The trailer looks fantastic. I'm digging the city, the liveliness, and the particularly hard hit economy. I was wowed, and I love the addition of jet skis and more air vehicles. Excited!
  19. I don't mean to be a self-glorifying whore, but I'm working with an indie team on a shooter full of non-loli spaceships. Still a work in progress though. :] Cheers. http://www.heavenvariant.com/
  20. Super sad. Nearly every innovation he created was emulated by other companies for decades. He really did push the tech industry and created unparalleled excitement for new technologies that likely wouldn't exist otherwise. Huge loss. Memories of that classic Macintosh boot up sound. RIP. You changed technology.
  21. I have been playing the Beta and I'm totally loving it. I know a lot of people aren't digging Metro but the fact that BF3 can dole out a cooler iterative map with closer quarters fighting is pretty cool. And after playing Caspian a little a few nights ago, the game's conquest mode plays great (the sheer scale of the map makes it fun). Really really digging it. A lot of fun and as pretty as the graphics are, the stellar audio is what's standing out the most to me.
  22. yes, yes please upload! I'm so jealous of everyone that got to go!
  23. Thank you so much for the kind words!! :]

  24. Definitely. I've been playing through it and while the story doesn't take itself wholly seriously, the backgrounds tell a story on their own, which I found really cool. There are a couple moments that are very cool because of that.
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