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  1. You know, after all the BF3 coverage, I fired up my old copy of Battlefield 2 and played against some bots and had a blast. There are still servers up with a lot of players. Honestly though, unless you really dig older games, I wouldn't necessarily recommend buying it at this point though with BF3 just around the corner.
  2. Press coverage! http://www.destructoid.com/review-jamestown-205350.phtml And I'm in total agreement: the soundtrack is great!
  3. Has anyone else played this yet? It's a retro, 4 player co-op vertical shooter about 17th century British colonial Mars, and its a blast to play. And its on sale for $5 bucks on Steam until tomorrow. http://www.finalformgames.com/jamestown/ It's not crazy difficult like a lot of other games in the genre, a lot of people are calling it a stepping stone to more difficult games, but its a lot of fun. Plus its a shmup and there aren't a lot of them. Please tell me I'm not the only one here. OF all the indie games that come and go, this one is really deserving of more people playing it.
  4. lmao at The Damned's pic. Oh noes! My Sega Genesis has finally been hacked!!!! I hope the headphone jack and volume slider still work! In all seriousness though, I really hope all these hacks end at some point. Bad times. Does anyone know if the Sega Hack include information from Hunter's licenses from Phantasy Star Online back in the day?
  5. me and my buddies are hopelessly addicted to this game. I'm considering buying the retail bundle to get all the little extras. I've certainly played the game more than 20 bucks worth, but yeah. Also, the last Penny Arcade comic talked about LoL. It was pretty funny because it was 100% true. haha.
  6. Pretty exciting news, although I hope we get some kind of news besides just the announcement. :]
  7. Very cool that Peacewalker is in the collection. I'd love to play it with a proper controller. And I hope the big plans from Kojima are Snatcher or Policenauts related. Those games have such cool universes I'd love to see explored! Not that I wouldn't mind some new Zone of the Enders though.
  8. No kidding, the music is freakin' fantastic. Super excited! This game looks amazing!
  9. Wow.... just wow. The track is a glorious failure at everything it's attempting. It's not funny, it's just terribad, and the douchey people in the video really annoy me more than anything else. Rebecca Black had that "aw its a little kid singing and she's awful and doesn't realize the magnitude of evil she has created" thing going for it. This ... this is just a lot of douchebags trying to be funny. And I occasionally find funny satirical douchebags entertaining (SEE: Gunther!) but this is just kind of sad. Someone should have stopped this.
  10. Fantastic stuff! *thumbs up* I especially like "She Said She was a Soldier" and "Entomology." Really great build up and stories being told throughout the tracks.
  11. Nah, the next one will be a text based MUD! Haha. I'm seriously thinking about getting this game. It's selling really well and it looks so damn adorable. A blast from the past if you will. I'm intrigued by the number of posts from people having so much fun dicking around...
  12. Well, you've showcased the piano as a focal point to the track (at this point). When the guitar comes in it sounds a little haphazardly added. If you cut the piano (or switch it to a softer synth, or a less complex arrangement), the strong guitar would be more effective, but since the piano part remains intact and unchanged with its relatively strong synth, it just makes the guitars amp/effects really stick out, which is a more in depth analysis of my comment. Is that Nexus you're using for the keyboard synth? It sounds like it, but I'm not entirely sure. Don't get me wrong, metal needs a raw guitar sound, but what you're using right now sounds like it might be a little too much so. With that said, it -might- be something else. The effects on the guitar you're using is particularly grating at this point, almost to the point where on the roll off almost sounds detuned, and it could be for a variety of reasons unrelated to the gain. I'm not trying to rag on you or anything, or pick on you, I certainly hope it doesn't appear that way. I like the general direction you're moving in and if there's a song that needs the metal treatment it's this track. It's a good start, a good intro. I can only imagine how cool it will sound once you start bringing in the lead with a cool rhythm part. This is a good build up, and I hope you keep working on it.
  13. I really like your tracks. They are very cool. The only suggestion I could possibly make would be to add a few solos in there. The tracks are really cool and have a great old-school gaming vibe.
  14. MY thoughts echo what most everyone else have said. And that main synth... it's cool, but its just... a little much. I -love- the bass part you have going on and I want to be grooving so bad to it. The drums would be nicer if they were meatier, because damn if that isn't a groovy track. I like a lot of the ideas you have going on. MY only gripe is the synths and some of their frequencies. That and the beat should really be pushing this mix. Like I said, the track is so funky and I sooo badly want to be bobbing my head to this, but the bassline just isn't quite as meaty as it should be. This is so close to being awesome, please keep working on it!
  15. I dig the vibe you've got going on. I'd like to hear more variation personally. Throw in a solo, add your personality to it for a little showcase. It would really make this mix shine. The drums sound pretty cool and the mix itself has a cool vibe.
  16. Not bad. Some of the synth choices I disagree with, especially some of the more oldschool digital ones. The piano is great breath of fresh air from the build up before it. A little variation would go a loooong way here and elevate the mix even higher. Please play more with the piano's breakdown! please! This mix is begging for it.
  17. Intro is cool. It does go a little long. The length of that build up doesn't really justify the pay off at the end. The overdriven guitar sample should be adjusted. It sounds pretty fake. I dig the overall vibe though. It has a very airy feel and that's cool. I'd like to see it go to new parts and deviations from the source tune a little more. It sounds cool, but it hangs on the same few notes. With that said, its very relaxing and chill. :]
  18. The filtered intro sounds pretty cool. The build up left me wanting to hear more, which is good. That said, I don't know that the pay off from the main lead was meaty enough. It sounds a little tinny and the bass part is -really- crazy cool but I also felt like the synths felt a little dry. I don't know if that's what you're going for, and it might be, but it does sound off on a few of the synth choices. For instance, the synths in some parts generally sound too soft when they should be more prominent. This was most noticeable in the piano breakdown which was perfectly executed, but it just felt a little soft. I The arrangement itself is -awesome-. I love some of the stuff you're doing and I know how tricky this song can be to try and remix/arrange. This is a sexy track, I'll definitely keep watching it.
  19. This is a cool track, I do feel like the guitar is a little dirty and heavy and drowns out a lot of the other cool stuff you have going on. That and I want to hear more of it! It's a great start please keep working on it!
  20. I'm a giant fan of the original. This is sounding sweet. The guitar sounds great and the drums are fantastic. Good stuff, man! I don't know if you're going for that retro sounding brass or not, but the only thing I can comment on is that, and again, if its intentional it gives it a super retro sound which is pretty cool.
  21. Really cool when the beats come in. I dig it. It does feel like it can use a little more bass though, the treble seems a little bit much. Sounding good though, I'll keep any eye on you.
  22. I wish there were more meetups in places I could actually get into. Haha. ... it'd be so cool.
  23. Aw man, this old topic got me all sad ALL over again. What a loss.
  24. I was never really huge into wrestling, but the Macho Man has always had a big place in American culture, especially while I was growing up. I always remembered him fondly from the Slim Jim commercials and his various cameos over the years, Spiderman especially. RIP.
  25. If Sega wants to do hardware they should just make a new Virtual On arcade machine. No way Sega's getting into the console race on its own.
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