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  1. Either by choice or by force, I basically get to listen to Turtle Wank every day. Kudos to you, sir, on being an excellent musician with a sense of humor. I'm keeping an eye out for your stuff in the future.

  2. Is it your birthday? I GUESS IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY!

    Harpy Brothday!

  3. LUIZA BELMONT! ba-da-dupa DA dooo da DODA! LUIZA BELMONT! Sorry, couldn't resist.

  4. O_O you play in a...a...a ska band? That's been one of my dreams for years.

    What do you play? Are there any demos or whatever of the band? Lol sorry, ska gets me all happy and excited.

  5. Don't make me bring your shed into this.

  6. Instead of "Juese Belmont" it's "Luiza Belmont". Guess the joke was more of a fail than I intended.

  7. My bad, I fell behind with some other stuff. I'm aiming to crank it out before noon today!

  8. I can haz rocking mimett greens and chill sipping on potion?

  9. Aaaand bam. Now hush! (thanks for letting me write it!)

  10. :o a super-prize?! for me!? I must tune in now to know what this mystery reveal is!
  11. Okay, you rock. Thanks for the comments and the song review. Definitely see you around OHC, ya?

  12. My pleasure, it was really fun.

  13. So get a sexy sig, dude. Mine's not sexy: just amazingly creepy.

  14. you scare me in IRC sometimes, just saying. It's a good scare though, keeps me expecting the unexpected.

  15. Lol aww, thanks for trying to find me, slutster. And thanks for the comments! I will be sure to not stop rocking anytime soon, and I'll tell jay to do the same!

  16. Jredd!!! You should come back and check this more often. Hope all is well, bro.

  17. It was back up over the weekend. If it's down now, then it went down recently. I'll get to it as soon as I can.

  18. Happy early birthday man!

  19. You have more official OCR friends than me.

    But I have more profile views than you do.

    Ah, the joy of useless numbers, just like post counts.

  20. My beard is eternally being stroked in your sig, isn't that cu--- OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO DAVID?! That is SERIOUSLY creepy, man. It's like a possessed teddy bear!

  21. SHAMBRAIN! It's shampoo...for your brain!

  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUDDY! Enjoy this day, and I hope it's epic.

  23. Honestly, I don't know how, my friend! Also, great job on the Robot Battle Masters thingy so far.

  24. It's your birthday. You're a Judge and an admin. You can make your own damn birthday thread. :razz:

    Happy birthday, buddy.

  25. Thanks for the supporting words, dude!